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I'm so glad that this thread is taking off! My view on all of this is basically that it appears that theres 3 levels, each one bringing you closer to your "cure". Depending on how far you [I]want[/I] or [I]need [/I] to go in treating your acne condition one would only:

* [b]Mask/Treat The Symptom[/b] - Topical Treatments, Antibiotics, certain meds & supplements

* [b]Control/Prevent The Reaction [/b]- Food avoidance/restrictions, avoidances of certain chemicals, irritants etc

* [b]Cure The Problem(s)[/b] - Cleanse/Detox (to rid what damaged/overburdened intestines & liver), Heal Leaky Gut & Liver Flushes

So obviously as you and others are finding out,[B] if you can properly cleanse your insides, you may be able to eat certain foods again! [/B] However, one must continue a [B]mantenance program [/B] if they plan on continuing to eat certain foods. The various toxins will build right up and acne will appear again, which is a sign that it's time for you to do another liver flush and associated cleansing protocol.

To answer a few members question about the colon cleanse, this has [B]nothing[/B] to do with how fast a metabolism you have, how much you weigh, nor how frequently/regularly you go to the restroom. As long as you are eating (inorganic) food, cooking in non-stick pans, heating in plastic containers, using hair sprays, using anti-perspirants (aluminum), eating from TV Dinners or Canned Foods (toxic coatings), smoking or passively smoking (second hand smoke), etc you will need to cleanse your body. In fact, a few days ago there was a report on USA Today about the tiny hormone mimickers found in chemicals that help produce the above products and how they contribute to increased cancer risk, birth defects, etc so we all should at the very least be on a maintenance program. ;-)

As far as the cleansing go, there is a difference:

[B]Bowel Management[/B] - if you aren't regular taking soluble fiber (various types or eating more fruits & veggies), more water, and/or mucilegenic herbs should help with this. This will get rid of what toxins are in your fecal matter and may relieve some of your acne for those constipated, but from what I'm aware this is not an actual true cleanse

[B]Parasiite Cleanse[/B] - if you've tried other cleanses and you still have problems you may want to considerate a parasite cleanse. If you live in a country where parasites are more common, you may want to do a cleanse. If you have pets, eat raw or undercooked meat & fish, and as well as eating fruits from other countries (not all have the same standards) or drinking water that has not been treated (river water, pond water, etc), you may want to consier this. Of course you can go to your doctor or a naturopath to get tested however you would have to do a series of test because parasites may not show up on the first search. [U]Reason for cleanse:[/U] Parasites will steal your nutrients, emit toxins, and aggrevate your insides and possibly contribue to Leaky Gut Syndrome (why the food sensitivites).

[B]Anti-Candida Cleanse[/B]- Unfortunately, anyone that has taken antiboitics may be at risk. This is especially true for women, those taking birth control, those eating processed foods high in sugar, those with mercury fillings, those at risk for or are diabetics, as well as acne sufferers. Why acne sufferer? Well, lol, because most have probably taken antibiotics [U]beyond [/U] the regular treatment period ( 2 weeks) to "treat" acne which is NEVER ever going to work! So while a very small percent of people may actually have a Primary bacterial infection that causeed their acne, the majority of us did not (don't listen to all that stuff about p.acnes). Yet, the majority of us may now have a Secondary infection as result of misusing and abusing antibiotics, which has actually helped create these additional bacterial and/or fungal problems in the body (check pubmed). [U]Reason for cleanse: [/U] Similar to parasites, but they can also mess with your energy levels, your mood, cause constant vaginal infections, oral infections (thrush), ear infections, among others as well as contributing to a Leaky Gut.

[B]Colon Cleanse[/B] - Aside from what I mentioned about, the [U]Reason for cleanse[/U]: Cleanses the toxins in your system before doing any of the othe rmntioned cleanses in this post. Also you cleanse your system immediately after doing these cleanses or else your colon will reabsorb the toxins, excess hormones etc and you may experience a "Healing Crisis" A Healing criss can be anything from mood swings, fatigue, headaches, to skin detox reactions (rashes, acne etc). So it is VITAL to do colon cleases before and after each cleansing/detox procedure.

[B]Liver Flush[/B] - this is a bit complicated to explain but regardless of whatever those multi colored stones are that one passes, the point is that it works somehow to relieve symptoms. The liver can become so overburdened with toxins that it will store them in our body fat and/or in bile to take care of for later. Problem is [I]later[/I] never comes, because we are always consuming toxins and most of us beyond what we should [I]normally[/I] consume or come in contact with (remember USA today article). [U]Reason for cleanse[/U]: The stones passed are supposed be composed of the bile and may contain food proteins/antigens, bacteria, fungus, and sometimes parasites (liver flukes). Most members don't ever see parasites (most are in microscopic stages), but for those that are especally sick and did any of the afformentioned regarding parasite infestation, you may. Liver flushing also helps relieve problems with a leaky gut because whenever we burn that fat with those stored toxins they can help irritate our gut lining as well as the bacteria or parasites that are found/trapped in our bile. One must pass at least 1000 stones apparently in order to be relieved of most of their symptoms (midway should allow for consumption of certain foods) and then following a maintence program should suffice.

There are a few other cleanses but these are the big ones I've seen members follow. This particular thread focuses on Colon Cleansing and well actually absorbing toxins found in the colon. Anyone purchasing colong cleansing kits may find that they contain additional ingredients to help further detoxify (heavy metal detoxifiers) and/or enable the ability to quickly pass through our digestive system, nto our colon and out of the body. The faster you can do this, the less chance of a healing crisis. Thus why some members opt to do enemas/colonics in conjunction.

[U][B]A Note of Caution:[/B][/U]

[B]P&B Shakes[/B] - Known as Psyillium & Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay contains aluminum, but this could be remedied by taking heavy metal detoxifiers such as cilantro! If you don't use the proper amounts you may end up with a product that's like cement. Thus it won't pass quickly and you may end up being constipated. It's generally safe to use 1tablespoon of Psyllium per glass of water. Do several a day, at the same time everyday, if you want more cleansing for a period of time (5 - 10 days) and then stop for that month or your body may become addicted.

[B]P&C or PAC shakes[/B] - Psyllium & Activated Charcoal, same as above applies. However activated charcoal is used when you don't want to use Bentonite if you already have a system with too much aluminum in it.

To prevent that cement occurance one would add oils such as Coconut oil (this will kill bacteria, parasites, fungus), Grapeseed Oil (antiodants), Olive Oil or Liquid EFAs for a gel-like substance. Along with mucilegenic herbs such as Fennel, Fenugreek, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Aloe vera gel/liquid (& ground up okra) for more slip factor. I guess you can actually combine both Bentonite and Activated Charcoal if you like. You can also add in Psyllium, Apple Pectin other soluble fibers to the mix. Thus why one ends up bying those kits. But if you can't afford $75 for a 5 - 9 day colon cleanse you can make one yourself and even add in ingredients that will help rebalance your bodies natural flora.

Those are my thoughts at least. Erasmus, have you ever tried anything else mentioned in this post? Also how old are you and how long did you suffer with acne?

Thanks and wish you guys the best!

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