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this is the weirdest thing. i get a few pimples every once and while that i treat and they go away.....usually leaving a small red mark for a few days but that can b easily fixed with a small dot of concealer.....but the real mistery here r these small bumps on my face. they look like a pinprick with a small raised bump around it. they r small but there r a lot of isnt just my pores bc they r too raised.....the pore isnt enlarged either.....since the skin is tighter on our foreheads then the skin on our chin and upperlip areas the bumps on my forehead always show.....they range from temple the temple and all across my forehead.....

now for the lip and chin areas.......

this is hard to explain but if i put both my lips together so that u cant c the pink anymore and just the skin that is now stretched tighter around them, more of these bumps appear. they r scatered- less then the forehead ones- on my upper lip around my nose and right above my top lip.....also if u locate the sides of your mouth and go down to right between the bottom of your jaw bone and the sides of your mouth there r more visible bumps there......they r not on my nose or considering buying the neutrogena microdermabrasion kit and try that out.......does any1 else have these bumps??? have u figured away to smooth them away???

[B]please reply!!!![/B]

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