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Hi everybody. I came across this thread the other day and began this regimen on Monday. I take the psyillium husks, activated charcoal, and I drink the Dannon Active priobiotic yogurt drink with L. Casei for now (since there is a lack of l-casei products in the U.S., and I also have a lack of $$ right now!) I bought Bio-K+ but they were rancid (YUCKKK) so I returned them, very angrily. I fasted for about 24 hours, and I definitely felt much thinner and healthier and so forth the first 2 days. I also take garlic, zinc, a multivitamin, and calcium.
But I have started to feel sick lately- it may be from the weather change, but I'm wondering if it could be the supplements? I feel sort of lightheaded and have a sore throat and headache.
Now I have a few more questions. I am on birth control (Nuva ring), and have been for a month now. My skin has broken out much more than usual on this. I have never had flawless skin, but I wouldn't say I have acne necessarily. Now, however, when it breaks out, it BREAKS OUT. On the birth control, it breaks out and then never really heals. (I have "under the skin" whiteheads, too, E.V.)
So I have red spots everywhere because they don't really heal up. I started this method because I feel it is good to do anyway, and plan to do a liver cleanse with epsom salts, olive oil, apple juice and lemon juice that I read about on another thread. Then i will probably start taking milk thistle for my liver maintenance as well.
But I'm wondering if any of this is going to help if I am on birth control. Ive read lately a lot about different supplements you can take (evening primrose oil) that is claimed to straighten out hormonal problems. I would like to take a natural route to fix my skin, since, basically, I think products are crap. Anyway, I know it isnt supposed to show results until after a few months, but I'm just wondering if I may be wasting my time...? Sorry for the long post, but any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
can i still take my flaxseed oil and my evening primrose oil along with this cleanse? 'cause i think the flaxseed also has some fiber so im not sure if im overdosing the fiber. any inputs? thanks. :)
[QUOTE=Technicolor][COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]Now that's certainly planting a seed of hope in being able to get rid of acne before summer 2006. :)

Say, Anonymous, what kind of facial regimen do you use besides that? Do you take any additional supplements?[/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

im only using kiss my face pure olive oil soap and ACV diluted with water as a toner. i want to treat my face as gentle as possible because of the damage done by the topical medications i used before. i already threw away all of those topical meds since i started this regimen. i just started taking ground flaxseed and evening primrose oil yesterday for my itchy, mild seborrheic dermatitis skin 'cause i heard that itchy skin can be cured with flaxseed/EPO. :angel: i also drink green tea which is very healthy for you. :angel:

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