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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Hi All[/B] :) Phew, lots of discussion since I last checked in! As always, I'll try to respond to everyones' queries.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]health15[/COLOR], you sound like someone who's already learnt how to reduce the severity of their acne through diet. I hope this can help you! I take my dose of probiotics every day. Perhaps I could afford to only take it every other day, but I don't want to risk losing progress. Regarding the apple juice during the fasting period, I haven't heard that personally. But I do know that apples are considered one of the safest foods to eat during an elimination diet (whereby you eliminate foods to discover which ones cause new acne), so I don't think it could do any harm. And a bit of fructose will help prevent fatigue if you have to work whilst fasting. Also, I'm not sure about this, but I believe that my regimen has aided my liver function. My reason for thinking this is that I don't experience the kind of stinking hangovers that I ever used to. And when I drink, I really binge drink :eek:

[COLOR=Magenta]lampwick[/COLOR], that's a good question. I myself am quite "skinny". However, I didn't use to be - I weighed 2-3 more stone in my early teens than I do nowadays (I'm 22 now). I believe that I did most of the damage to my digestive system during that period when I mostly ate junk food (and [I]way[/I] too much of it) and offered suffered constipation as a result. But if you've always been skinny and always had regular bowel movements then perhaps this regimen won't be as useful to you as it has been to me. If I wanted to offer you some hope, I could hypothesise that your regular bowel movements might be at the expense of "clean" digestion (as [COLOR=Magenta]primo1[/COLOR] eludes to), but there's absolutely no scientific backing to that :( I'm afraid it's up to you to find out whether or not that is the case. Good luck ;) By the way, I think the thread "ACNE: The New Theory" may help you.

[COLOR=Magenta]Ngfan4lyfe[/COLOR], please check out the rest of the thread when you've got the time. It's boring for other people to have to re-read the same information over and over again :nono: The answer to your first question is on Post 1 of the thread. Regarding a liver cleanse, why don't you search for some information yourself and report back? Take it easy ;)

Well done on finding the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR], [COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR]! I hope you can get started properly now :)

[COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], it's only really myself, [COLOR=Magenta]dfwgoodguy[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR] who have really experienced any success with this kind of regimen so far (check out the early pages). But I haven't heard from anybody who [I]hasn't[/I] experienced success with such a regimen. It's up to you whether or not you give this a shot, but if you do please report back with your findings!... LOL, So I read on and see that you've taken the plunge! That's cool :cool: You might as well go ahead without the Yakult. But if you can find an alternative probiotic (specifically [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR], since we seem to have established that it's the best strain for this job) then I believe it will help you further. And regarding the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Charcoal[/COLOR], I know what you mean! But when you feel the effects it has on your insides you will learn to love it!

[COLOR=Magenta]Constant[/COLOR], what's Phion Cleanz? And please describe the taste of death :D I imagine it's something like eating the contents of the capsules I take - that's why they're in capsule form! By the way, I remember you talking about Dr. Natura Colonix. Did you get this? What have you got to report? Thank you!

[COLOR=Magenta]SweetJade1[/COLOR], I'm so glad you have contributed. However, it's late and I'm going to have to save my reply to you 'til tomorrow when I can better understand your wisdom :angel:

Thank you everyone for your questions and input! As always I wish you all the best of luck - you don't have to live with acne and you will beat it! [COLOR=Magenta]EV[/COLOR][/COLOR][/FONT]
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Okay[/B]And it all makes perfect sense to me: if there's a build up of rubbish on the inside, then it must reflect on the outside. But what I don't understand is why some people can eat rubbish without getting acne. That must imply a fundamental biological difference, surely? Perhaps, as you say, they must be paying the price in other aspects of ill health. Indeed, I am one of those people who is almost glad that I have suffered acne [I]because[/I] it highlighted that my body was in need of repair.[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]

seeing as how I'm feeling kinda mentally tired myself at the moment, Iíll answer the rest of your questions later. However, I did try to address the above concerns and I hope my clarifications will put your mind, and hopefully many others, at ease.. From my knowledge, from the ridiculous amount of hours of I've put into researching this, and from others stories, yes there's obviously a biological difference, but that "Why" question doesn't just stop with acne. overwhelming majority consider acne to be it's own disease, but it is not. Acne is not a disease. Acne is form of skin inflammation that's a [b]sign [/b], an indicator, of something internally or externally that our bodies are [B]Hypersensitive[/B] to. Yes acne is a type of skin problem, but most skin problems aren't the disease, they are actually [b]signs[/b] of a bigger problem or underlying issue at play.

