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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=Chocolate]Hello, hello.

I'm new to this board, however not to the subject. I've been suffering from acne since ... I was eleven, I think. I can even remember my first pimple. :D

Anywhoo, I've heard about digestive cleanse as the key to success many times, and I've heared that diet is not related to acne as many times, too. I've tried to use BP, but it dried my skin too much and started bleaching it, making my skintone very uneven. (I'm a Mulatto, so it is quite visible.) It didn't help much, too. So I've did a search in a hollistic health board and found a to-be miraculous regimen (I'm quite sure it's the same regimen included in the "Acne Free In 3 Days" book, which is a scam, by the way.), which depended on an apple fast and a steady diet with herbal supplements, and natural topical products. I wasn't quite determined, but determined enough to see that the fast (Which wasn't as effective in cleansing as I expected it to be) really made a difference. I felt lighter, my skin was softer, and with the usage of the natural ointments, the skintone - altough paler - was finally even. The black marks were slowly fading, but I cut my regimen by that time. It was quite complex and consisted of a huge daily intake of supplements like zinc, selenium, etc. I just got bored, to be honest.

But now I have a new motivation and some time to clear myself, so I'll be doing your regimen now, EV. (:
Although getting Psyllium in Poland is very hard, and my local healthstore suggested me Ispagul husks (Plantaginis Ovatae Seminis Tegumentum). Now I'm confused because ones say that it's one and the same thing, the others say it's similar, but weaker in its effectiveness. It won't have a bigger effect on the regimen, I hope? Also, it tastes like... urk, I can't stand it. Especially the look. If I add lemon juice to it, will it have a negative effect?

I am not able to drink litres of water without something dilluted in it. It's my second day of drinking so much water and I can already feel my stomach bulging. I just don't know which way will it come out sometimes. :eek: Though I got a small breakout, but that must be the huge bowl of macaroni and white cheese I ate the other day. :p

With that I take ZenMed's DermaCleanse. Though I take only two pills daily instead of four, because it won't last long if I highen the dosage. It's has a good effect, my breakout frequency is lowered. If it was only available in health stores and pharmacies...

I've also came across someone stating that grapefruit extract speeds up the cleansing process and is quite beneficial in overall health. So is green tea extract. I drink green tea and eat citrus fruits often (lemons, grapefruits), and I really recommend it as an addition to your regimens. :D

So that's about it. A little bit of yadda-yadda from myself. Let's get this going. :cool: [/COLOR] [/FONT]
This post has given me alot of hope of maybe getting truely clear skin. I've beaten 90% of my acne with a clean diet, but that last 10% has been driving me crazy. Its like a plateau of trying to clear your skin, rather than losing weight. I'd looked into liver flushes, but to be honest, they scare the hell out of me. I've had activated charcoal just sitting in my bathroom for the past year because it helps with indigestion, but I never realised that I could use it for my skin. I just got a bottle of GNC Psyllium Seed today, and I haven't eaten since 8:00 pm CT last night. I thought I'd be starved, but I didn't really start getting hungry til around now. I've been drinking cold lemon water, and green tea, and it takes the edge off the hunger.

I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.
You know Techni, you could try drinking and eating foods with isoflavones in them, such as soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, ect. It'd counterbalance out extra testosterone/androgens. There's also teas out there for menopausal women that can help if thats what you truly think your problem is. If worse comes to worse, go see your gyno and tell them you think you're out of whack and need bc to balance out your hormones. Ask for a low dosage one at first, and if it doesn't work, move up to higher doses.

As for my update: Phew, what a night. I got through an entire 34 hour cleanse without eating anything but drinking water, water with lemon and eating a teaspoon of flax seed to help with a headache last night. But I woke up this morning feeling as weak as if I had the flu, and a mild fever(I went into this hoping I"d avoid these side effects, but I knew that it was possible it'd happen so dont worry, I'm ok with being sick). And since this is a pretty blatant thread, I went to the bathroom this morning, and my urine smelled toxic. I can't even normally smell it, but phew, I must of flushed alot of stuff from my system.

I took:
2x psyllium seed
1x charcoal tablet
.. once at lunch, and once in the evening. I also took a centrum vitamin and one alpha lipoic acid capsule to keep my blood sugar from going everywhere. Also drank two cups of antioxidant green tea, which had vitamin c and e in it.

I drank one of my Labrada Lean Body For Her shakes this morning hoping to feed my body what it propably is begging for at this moment. Since they're low calorie/sugar and very nutritous(and 30 grams of protein), I'm hoping it'll set me on the road to recovery without upsetting my stomach too much. My fiance promised to bring me a bottle of gatorade after he returns from work to see if that'll help.

After this, I'll gradually reintroduce food. I think I'd make myself sick if I tried to return to 2000 calories a day, so I'll just.. ease into it till I'm better. I think I'll keep up my dosage for two weeks, then take a break for two weeks, as was recommended. Sounds like a good plan, eh? I'd even consider doing this again in four weeks to see if I got through it better, which would mean that I really did purge some toxins from my body this first round.

Edit: Oh yes, the good news about all this. Several red spots that refused to come to the surface practically deflated over night. Only about 4, but hurrah! They're still red, but all the tension in them is gone, and them seem to be healing really fast.

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