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[QUOTE=jellybean321]Whatever you do, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring up her acne. Good god, I know that if anyone ever talks about my face I get completely devestated. I already know that I look disguisting, so why does everyone have to bring it up, like I don't already know? Goodness. Leave the poor girl alone.

She sounds like me. I know that nothing in the world will ever help me and I basically want to crawl into a hole and die. No one wants to talk to anyone about their face. I won't see a derm either because then it would mean that someone has to look at my face, which is alot worse than people just seeing you from farther away and not CONCENTRATING all of their attention on stupid pimples.

And my grandpa keeps giving me random things to put on my face, like his own lotions and things. Everyone wants to help but I just want everyone to leave me alone.

Just leave her alone. Acne makes us miserable enough.[/QUOTE]


I too am an acne sufferer! I had severe cystic acne from age 15 -18, and went on Accutane it cleared me 100%. I am now 20 and the acne has come back, but very, very mild...still irritating though!

You said you wouldn't want to go to a derm because they would have to look at their face. Wouldn't it be worth it to have a derm look at your face for just 10 minutes if he could actually prescribe you something that would help?? Trust me, dermatologist's have seen it ALL, that is what they went to school for.

Your pesimistic attitude saddens me jellybean! :( You said nothing at all will ever help your acne?? Well how do you know that if you won't go to a derm or try anything new for your skin? SO MANY people have been cleared up by antibiotics, facial wash regimens, diet, vitamins, etc!! Just read the evidence on this board! You are NOT hopeless unless you choose to be!

As for your grandfather, he is just trying to help, I am sure he is not meaning to make you feel bad about yourself. That just shows he loves you, and doesn't want to see you hurt emotionally over your skin.

There IS hope for you, I encourage you to do lots of research on this board and read as much as you can. Hopefully you will find the inner strength and confidence to take a stand against your acne. I wish the same for my sister. Just know that you are not alone on this! Hang in there. :)

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