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[QUOTE=Cassie4u22]I have been really digging into all the posts by SweetJade concerning the diet/acne link, and I want to start up on a diet that will hopefully clear my acne. However, from many of the posts I have read, to clear your acne you basically have to live off raw veggies, raw fruit, and nuts...maybe some chicken or fish thrown in now and then. For those of you on this diet - HOW DO YOU DO IT?! I tried this for ONE day and I couldn't handle it.

I'm by no means "unhealthy" in my diet as it is, but yes, I do indulge in spaghetti from time to time (I recently switched to whole grain spaghetti, if that helps) and I also enjoy my bagels, sandwhiches, and homeade burritos with lean ground beef, cheese and lettuce. That's another thing - I LOVE cheese. Oh and I eat hardboiled eggs a couple times a week this so bad?? I can't give this all up! I don't know how?

The diet that I am supposed to stick with to maybe clear acne just seems impossible and not to mention, not very flavorful. :p This doesn't seem like enough variety for a person either? Don't people NEED carbs and some sugar to be healthy? If someone who is currently on this type of diet and it is helping/has helped their acne, please, please, please help me!![/QUOTE]

LOL, you didn't actually sit down and write down everything that you hear some of us avoiding and then think that you MUST avoid ALL of those foods did you???

Well I do apologize if we gave you that impression, but we are all UNIQUE and as such, we don't all have the exact same diet. True there are some similarites among them, but because of our different ethnicities, environments and lifestyles, those factors also determine those misc. food items you find us avoiding (like eggs or nuts or bananas) and as such, it doesn't mean that it will apply to you.

Now, I personally eat "rabbit food" on some days, but usually I still eat like a pig. ;-) I eat plenty of animal protein (baked, grilled, sometimes fried) and when I get bored or start craving veggies I'll go periods where that's all I'll eat too. My diet isn't No Carb nor is it Low Carb, it's actually a [B]Moderate Carbohydrate diet[/B] (preferred choice for preventable disease control). I dropped traditional bread, but I still eat other whole grains. I eat tons of rice, corn, potatos and then there's days where I won't eat these. I even eat whole grain rolled oats, buckwheat, and soon I'll experiment with Quinoa and then later Amaranth grains. As such, I eat spaghetti from time to time but not several times a week like I used to. When I do, I use gluten free grains, my favorite is rice pasta, but there's also corn, quinoa, etc and Pasta sauce with NO Trans Fats or ADDED Sugars (of any type).

See, unfortunately I am sensitive to even 4g of sugar or table sugar. LOL, that's a peice of I do my best to knowingly avoid it when I can (yes I can still eat out). I'm guessing that's because well, I'm Insulin Resistant, but not even Type II Diabetics are [U]that[/U] sensitve to sugar and so I'm wondering if it may have something to do with a possible Candida infection. Since you mentioned that your acne is back only in mild-moderate form, this is something you may want to look up.

Accutane apparently works to eliminate cystic acne for most, but then there are members that come back with mild or moderate acne 3 months - 6 years [U]after [/U] accutane. Then there are members that have [B]had to go on up to 3, 4, or 5 Accutane courses and their acne still won't go away[/B]. Based on what I know about some of these members and from what I've read there's a few possibilites:

* Hormonal Imbalance

* Candida / Systemic Yeast Infection (can cause a Leaky Gut/Intestinal Hyperpermeability and is a result of Antibiotics & NSAIDs [B]Abuse/Misuse[/B], among a few other things)

* Hypersensitivity (can be the result of a Leaky gut or some other Immunlogical response and you can react to food, hormones, preservitives, detergeants, pore clogging skin care...just about anything that your body [I]personally[/I] finds offensive)

So have you ever gotten yourself checked for any of the above?

Have you ever been on NSAIDS, Birth Control, Antibiotics?

Have you always consumed a Low-Fiber & High Refined Carbs, High Sugar, and Trans Fat loaded diet?

Does Obesity, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Diabetes Type II, Digestive Problems, Hypothyroidism, or any other health/hormonal problems run on your side of the family?

Gotta run, but for the record. It's not that hard. It does become easier when you have proper access and funds to live a "healthier" lifestyle, but there's still things that college students (moi) can do even on a limited budget. As for snacks and stuff, below is pretty much what I do (except I don't touch snacks with ANY sugar nor eat nuts)

Eat Raw Veggies as snacks

Plenty of Fruit



Homemade trail Mix or Granola Bars (use whole grain rolled oats)

Frozen or dried fruit (unsweetened & unsulphured)

Cold or Frozen Natural (flavored) Applesauce (instead of ice cream or yogurt)

Organic / Natural Potato Chips (no trans fats or cottonseed oil)

Organic / Natural Corn Chips (chips & salsa or homemade guac)

Home popped Popcorn (no oils)

Brown Rice Cakes (flavor as you like)

Gluten-Free Pretzels (if you are going gf and can tolerate soy)

Gluten Free Crackers (you really gotta be desperate)

Eat Dark Chocolate (no dairy or trans fats or sugar) - some can eat this w/ Brown Rice Syrup or Sugar Cane---then they exercise right after to avoid a break out ;-)

Certain vegetables when baked taste sweeter like sweet potatos, cauliflower

Make different types of fruit salads or add fruits (nuts, seeds) to a fresh green salad

Baked apples/pears or warm applesauce with raisens & granola

ApplePie (don't laugh) - warm organic corn chips (the brand I used had a different texture from regular corn chips) and warm apples or applesauce & cinnamon...this totally shocked me..but there's probably a real Gluten-Free Recipe that uses corn

Can't have peanuts - roasted sunflower seeds and raisens tastes like Peanut Butter & Jelly or just use Sunflower Butter (or some other nut or seed) & all natural fruit preserves on your bread of choice.

Get flavored oils or concentrates without ADDED sugar. Caramel, Vanilla, chocolate, pina coloda, lime, etc to help spice up your homemade desserts, your whole rolled oatmeal or drinks (teas or water)

Oh and for Gum or Mints choose Xylitol sweetened products (only xylitol, no Splenda/Sucralose)

Otherwise, when it comes to this, we all need to learn to be more creative at mixing things up so that while it's the same foods, it will end up tasting differently. Of course, if you are really craving sweet stuff or junk food, it may be because you just aren't eating enough REAL food!

Best wishes

P.S. I so love Corn Tortillas (there's also rice) mixed with ground beef or chicken, romaine lettuce, w/wo flavored brown rice & veggies and salsa and I'm happy camper. You can also do the same with Lettuce and it's known as Lettuce Wraps or use them to make "Low Carb Burgers" (or some other meat) and you can even have egg rolls using rice paper (spring rolls). There's always alternatives for your regular favorites and sometimes they taste as good or BETTER!

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