Think of Cancer. Do we hear people ask "why did I get breast or prostate cancer?" No, don't we just usually hear "why did I get cancer? or "I have cancer." [B]Cancer is cancer.[/B] It can be asymptomatic (no clincal signs)or you may slowly experience signs over time. However, the point is, once you are diagnosed, you don't really differentiate among them, and usually they all follow very similar, if not the [U]same[/U] treatment protocol, right?

Same thing with Allergies. We have pollen, pet dander, nickel, food, among other allergies. It doesn't matter what kind of allergy it is, does it? What matters is that these people [B]have allergies [/B] and know that they must either avoid their [U]personal [/U] allergens and/or take medication to control their signs. While they may sneeze, cough, have trouble breathing, have runny nose, tear up, swell up, turn red, itch, or get hives or some other rash, do you think that all people with allergies have the exact same signs? Absolutely not! In fact, [B]people with allergies also have different tolerance thresholds[/B]. After they cross their tolerance threshold (in order of increasing sensitivity) consuming wheat, OR touching wheat, OR touching a surface that wheat touched, etcÖ.a reaction follows. Yet when they treat their allergies accordingly, no more problems.

Now let's take Hormonal or Metabolic Disorders into account. Wow, there's a wide variety of them and since they are their own disease (some may be another sign of something larger), they do have their [U]own[/U] associated signs. So, one hormonal disorder may have 5 signs, and the person diagnosed may have all 5 or only 1 of those signs. Yet, when it comes to males, usually they are more "asymptomatic", if it has do with certain androgen disorders, but [B]just because they don't show signs, it doesn't mean they don't have a problem.[/B] Usually, the only way to know is by getting a battery of lab tests run (blood, urine, saliva, fecal). Nevertheless, the point is, whether you show signs or not, have 1 sign or all of them, it doesnít override the [B]fact[/B] that you [B]have [/B] a said hormonal disorder. As such, usually by [U]fixing[/U] the problem, and NOT focusing on treating the signs, all of the associated signs are reduced or eliminated.

Same goes for Puberty. Granted our genetics will determine how short or tall weíll end up being, but do all of us end up with acne, diabetes, depression, anorexia or become overweight while our bodies were going through all those crazy changes? Nope, in fact some teens that go through puberty are entirely asymptomatic, but that doesnít override the fact that we ALL went through puberty.

OK, so remember what I said about acne earler? That acne is (defined as) an [B]inflammatory skin disease[/B] and as such, our immune system must have an awfully large role in all of this. After all, if our immune system wasn't activated by some sort of stimuli, acne couldn't develop. You can't have inflammation without inflammatory immune mediators or factors and incidentally our acne lesions and blood contain higher amounts of these. [B]Did you know that we treat acne most successfully via two ways: Ant-Androgens or Anti-Inflammatories.[/B] Yet...did you know that anti-androgens also result in being anti-inflammatory? In fact, all supplements, oral or topical medications, and OTC products that are intentionally or unintentionally (aspirin, anti-histamines, anti-psychotics) used to treat acne usually directly or indirectly result in reducing inflammation. (Wheels turning yet?)

OK, so keeping the above in mind, why isn't chloracne just called acne? Know what causes it? Dioxins. Do you remember earlier this year when some political figure from Russia or some other country that was poisoned with dioxin and he ended up with some sort of skin problem? Well he didn't look like he had any acne to me only greyish skin, but it was a skin problem caused by dioxin. In fact dioxin can cause skin problems via oral or external contact. Yet when acne is present as a direct result, it's not just called acne, but acne-like lesions....There's a difference???

Well apparently, acne isn't really just acne. Oh no. There are different names for acne depending on the type or acneform it is. There are names for the type of acne depending on where it's located on the body. There are names for acne depending on the size and other physical characteristics. Oh but the most important thing, there are names for acne depending on what CAUSED it (as far as they know)!

