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My routine
Jul 21, 2005
hi i stumbled across this site and thought i'd share my routine with you. i used to have really really bad acne and now my skin is almost clear with the occasional pimple. my friends can't even remember when i had bad skin and tell me that my skin is perfect and glowing. i hope it helps you.

first i'll tell you about my skin and lifestyle. i'm 17 and asian with oily skin in the t-zone area. i started to break out horribly everywhere (cheeks, nose, upper lip, chin, forehead) with the acne being big and swollen and cyst-like or small whiteheads when i was in eight grade. the bigger pimples would stay a dark red color for months after the initial bump would go away. the bigger pimples would also last a really long time. the small whiteheads on my nose and around my nose were perfect for popping so i would pop them. i also have pretty big pores on my nose pron to blackheads. i dont exercise and i have a horrible diet(sugar, fast food everyday, fried things). i also dont like water or fruits. lol im trying to change but i dont really want to

in ninth grade, i went to the derm and he prescribed clindets (towelletes, or wipe thingies). they worked wonders for my skin but the downside was that it burned like crazy when i put it on and my skin felt kindoff sticky afterwards. also i thought it made my skin look more oily. it was also very expensive(about 80$ for about a month's supply). then i switched to clindamycin phosphate (basically same chemical only it was roll-on instead of towelletes). same downsides though. throughout this year i would wash my face with only neutragena products (its the only line i would trust bc my face is really sensitive and every other product i've used whether its st eve, clearasil, etc have made my inflammation worse. neutragena also makes my acne kindoff clear up) when i would wash my face with the neutragena deep clean cleanser, i would scrub gently with a textured washcloth. during this time my skin has healed from middle school, and the acne coloring has all faded and pimples were far and few between.

i used this regiment for two and a half years, but i decided to switch bc i was sick of the high price, sticky residue, and burning sensation i got from clindamycin. i then started to use neutragena scrub which was more effective then the cleanser without the exfoliating particles. i also eased out of the clindamycin and started to use the neutragena spot treatment all over my face instead of on just the pimples like you're supposed to. i dunno why i started to do that but im glad i did. at first it dried up my skin but after like a week my skin stopped peeling. it worked better then the clindamycin and its alot cheaper, although it comes in a tiny little tube bc its only meant to be a spot treatment. i like to use the spot treatment in the tinted formula during the summer bc its like a sheer tint of foundation.

even though my tzone is really oily, the area around my mouth is really dry so i like to use dove moisturizer for sensitive skin(really light and i dont break out when i use it) or clinique lotion for extra dry skin (only during the winter when the skin around my mouth starts to peel) lately ive also started to use a hydrogen peroxide solution. equal parts water and 3% hydrogen peroxide dabbed on with a cotton ball (i read about it in bazaar) before i go to sleep. when i use it i dont put on the spot treatment. i put on the solution about once every few days and alternate with my usual spot treatment whenever i feel like it. my skin looks and feels healthy. i have very few pimples (usually when i forget to wash my face before i fall asleep or when i went swimming and fell asleep without showering). the few pimples i do get are tiny whiteheads on the sides of my nose that i can get rid of by popping. my big pores are still a problem but i dont think i can ever fix them. my blackheads are also almost all gone.

srry its been a long post but i hope it helped. i think most of the product names are either right or really close to the actual name. my email is [i] [ please read and follow the posting rules - no emails ] [/i] if you have any question. good luck with discovering a routine that works for you

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