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Re: After accutane
Jul 17, 2005
Hi realsad,

Well if you do end up going on Accutane a second time, it's not AS hard to get it the second or third time least that has been my experience. I wanted to go on a second round and my derm told me to just try Ampicillin for a couple months and if I still want to go on it, he'll let me. He already have me the pamphlets and information so that next derm appt. I have in October, if I want to go on Accutane I can just jump in head first and not have to hassle with all that "stuff" I had to hassle with trying to get it the first time.

My derm recently told me at my last visit that the younger the onset of your acne, the more of a chance you will have of reoccurence. Also, if you are a female with chin/jawline acne, there is a greater chance you will have a reoccurence. (He told me that's why mine has probably started to come back..I have chin/jawline acne and it's the most stubborn hormonal induced acne that is out there! That is why it sometimes can come back). However, I was 100% clear for a good year after Accutane. Now three years later, my acne is pretty mild, but bothersome nonetheless. If your acne does come back, most likely it will come back much, much, much less severe!

Also, before Accutane I used to get nickel sized cysts that were red and inflamed for weeks on after Accutane, the "type" of acne I have has changed. Usually I just get little red pimples that come to a head within a day, and if I do get cysts, they are the kind that hurt, but they come to a head rather quickly and they are not nearly as large as what I had before.

I wouldn't fret about your acne coming back just yet!! Many people are cleared for GOOD after Accutane...take my boyfriend for example, he went on Accutane for severe acne nearly seven years ago, and to this day, he never gets pimples. EVER. His skin is absolutely flawless! Same with other people I know that have gone on Accutane. Still years afterward, their skin is still 100% clear. So there is a good chance you will be one of those people too! And if you aren't, at least the acne won't be as bad and you can always go on a second course if need be.

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