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[QUOTE=realsad]hi cassie, i just wanted to let you know i wasn't trying to accuse you "nagging" your sister, i know i used that word, i guess i was saying it more for the benefit of other posters, in a general sense for this kind of general situation (if that even made sense, lol, sorry) anyway i totally understand your point of view too, and again i think you are an awesome big sister for being so concerned....good luck to you both :wave:
p.s. do you think if one of her friends talked to her it would help?? or another thing would be if she does go to the doctor, for something unrelated, say a cold er whatever, maybe if your mom says something to the family doctor to just subtlely bring up the subject?? i worked with my family doctor for awhile for acne, i felt more comfortable with her (unfortunately i had no luck so eventually had to see the derm. to get accutane, which i start this week, WOO HOO :bouncing: .....sorry) maybe she'll be open to discussing it?? i dunno, just some idea's....take care :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Realsad :wave:
Oh no, I know you weren't accusing me of nagging, I just wanted to make it clear to everyone exactly how we have been handling the situation.

Well, my mom recently got a refill on my sister's old medication, Spectra, which she had taken for a while then just stopped, and that's when her acne came back worse than ever. My mom says she THINKS my sister has been taking her medicine, but can't tell for sure yet. If the pill bottle is still full a couple weeks from now, I suppose we will know. :rolleyes:

I'd like to talk to my sis about it, but currently I live three hours away and I think it may be something that would be better talked about in person rather than on the phone, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for your input realsad, it makes me feel so much better knowing how everyone here is so supportive about my situation! :)

Also, good luck on Accutane! I wish I was on it!! In three months my derm said if I still want to go on it again, he'll let me. :bouncing: I'm sure you will be amazed with the results. Accutane gave me my life back, it was the best thing I ever did for my skin. Hopefully it will do the same for you :angel:


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