Have you figured out where Iím going here? Well itís basically what the thread, Acne: A New Theory has evolved into. If acne has different causes, how can any person, doctor, or scientist tell you or me that food, splenda, nickel, etc doesnít cause acne for us on an individual basis??? I mean itís accepted that hormones can do it, that cosmetics can do it, that helmet friction can, and letís not forgetÖbacteria. Yet, stating that acne can be caused/triggered by food or other toxins (assoc. w/ processed food?) is absolutely incomprehensible? Hmm.. how can acne have different causes and yet be so difficult to understand? Doesnít acne kinda sound like it may actually have some other etiology all together? That maybe it was misclassified?

Perhaps it sounds like an allergy. That has an immune response. Inflammation is involved and even inflammatory skin reactions occur. Oh, but an allergy is an [U]Immediate[/U] Type Hypersensitivity (Type I Hypersensivity) where a reaction occurs within 24 hrs and acne takes supposedly weeks or months to form (LOL). Ok, well what if acne was more of a [U]Late Onset [/U] or [B]Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity [/B] (Type IV Hypersensitivty)? If it was, and there are a few supportive studies out there, it would fit what some say. Some say it takes 3 weeks, 6 weeks, or 3 months to form (they canít even agree on this). Yet if we [U]analyzed[/U] how long it took acne to form after we used the wrong skin care, supplement, or ate a particular food, did it really take that long? Most of us would say on average it takes within a 3 Ė 7 days, right?

So if acne is just another sign of some sort of hypersensitivity, then why donít we treat it accordingly? [b]Why donít we just eliminate the trigger or stimuli of our (skinís) immune activation and move on with our lives?[/b] Why all this drama, agony, and most importantly arguing among members over the answers when we are ALL probably right ;-) So once again, if acne really is a Delayed Type Hypersensitivity reaction that was [B]ignored[/B] all these years, all we have to do is find the stimuli of our immune activation, avoid it, and our acne goes away. :bouncing:

Of course, for example, those that find that they are avoiding more foods than they care to, thatís where all the various detox & cleansing regimens come into play. If itís genetic, you may not benefit from this, but if it was caused by something else (environmental), healing or eliminating the cause may very well allow you to be exposed to such stimuli again.

So I guess my point is that acne [B]is another sign (we may have others) of a hypersensitivity disorder.[/B] Just like most skin problems, itís a[B] sign [/B] of something going on that our bodies donít particularly appreciate. Sometimes it may not be anything serious and other times it may be an indicator of some major underlying problem. Therefore, we can choose to pursue it and do what is necessary to fix it or not.

Furthermoe, while acne is similar to an allergy, it clearly is [U]not[/U] an allergy and as such an allergy test may be futile, but there are other possible hypersensitivity tests. However, just like allergy sufferers, acne sufferers also have [B]varying tolerance thresholds [/B] for their particular stimuli. Yet I donít ask why that is or why I have it anymore. Iíve long since ceased caring about those kind of ďwhysĒ. We [U]all[/U] have some sort of issue in our lives and I canít think of any one person I would like to trade with. We ALL suffer in one way or another and yet, when it comes to acneÖ.[B]if [/B] we avoid our stimuli (or take appropriate healing measures), we [B]donít[/B] have to suffer any longer.

Nighty night :)

P.S. Did you know that among the various diagnositic skin lesions, people with HIV may develop acne again or for the very first time? Hmm...
[QUOTE=Constant]That is where my confusion lays and quite frankly good skin without teeth is well not my goal.. :D . I did some searches on it yesterday but proceeded to get myself confused (once again :rolleyes: ) so I think I'll leave that part up to you. :jester:[/QUOTE]

LOL, well that is indeed what I've been doing the past few days but unfortunately, figuring this out followed me into my sleep...grrr. I actually had a chance to sleep in an extra hour today, but oh no I woke up at 5, again 6 and after tossing and turning finally gave up and got up 7 =( It's a rare occassion when I'll actually think so much in my sleep, although it's something that I've done when I had a particular troubling chemistry or math problem to work out ;-)

Anyway, since I'm up, while researching the Vitamin C Flush, I came across other supplements that kept ringing bells for me and reminded me of you as well and so I'll mention them below. It turns out that aside from that one source, all the other sources say that we should use Mild, Buffered, Mineral Ascorbates or C-Salts (it's the same thing but different formulas) in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid (bounded to a mineral) to do the Vitamin C Flush as well as when taking Vitamin C daily.

