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[QUOTE=babygirl2005_21]Make-up is really not going to make it better or worse. Your skin is already not working like it is supposed to because it is not shedding correctly. Your skin is the problem not the make-up you put on top of it. I notice no difference if I wear make-up or not. I still break out. I just never leave my make-up on at night or after I work out. The make-up I use is Dermablend and it is great for covering scars and it is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic. I haven't had a problem with it and my acne is clearing up and I still wear my make-up every day.[/QUOTE]
i kind of agree with that, yeah. here are my observations on it:
Normally, I dont leave the house without a thick layer of foundation on my face. No way.
And every doctor and dermatologist has told me off for it.
But in the past, when I was at uni and I would have the whole summer off, I had periods when I just didnt have to go anywhere for weeks. There was a time I didnt wear make up for 3 weeks. Was there any difference? No.

I did notice however, when I wear makeup for more than 24 hours constantly, I seem to get an outbreak of acne over the next few days.

But If i only wear it for about 8 hours a day, it doesnt seem to make any difference at all.

I know that my problem is hormonal, its diagnosed officially and im taking birth control because of it. And I do try and milden the symptoms locally using all kinds of skin products, but I have to say, it feels like playing one of those computer games when you have to shoot flying objects, and you do, but no matter how many you shoot, new ones always keep coming up. :/

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