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WOW SweetJade, thank you so much! :bouncing: That's a lot of great diet information and good ideas for some skin healthy snacks. I'm sooo relieved that I don't have to deprive myself as first thought!

As for my family history - perfectly healthy, both through my mother's side and father's side. No history of high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, hormonal problems, obesity (not even anyone overweight), etc. etc. My good ol' mom helped me research the entire family and see who if anyone ever had bouts of acne (teenage or adult acne) and could not find ONE PERSON! :eek: Clear skin through and through for every single person in my family (big family by the way!).

I have been on birth control pills for about five years now, and never saw a real difference. I've tried Ortho Tri Cyclen, Trillevlen, Desogen, and am currently on Ortho Lo, which I have been on now for a good year. I have never had my hormones checked, but I have read your posts on that and have been seriously considering it.

Also, I have been on antibiotics for my skin for nearly seven years now. I know this is bad, but the derms have promised me miracles throughout the years with so many antibiotics, it's hard to not want to try them all when you are deperate with acne and have no where to turn. When I was a child, I was on penicillin constantly. So pretty much, I have been on some kind of medication or antibiotic my entire life.

My mom and I find this so strange how when I was in my teens and before Accutane, I had severe cystic concentrated around my jaw and chin. Now, my little sister who is 16 has worse acne than I did...acne just covering her entire face, it is very sad to see :( We can't figure out why the acne bug just happened to bite my sister and I and no one else in our family. And although my skin is pretty much under control now (I'm going on 21), I am still breaking out from time to time. I thought genetics was a big factor with acne?? :confused:

My mom and I worry about my sister, b/c her diet completely consists of fast food...sometimes even twice a day. She is very thin, so she insists that is why she can do it. Doesn't even care about her health. :nono: I am sure this is contributing to her very severe acne, don't you? She doesn't believe me when I tell her this though.

I will pass this information on to my mom and dad back home and perhaps they can slowly start getting my sister on the right track through diet.

Thanks again for replying, you are so helpful! :) :) :)

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