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Hi everybody,

I am new here and I have plenty of questions regarding acne coz it's killing me. It would be nice if you guys can share your experiences with me.
I have had acne since age 14 and now I'm 23. While all of my friends who have clear skin, I am the one who is always have oily and acne skin.

Most of the time I will use make-up to cover up certain part of the scar and even control oil on my face. I am using non-comodegenic make up, is it ok for acne skin to use makeup?

I'm seeing my own dermatologist and besides taking Minocin, as he would called it antibiotic, I apply some peeling cream day and night also. But he warned me of not using product that can moisturise my skin because it promote breakouts, is it true? I've had followed another dermatologist before and by using her own way that is to moisturise my skin, i got breakouts on my whole face in a week, it's so scary.

I have had chemical peeling once a month, but it's hard to control acne. I feel like I don't dare to go out without my make up on.
So you know what you are eating? I mean my doctor won't tell me whether I am eating retin-a or other! He kept on saying it's an antibiotic. But I say the product name on the bottle saying minocin. Has anyone use before?

I live in asia country so some of the product you all mentioned are not available here. what is a bare mineral? I never heard of it.

I use Maybeline anti-oil foundation. and how long do you think you can keep and still use a cosmetic product? 1 year?

thanks for the replies.

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