[B]Vitamin C Flush[/B] Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant. It boosts Phase II enzymes neccessary for deactivitaing those carcinogens produced from ingesting blackened/burnt foods (certain ethnicities are more prone to this enzyme defficiency). Also boosts energy, relieves depression, is an anti-histamine (less allergic reactions), boosts our immune system, neccessary for collagen formation (bone, skin, muscles, etc), and also a metal detoxifier and helps balance our bodies' natural flora. I even found anecdotal/testimonial information that simply doing this kind of flush can boost ones energy levels tremendously, even those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

To do this. pick a day that you don't have to work (or go to school). You want to take:

* 2 - 3 tsp (could have 2 - 4g of Vit. C) [U]every 30 min [/U] in at least 4 oz of water (or 100% fruit juice or aloe juice) up to 3x.

* If you don't notice a watery diarrhea/ enema-like effect after the third - 30 min dose, start taking 2 - 3 tsps every 15 min until you do.

Make sure you wait until the fizzies stop before drinking (2 min) Once you hit the enema-like effect (expelling liquid from your rectum), the flush has occured and you're done drinking vitamin c for the day. ;-)

You may or may not experience a "Healing Crisis" but because the Vitamin C is killing off (hopefully) certain bacteria, parasites, or yeast in system, they will begin to emit toxins. These toxins should be flushed out as a result of the Vitamin C Flush. However for those of you taking Psyllium and Activiated Charcoal or Bentonite doing so perhaps later in the day or the next day will help absorb & flush what didn't get expelled. Also, below are a list of other supplements you may find helpful as well, especially if dealing with or suspecting candida issues.

1) [B]Vitamin C[/B] - 75% of what's needed to induce a Vitamin C Flush is used daily. Everyone has their own amounts based on how physically stressed their own body is and therefore 1 - 2 g is probably not what most of us will find we need on this board. I know that there's a group of woman that have Insulin Resistance/PCOS and even though they were fasting (for Elimination Diet) they discovered they had HUGE amounts of energy and I couldn't figure out how that could be possible. Well one reason is that they did eliminate foods that induced inflammation and it's signs, but another part was that most of them were also taking Vitamin C. Their doses were anywhere from 12 - 20g/daily, again depending on their individual needs. Now, over time, as the body becomes less defficient, less Vitamin C will be needed. This will be noted, by loose stools. For those wanting to consume Vitamin C, please do so in the forms mentioned previously and to maintain a constant level, take in 4 divided doses, as vitamin c is flushed out within 4 hours time.

2) [B]Molybdenum[/B] - This is important to any of us that consumes sucrose or fructose as this will deplete our molybdenum stores, which is neccessary for their metabolism. This also helps the body expell candida toxins produced as a result of their die off. Candida produces Sulfites and Acetlyaldehydes which [U]can't[/U] be broken down by the liver and are stored in the body. These are actually the "sources" of chemical sensitivities to fragrances or even sulfites found in certain foods we eat resulting in neurological problems such as headaches, brain fog, and as well as pain. [U]200mcg - 1500mcg [/U] of Molybdenum breaks these down into something the liver can either expell or convert. For example Acetylaldehyde (also produced from alcohol consumption) will be broken down into Acetic Acid to be flushed or converted into Acetyl Co Enzyme A! Which may explain an increase in energy that I've heard about as a result of this trace mineral and....perhaps improve our acne (note B5 Therapy is used to boost CoA)

3) [B]Pantethine[/B] - This is the active component of B5, and is much more potent for certain types of diseases. It breaks down Formaldehyde as well as Acetylaldehyde. It boosts our production of Glutathione. It also lowers our cholesterol levels and boosts are ability to produce Omega 3 Fatty Acids! [U]600mg - 1200mg is the daily dosage [/U] and you can also match this with Panthothenic Acid. Also, what I forgot to mention earler is that by breaking down Acetlyaldehyde, this frees us from...Brain Fog, Depression, Pain, etc.

4) [B]Selenium[/B] - This is an antioxidant, helps shed skin cells, boosts glutahione production, and is also a heavy metal detoxifier (mercury, lead, etc). We should take a minimum of 200mcg. We may be able to take more such as 400mcg, but it is a supplement that can be toxic at too high and dose such as 1000mcg for more than a brief period of time.

