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Hi guys! I used to read this board when I was feeling just SICK of my face, and then I wouldn't feel so alone! Seemed like I was always the only one with acne in my TOWN!! Geez! I had BAD acne... and when I say bad, I mean, acne covered my jaw from cheekbone down; big red zits. I was fortunate that it wasn't all around my lips or nose, but it covered both cheeks and forehead. Well, I tried Proactive, Store-bought stuff, Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol and on and on (excepting drugs, I was too afraid to try them)... Well, I found the cure for myself, I bought "Acne Treatment Gel" from my local MARY KAY dealer, and began using it... Within a week or two, I could see that this was IT!!! Just applying it morning and night after washing and that's it! I am happy to say that I just kept clearing until all I have are fastly fading scars (and some small pitting, which it also tightening), easily covered my a bit of makeup. I am ESTATIC and I praise God everytime I look in the mirror, because my features have always been pretty and I felt acne marred them. I suffered from acne for 10 years!!! And now... I just can't express it! I know that just one cure does not work for everyone, but I am praying that this will help some of you!!!

Much Love for You!

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