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Hi there,

I've been using Proactiv package (cleanser, toner, repairing lotion, mask) for the last 4 or 5 years), and the product is not bad at all.

When I first started using it, it did make my skin feel dry and sometimes irritating bcoz of benzol ingredient, but after like 3 months of using it, my skin became clearer (from moderate to none), it did help remove even scars bcoz of the scrubs in the cleanser.

But it did get irritated and painful when you're applying toner or lotion after cleanser bcoz you've scrubed your face to remove excessive skin. It may not be good for your skin though.

I remembered after like 8 months of using it, breakout did come back. (I heard that when it's best to finish a product after you've opened it or it will decrease it's efficiency coz it's been exposed to oxygen??)

BUt i can't stand the irritating feeling of it so i switched to doctor. but i still have its cleanser only and use it once a while to peel off older skin.

But it's really dependent, coz everybody's skin is different. You know what, I still have breakout till today, it just won't go away even you have used every single product on the earth that is possible. So I guess time is the best solution.

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