5) [B]Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)[/B] - This is a potent antioxidant and increases the production of Glutathione, a liver detoxifier, more so than NAC. Unfortunately, R-ALA powder doesn't work (turns into rubbery balls), but R-ALA in Gel form does. K-R-ALA and will also work. The reason I'm mentioning only R-ALA, is because it is more potent and less toxic than ALA (50/50 mixture of S & R forms) and as such a typical dose for those Glucose Intolerant (allows some members to cheat) would be 200 - 300mg 15 min before their high carb meal. However for anyone that experiences "Brain Fog" you may also benefit (on a lower dose?) as other members found that this helped them with Brain Fog even when they didn't know whether they were glucose intolerant or not. Of course when they stop taking R-ALA, the brain comes back, but goes away upon continued usage.

Of course I'd be happy to list some name brands for ya, but I've gotta run for now.

Hope all is well =)
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Hey All[/B] :wave: I have been on holiday but I am back now and ready to answer everyone's questions!

Hello [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] :) Sorry to take so long to reply. The mucoid plaque (as you rightly call it) that I first passed was approximately 20cm long and darky brown/green in colour with black bits. To me it looked like thick seaweed. I found that I passed smaller ones for up to a month after the first one (which came out after the initial fast). Nowadays my stool often takes on the form of small balls. I don't know if this means there are stones being passed, but it could be an indication.

I felt the benefits of my regimen straight away. Unlike most other unfortunate people here I didn't feel ill from fasting, and when I passed that first mucoid plaque I felt different. It's difficult to describe but I just felt cleaner inside. And then my stool started coming out cleaner in general and I realised that something fundamental had changed. And it wasn't long before I started to see the effects that this change had on my skin.

With regards to my consumption of dairy produce, I eat cheese, cream and derivatives such as milk chocolate. I don't drink milk or have it on cereal though.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]citygirl23[/COLOR] :cool: I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing sickness. To be honest I haven't experienced a persistent sore throat or lightheadedness whilst on my regimen. That sounds like a common cold more than anything. As I have said to others, even if you have your doubts I implore you to stay the course with this to see what happens in the long run. You might as well stay on the birth control as well. If you have any more questions please ask!

[COLOR=Magenta]SweetJade1[/COLOR], I have been taking the pills every day at the quantities shown on Page 1. I have been beginning to wonder if it is necessary for me any more. I no longer suffer any kind of spots that I would call "acne". I get the odd tiny pimple but only when I neglect to cleanse and tone my skin properly or if I eat a load of junk food. I don't want my body to get used to the supplements if that means they will become less effective so I might consider lowering the dose or having one week on, one week off. I will have to think about it.

Hey [COLOR=Magenta]Miranda005[/COLOR] :wave: I hope I can help you. I myslef have fairly oily skin. My regimen won't do much to change this. But it will make internal changes that will mean that the excess oil won't be a problem any more. And you'll still have naturally oily skin which won't age as quickly as the drier skin of other people :) Anyway, like you I eat quite regularly and don't put on much weight. I also cite myself as having fast metabolism. Kudos to you for eating sensible foods - it will stand you in good stead for your later years. But it might not necessarily help your skin until you wipe the slate clean i.e. clean out your digestive system.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lipodec[/COLOR] looks like a fairly sensible product, although I think you're probably getting enough of the nutrients found in those ingredients in your diet anyway. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Zinc[/COLOR] is considered very useful in sustaining healthy skin - you might as well stick with it at that quantity. The [COLOR=RoyalBlue]B-complex[/COLOR] may be not be very useful since it is only [COLOR=RoyalBlue]B5[/COLOR] ([COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pantothenic Acid[/COLOR]) that is associated with cutting down sebum (oil) production and even then you have to mega dose on it to see noticeable results. I've never heard of it before, but Acuzine looks to me like it's mainly just [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Vitamin E[/COLOR] which is often said to help acne-prone skin. You may just be paying for some glorified [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Vitamin E[/COLOR] but I don't really know.

[COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], I'm so happy to hear that you're experiencing success with your skin. Long may it continue :angel: [COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR] I'm glad to hear that you're ringing the changes in other areas too. It is important to complement digestive cleansing with a non-burdening diet and regular exercise. I am sure you will experience an increase in energy in response to all of these modifications to your lifestyle. If things keep going well [I]please[/I] let everyone else know about it to encourage them to make similar changes! Thank you ;)

[COLOR=Magenta]Trinity45[/COLOR], I guess if you are sensitive to cleanses then you might want to stick with your existing regimen. But an initial break out is simply that - initial. Once you get through that period you will come out clearer in the long run in my experience. The break out is a sign that toxins are being expelled.

