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[QUOTE=Constant]That is where my confusion lays and quite frankly good skin without teeth is well not my goal.. :D . I did some searches on it yesterday but proceeded to get myself confused (once again :rolleyes: ) so I think I'll leave that part up to you. :jester:[/QUOTE]

LOL, well that is indeed what I've been doing the past few days but unfortunately, figuring this out followed me into my sleep...grrr. I actually had a chance to sleep in an extra hour today, but oh no I woke up at 5, again 6 and after tossing and turning finally gave up and got up 7 =( It's a rare occassion when I'll actually think so much in my sleep, although it's something that I've done when I had a particular troubling chemistry or math problem to work out ;-)

Anyway, since I'm up, while researching the Vitamin C Flush, I came across other supplements that kept ringing bells for me and reminded me of you as well and so I'll mention them below. It turns out that aside from that one source, all the other sources say that we should use Mild, Buffered, Mineral Ascorbates or C-Salts (it's the same thing but different formulas) in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid (bounded to a mineral) to do the Vitamin C Flush as well as when taking Vitamin C daily.

[B]Vitamin C Flush[/B] Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant. It boosts Phase II enzymes neccessary for deactivitaing those carcinogens produced from ingesting blackened/burnt foods (certain ethnicities are more prone to this enzyme defficiency). Also boosts energy, relieves depression, is an anti-histamine (less allergic reactions), boosts our immune system, neccessary for collagen formation (bone, skin, muscles, etc), and also a metal detoxifier and helps balance our bodies' natural flora. I even found anecdotal/testimonial information that simply doing this kind of flush can boost ones energy levels tremendously, even those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

To do this. pick a day that you don't have to work (or go to school). You want to take:

* 2 - 3 tsp (could have 2 - 4g of Vit. C) [U]every 30 min [/U] in at least 4 oz of water (or 100% fruit juice or aloe juice) up to 3x.

* If you don't notice a watery diarrhea/ enema-like effect after the third - 30 min dose, start taking 2 - 3 tsps every 15 min until you do.

Make sure you wait until the fizzies stop before drinking (2 min) Once you hit the enema-like effect (expelling liquid from your rectum), the flush has occured and you're done drinking vitamin c for the day. ;-)

You may or may not experience a "Healing Crisis" but because the Vitamin C is killing off (hopefully) certain bacteria, parasites, or yeast in system, they will begin to emit toxins. These toxins should be flushed out as a result of the Vitamin C Flush. However for those of you taking Psyllium and Activiated Charcoal or Bentonite doing so perhaps later in the day or the next day will help absorb & flush what didn't get expelled. Also, below are a list of other supplements you may find helpful as well, especially if dealing with or suspecting candida issues.

1) [B]Vitamin C[/B] - 75% of what's needed to induce a Vitamin C Flush is used daily. Everyone has their own amounts based on how physically stressed their own body is and therefore 1 - 2 g is probably not what most of us will find we need on this board. I know that there's a group of woman that have Insulin Resistance/PCOS and even though they were fasting (for Elimination Diet) they discovered they had HUGE amounts of energy and I couldn't figure out how that could be possible. Well one reason is that they did eliminate foods that induced inflammation and it's signs, but another part was that most of them were also taking Vitamin C. Their doses were anywhere from 12 - 20g/daily, again depending on their individual needs. Now, over time, as the body becomes less defficient, less Vitamin C will be needed. This will be noted, by loose stools. For those wanting to consume Vitamin C, please do so in the forms mentioned previously and to maintain a constant level, take in 4 divided doses, as vitamin c is flushed out within 4 hours time.

2) [B]Molybdenum[/B] - This is important to any of us that consumes sucrose or fructose as this will deplete our molybdenum stores, which is neccessary for their metabolism. This also helps the body expell candida toxins produced as a result of their die off. Candida produces Sulfites and Acetlyaldehydes which [U]can't[/U] be broken down by the liver and are stored in the body. These are actually the "sources" of chemical sensitivities to fragrances or even sulfites found in certain foods we eat resulting in neurological problems such as headaches, brain fog, and as well as pain. [U]200mcg - 1500mcg [/U] of Molybdenum breaks these down into something the liver can either expell or convert. For example Acetylaldehyde (also produced from alcohol consumption) will be broken down into Acetic Acid to be flushed or converted into Acetyl Co Enzyme A! Which may explain an increase in energy that I've heard about as a result of this trace mineral and....perhaps improve our acne (note B5 Therapy is used to boost CoA)

3) [B]Pantethine[/B] - This is the active component of B5, and is much more potent for certain types of diseases. It breaks down Formaldehyde as well as Acetylaldehyde. It boosts our production of Glutathione. It also lowers our cholesterol levels and boosts are ability to produce Omega 3 Fatty Acids! [U]600mg - 1200mg is the daily dosage [/U] and you can also match this with Panthothenic Acid. Also, what I forgot to mention earler is that by breaking down Acetlyaldehyde, this frees us from...Brain Fog, Depression, Pain, etc.

4) [B]Selenium[/B] - This is an antioxidant, helps shed skin cells, boosts glutahione production, and is also a heavy metal detoxifier (mercury, lead, etc). We should take a minimum of 200mcg. We may be able to take more such as 400mcg, but it is a supplement that can be toxic at too high and dose such as 1000mcg for more than a brief period of time.

5) [B]Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)[/B] - This is a potent antioxidant and increases the production of Glutathione, a liver detoxifier, more so than NAC. Unfortunately, R-ALA powder doesn't work (turns into rubbery balls), but R-ALA in Gel form does. K-R-ALA and will also work. The reason I'm mentioning only R-ALA, is because it is more potent and less toxic than ALA (50/50 mixture of S & R forms) and as such a typical dose for those Glucose Intolerant (allows some members to cheat) would be 200 - 300mg 15 min before their high carb meal. However for anyone that experiences "Brain Fog" you may also benefit (on a lower dose?) as other members found that this helped them with Brain Fog even when they didn't know whether they were glucose intolerant or not. Of course when they stop taking R-ALA, the brain comes back, but goes away upon continued usage.

Of course I'd be happy to list some name brands for ya, but I've gotta run for now.

Hope all is well =)

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