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Hey everyone-

I have been reading all the great posts for the past couple of weeks and I finally decided to chime in. I am a 24yo male who has suffered from mild to moderate acne since I was 15yo. Like many other people on these boards, I tried numerous over the counter products and treatments. Many of these products helped alleviate the problem for a week or two, but nothing worked longer. So I pledged to myself. I would lead a healthier lifestyle and hopefully clear my acne before my second year of graduate school started in august

So I changed many things in my life starting in April. I got an acne facial and extraction. I threw away all the products I had. Even all those old bottles under the bathroom sink. I started fresh. I now only put 3 products on my face: Cosmedix Cleanser, Cosmedix Lactic Acid Mask, Cosmedix Mystic Moisture. I wash my face and use a washcloth for extra exfoliation. I ONLY moisturize when necessary. I realized acne prone skin produces enough oils a few hours after washing. Even though my face felt a little tight after washing, I only put mystic around my nose and shaving area. Then I realize the next time I wash my face, use half a pump of cleanser instead of a whole pump. Its all about balance. I gave up ALL fast food. And this is very hard when you're in med school. I started shopping only at whole foods and trader joes. I eat food with less fat and preservatives. I only drink water and rarely eat sugar. I started to drink less alcohol. I used to get drunk all the time, come home from the clubs and pass out without washing my face. Haven't passed out in 4 months. I switched detergents, hand wash, etc. I use nothing with sodium lauryl sulfate. I excercise 3 times a week.

A week after this new lifestyle my face started to clear and everyone noticed. My girlfriend and friends would say how well rested I looked. I would look people in the eye. I was more confindent than ever. In addition I had more energy. And I can happily say I have had only had 3 pimples in the last 3 months. And they were small and healed fast. I just want all the guys and girls out there to not be a victim. DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE. Don't just wash your face religiously and then eat a pound of sweets on a Saturday afternoon. I had to change my whole lifestyle. Girls, how about giving up makeup for a week. Maybe your exfoliation will be better. Guys, how about giving up that big mac or six pack for a couple of weeks. WE have acne prone skin. So to really solve the problem we have to correct all the contributing factors. I hope my venting helps. These past 3 months have been life altering and I am grateful.


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