[COLOR=Magenta]serafine[/COLOR], I'm sorry to hear your story :( I used to suffer eczema as a child and it's horrible and it can be brought on by a multitude of factors (including certain types of washing powder, for instance). I am glad you haven't suffered financially though. I really hope you will soon find an alternative regimen that yields results for you. Dietary changes will go a long way to helping you if you are committed :)

[COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR], you can take the Yakult after the fast but it's probably too late to tell you now. Sorry :( Don't worry if you broke your fast early. You should still see some results. There's no rush - if you take the supplements for a while you will pass some mucoid plaque sooner rather than later.

[COLOR=Magenta]tata77[/COLOR], I'm sorry to hear that you missed dinner! That's great dedication. Isn't it sad when you realise how addicted to food we are (bearing in mind most of us eat [I]way[/I] more than we need). You are doing everything correct. This isn't an exact science though. As I just told [COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR], your stool will look different sooner rather than later. I guess it just varies from person to person.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]goldenseal[/COLOR]. Props for cutting out sugar/dairy; it takes strong willpower. There are alternatives but you want to find something with [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR] in it.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Okay, time for me to reply to everyone's posts I think! Sorry guys - been very busy at work lately!

[COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], this is going back a bit, but you mentioned avoiding beer. That's a good idea. If you can stand to make such sacrifices for the time being, then do so because it will help you in the long-run. If you want to drink, then stick to spirits with mixers and have one glass of water to every alcoholic drink. Your head and mouth will thank for that in the morning, too ;)

Regarding your washing routine, I would recommend using a cleanser and astringent of some kind. A cream cleanser (i.e. not soap) will remove surface debris and dirt from the day and the toner will clease the pores. It's best to use warm water with the cleanser in order to open the pores. I also recommend using a clay or mud based mask at least once a week to perform a deeper cleanse.

And, yes, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Vitamin C[/COLOR] will aid your digestion and is proven to assist the production of new skin cells.

Hang in there, [COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR]. I too have fast metabolism and that's where I think a lot of my problems stemmed from. I believe that the faster we burn our food, the less cleanly it is processed. This regimen helps to reduce the waste by-products of digestion.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]Jelohi[/COLOR] :) I'm afraid I wouldn't like to say for sure whether or not a digestive system cleanse would be safe for you in your condition. I can't think of any reason why, but perhaps it's best to consult your GP.

[COLOR=Magenta]c0nfused[/COLOR], maybe the problem you have is that you are playing around with your skin too much. Topical solutions generally do more harm than good in my opinion. The more you apply, the more you are touching your face. This promotes cross-infection of pores by the spreading of bacteria. Also, the more you dry out your face, the more sebum your sebaceous glands will produce in response. You need to maintain a balance. I know it's really hard to resist putting things on your face, but consider why you are doing it. You do it to treat the symptoms of acne. You need to treat the causes!

Hello [COLOR=Magenta]lainrosuta[/COLOR]! As you say, this regimen doesn't have to be about weight loss. That is one possible side-effect, but really it's about taking the burden off your digestive system so that the side-effects aren't evident on your skin. Just think about it, our ancestors didn't eat the amount of stodgy rubbish that we eat nowadays. It's no wonder our skin gets in a state!

So, you've experienced a productive cleanse, by the sounds of it. You will feel better for it, and hopefully you will see more results on your face sooner rather than later. Please keep us updated with your progress!

[COLOR=Magenta]Technicolor[/COLOR], you crack me up girl! I can see that you're not exactly enjoying this regimen (well, its ingredients, at least), but you've got the right attitude towards all this: don't be afraid to try different things, use your common sense, and stay positive. Good on you! I'm rooting for you all the way to be clear by next summer :cool: By the way, by "black marks", do you mean blackheads?

[COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], you've got exactly the right idea about how to treat your skin on the surface: less is more! The [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Essential Fatty Acids[/COLOR] you are taking will be beneficial to you. Like I said, it's all about experimentation. I'm glad to hear that you're testing things for yourself!

[COLOR=Magenta]health15[/COLOR], what would you say has been the biggest factor in your recent improvements? If you have really cut out sugar then that's probably the one. But hopefully you can cleanse your digestive system to a level whereby you can afford to indulge your sweet tooth every so often. Keep us updated please!

[COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], I'm glad to hear things are looking up for you now!

