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Same here. I'll get the occasional small pimple other places, but I get cysts on my chin like clockwork anywhere from 11 days before my period until about the second day of my cycle. I'm on birth control, which helps, but before I was on it my cycle was all out of wack. Did you know that acne is one of the symptoms of PMS?

I found out that there's a vitamin that is known to help hormonal acne (vitamin b6). It's safe to take (but NOT like the crazy vitamin b acne treatment). It's suggested to take either every day or just the week or two before your period (whenever you usually break out) in a dose anywhere from 50 mg to 200 mg. I talked to my pharmacist and he said that if taking 50 mg twice a day would work better than taking 100 mg just once a day because it only stays in your body for 8 or so hours.

Also, zinc is known to work well for acne sufferers. Studies have shown that people w/ acne have a less zinc in their bodies than people w/o acne. It can even work as well as tetracycline in some people. Low doses of course and long term use of it can cause a copper deficiency so copper supplements might be necessary.

Don't just go out and buy tons of zinc or vitamin b6 though. Do reasearch. Talk to doctor and pharmacist. Know what you're putting in your body before you do it.

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