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hi there,

i stumbled upon this site by accident, but i have been keenly following it ever since. I have read all 84 pages......

i am a 23 year old male with acne (mainly around the lower portion of my cheeks) and I have a high (or rather very high) metabolism rate.

I have been suffering from acne since 15 ratherly mildly at first. it improved considerably around 19-21 with tetracycline and the usual topical creams from my dermatologist. however it has recently worsened, leaving me in much anguish and desperation to find a cure for it!

I am keen to try this regime, cos i too feel that any natural remedy is definitely better than popping antibiotics. however i have a few questions to ask to EV or to whoever is kind enough to reply:

1. the PH i found is in capsule form from Holland & Barrett. The instructions say that it must be taken with a full glass of water for it might choke the osephagus. Has this posed any problems to any of you that have taken this pill?

2. during my recent trip to my dermatologist i was given another different batch of antibiotics (not accutane), and i have been taking them for the last 3 weeks. Can i take this together with this regime, or should i only try this after i have finished my course of antibiotics?

I am really quite excited to try this natural remedy for i think it all makes sense! I feel inspired to try this new treatment after reading the good outcome from some of you, and i do wanna give this a go.

Nonetheless, EV i think you are doing a tremendous job in forming a support group for fellow acne sufferers, and for being so generous in your advice.

I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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