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Re: Dating
Jul 18, 2005
[QUOTE=Smartpants]Brittney Marie,

I'm the EXACT same way!! I've gone as far as to stop answering the phone altogether (I dont have call display) in order to avoid having to make excuses to anyone that wants to do anything.


I can understand exactly. I remember when I was a teen and my acne was pretty bad (not all over though), I would only see boyfriends at night! I never wanted them to see me in the daytime. One time, I went to the drive-in with another couple and my new boyfriend. We were kissing and fooling around in the back seat and all my make-up came off!

I had to use the restroom and went in with my girlfriend. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror in those flourescent lights! As soon as I got outside again and in the dark, I didn't care.

I think it's a good idea to use the compact powder make-up, in case you need to do touch-ups. It doesn't cause your face to break out and is excellent for touch ups.

Finally, when I was 17, my Mom took me to the doctor and I went on tetracycline and my face cleared up completely, but was still oily. Then I felt so much more confidence, but I did have some small scars so I still didn't like any boys seeing me in the daytime. I was still pretty though and had lots of guys wanting to see me.

When I still had acne in my late twenties, I went to a dermatologist and went on accutane (the tetracycline had stopped working) for three months (two pills per day). My face got red and very dry, so I had to use a heavy duty moisturizer during the treatment and also eye drops. Anway, after the course of Accutane, my face never broke out again! Then, I had a dermabrasion for the scarring.

I felt a huge boost in my self esteem like you would not believe. I still use lots of exfolients like glycolic lotion and also copper peptides. My skin looks great now, with no wrinkles and it has a glow to it. I do have some very tiny residual scars left, but you really can't see them unless you look really close. I'm very happy with my skin now.

Acne can really take a toll on your self esteem and your personal life. I know!

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