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I try to focus on something positive about myself and try not to think about my face. Sometimes you just need to have a good cry in the morning when you look at yourself and then just take deep breaths and go on w/ your day. Just think that people really aren't focusing on your acne as much as you are. And most people are usually 2 or more feet away from you so they're not getting the view you get when you stick your head 3 inches away from a mirror. :) It's hard though... i know how you feel.

One thing that helps me A LOT is mineral cosmetics. Cory Cosmetics or Pure Luxe or Mineral Secrets. They're better for people w/ sensitive skin and acne. I am completely serious when I say that it covers redness and gross skin *impossibly* well. Honestly. I put a light coat on my face and then go back with a eye shadow brush w/ a thicker amount of powder on the tip and dab it onto the spots. It honestly disappears (as much as you can make a pimple disappear without putting layers of thick makeup). I also use a coverstick on spots that still have a little redness left. Thoughout the day when I get oily, I use Clean and Clear blotting papers. AWESOME product. It doesn't disturb makeup (if you blot, not wipe) and actually leaves your skin feeling complete oil free.

Good luck.

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