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I'm not sure why there is no content to my post when I click on it but in case you also experience the same thing, my message basically alluded to the fact that you should read the whole thread before you start using anything.

For example, I almost used the egg yolk mask until I read the whole thread and discovered that it caused a disaster for people. Unfortunatley I actually did use the baking soda method which caused such a horrible breakout on my face and I am still cleaning up that mess three months later. Another horrible method has proven to be the Hibiclens wash if you actually do take the time to read the threads to the end and evaluate people's experiences before getting too excited.


Hope I am making sense,

hahaha, thats funny coz i was reading the egg yolk thing too. It looked soooo good..and then i read all the way to the bottom.....good job!!
goodpoint beautifulblue! I too used the baking soda method because it seemed like the perfect treatment for me at the time. Then I started breaking out like never before and I quit. It's been a few weeks and my face has recovered about 80% from that mess...I was doing so well too.
Yeah, I was the same way with the baking soda thing. I, like Hitmen, was doing so well, then BAM! Ahh, I'm still recovering and it's been over a month. :(
This is SUCH a good point! I was a victim to HORRIBLE! It's so hard though - having acne, I'm sure most of you can relate to me when I say that it just comes down to being sooo desperate! Any product that gets any sort of good reviews, and I make a beeline for it, because I just want to try everything in hopes that it may be just what I've been looking for! Usually, it's not, and I end up making things worse! :( Right now, I'm trying to use as little on my face as possible, and I've been dieting like crazy and things are starting to look up for me.
jazmella, things will get better soon. :)

Cassie4u22, I agree with what you said. I think my skin looks best when I'm eating healthy and using as little as possible on my skin. :wave:
You are right. Just because a product work for certain people, it doesn't mean it suit other people too.

I think the best way to try it is to use it at a small portion of area first before you apply to the whole face.

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