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[QUOTE=xismybaby]Hey Cassie!! :)

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I was having some trouble with the boards but now I'm back :D

I tell ya, that Hibiclens really screwed my skin up :eek: :(

I'm still recovering from the nasty breakouts..My t-zone is a little better (i've been off the Hibiclens for 2 days) but its still all broken out in little pimples plus some larger ones. I'm pretty sure it had to be this cleanser because I havent been doing anything different and I have never broken out like this.

It's too bad because I was really hoping this cleanser would work, because of the good reviews.

So lately I have been drinking lemon water and today I had a liver detox tea, plus i'm eating much better and have cut out sweets again. But it seems that my skin is not getting much better :( I honestly dont know what to do about this, I hope it goes away but have a feeling it might take a while.

I'm just so depressed, I [B]definitly[/B] can feel your pain Cassie!!!!

I hope your skin recovers, because mine is taking a while...I'm gonna stick with the healthy eating and drinking and take my vitamins...Ohh I hope we recover!!!!!

Good Luck and please keep me posted :D[/QUOTE]

Hey there :wave:

Well after all my new eruptions came to the surface (ew! :p ) now all I am left with is dark red marks, but geez that is bad enough, especially on my ghastly white face! Everything has died down considerably since I stopped the Hibiclens, so I can only imagine that since you have stopped, yours should be clearing up soon also! It's so odd that something that is supposed to be antibacterial/antimicrobial could cause such a breakout?! Urgh! I too was so excited about this wash. I am always so optimistic about new face products, then I usually get let down. Live and learn I guess!

I've been trying my best to stick with just fruits/veggies and chicken/fish. It's so hard! I've increased my green tea intake (three cups a day) and have added POM wonderful Pomegranate juice into my regimen again, hopefully things will get back to normal soon for both of us!

I just bought some Silkia Camellia Oil over the internet, once my breakout completely diminishes I am thinking about buying that epidermx cream to complement the oil. Have you tried either of these?

Well hang in there girl, this breakout sucks hardcore but at least we are going through it together, lol! Misery loves company as they say, haha! Well I best be going, I spend WAAAAAAY too much time on this board! :D

Good luck to you also and keep me posted as well! :bouncing:
I am using the Epidermx right now, and I must tell you my skin look sooo much healthier!! I feel a lot better too because my pores/blackheads are slowly-but-surely diminishing, my face is smooth and soft, brighter, even toned, and I havent had ANY break-outs as far as a very tiny pimple here and there while using it (I've been using the Epidermx for a week and 2 days.)

I am using the Tea tree bar before using the Epidermx which supposedly helps with the breakouts (must be true because my skin looks amazing ever since)...and I am soon going to by the Silk Camellia Oil to try and see how that goes!

I must say though that so far, this has been the only thing that has worked on my pores, and quickly too Cassie.

Good luck! And I'm glad I didnt buy that Hibiclens LOL sounds like you guys are in some bad spots now, soo sorry! Hope things heal up well.

Also how does Lemon Water etc. help your skin??? I've been drinking bottled water, about 5 20 ounces a day for a while to help lose weight.[/QUOTE]

Ohhh I am excited to hear that the Epidermx is working so well for you LittleArtist! :bouncing: May I ask how bad was your skin before you started using it? I want to buy it and start using it, but I am just afraid about using it on my active acne (I have about one cyst that is healing now, and some little tiny random pimples scattered all around).

Where did you get your tea tree bar soap? I have been looking for a new cleanser now, for obvious reasons (cough, HIBICLENS, cough, cough). I was thinking about some tea tree cleanser from the Body Shop.

There is a huuuuge post about the lemon water on this can do a search for it and find tons of info and testimonials. Lemon is just supposed to be really great for the skin, and it cleanses your liver also.

If you are looking to lose some weight, I would recommend drinking a couple cups of green tea per day. It has been proven to speed up metabolism. (That is why so many diet pills have green tea extract in them now). I drank it like craaaazy my freshman year of college, and I am almost positive that is how I avoided the freshman 15! lol. Not only is it great for speeding up your metabolism, but it also balances your hormones, cleanses your liver, protects against all kinds of cancers...the list goes on and on! It's just all around really healthy to drink.

I hope the Epidermx keeps working so well for you! :) :bouncing:

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