[COLOR=Magenta]aida amador[/COLOR], I could talk for a long time about the subject of scars and marks, and I will if you want me to, but I'm flagging a bit now. Let me just say that lately I have been having immense success with [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Glycolic Acid[/COLOR] (30% concentration), which I would put on a par with microdermabrasion, except that it's better because it's not so extreme. As [COLOR=Magenta]Technicolor[/COLOR] says, though, it would help us if you could describe your scars/marks.

As a general note - everyone seems positive here, and that's wonderful. The worst thing you can do about acne is dwell on it in a negative light. Even if things are progressing as well as you all hoped, stick at your various regimens and stay positive. You've got the best support network available here! And I don't care if that sounds cheesy :D
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi guys :cool: I've been meaning to reply to some questions for a while - sorry for taking a while.

[COLOR=Magenta]tata77[/COLOR], I am sorry that this regimen hasn't exactly worked out for you. But I am glad that you have seen for yourself the connection between diet and acne. I wish you the very best of luck in whatever measures you take to improve your skin. Perhaps alternative cleanses are the answer for you.

[COLOR=Magenta]AznHisoka[/COLOR], I considered performing a liver cleanse but I really don't see the point now since I very rarely get new acne now. Also, as you have eluded to, a liver cleanse is a complex and unpleasant procedure. Whilst my regimen might not be strict, it should give you some level of improvement over the course of a few months.

I am really happy for you, [COLOR=Magenta]health15[/COLOR], and I hope your progress continues :) As you say, with winter upon us I recommend that you prevent your skin from over-drying since this will promote an increase in sebum production. Don't be afraid to reduce the retin-a and apply more moisturiser in its place. If things are improving from the inside then you can afford to slacken off the topical measures against acne; they just dry out your skin and rob you off your youthful glow. Get it back!

I'm glad to hear that things are steadily improving for you, [COLOR=Magenta]jac1976[/COLOR]! It does take time, believe me. But you are noticing the things that I first started to notice: the cysts are less stubborn and less prone to scarring. I don't really know about your dosage. It probably varies from person to person, but don't be afraid to increase the dosage - just experiment! Good luck ;)

[COLOR=Magenta]Hyde[/COLOR], thanks very much for updating us! Please do so regularly, whatever happens. I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but it's nice to have another convert... I just wish everyone could experience success like yours :confused: The smoothness is wonderful, isn't it! I think it's because there's less rubbish in your pores; they are breathing more clearly than they have for years!

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Vitamin C[/COLOR] might be a good idea for you as might some kind of essential fatty acid such as [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Flaxseed[/COLOR] in order to combat the shedding. Also, don't underestimate the importance of a good moisturiser. Open up your pores with warm water in the morning and wash with a gentle cleanser, tone and then moisturise to seal in moisture.

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]blah-de-blah[/COLOR] :wave: When I first started this regimen I was a lot more strict with what I ate than I am these days. For me it seems like the regimen does allow me to get away with eating the kind of foods that are typically associated with the exacerbation of acne. But if I were you I would stick to strict diet for a while to give yourself the best chance of results, as [COLOR=Magenta]AznHisoka[/COLOR] advises.

In fact, a diet rich in "skin foods" is essential at all times. Although I eat my fair share of junk food nowadays I also ensure to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. The vegetables must not be over-processed; I eat lightly boiled broccoli, sugar snap peas, cabbage, kale, spinach, mange-tout, green beans, etc. And if you haven't been taking a probiotic then I definitely recommend it!

Gaining weight might be difficult on this regimen, I'm afraid. But my advice to you is to get on top of your skin first and then worry about your weight. Again, as [COLOR=Magenta]AznHisoka[/COLOR] says, don't overeat on this regimen - eat until you are pleasantly full so your digestive system is not burdened. Things might get worse before they improve because a build up of toxins is being flushed from your system, with the result being new acne. But once that's over things should get better!

[COLOR=Magenta]Stylianfire[/COLOR], I believe any probiotic will be beneficial to you. And in terms of breakfast, try some fresh fruit instead of the typical Western diet choices such as toast and cereal. A grapefruit (which is what I have), for instance, will fill you up until elevenses and is proven to combat early morning hunger pangs; whereas, sugary cereal makes cravings for sugar worse throughout the day.

Don't worry too much about the fast. It just gives the regimen a kick-start but I don't think it's essential and could be dangerous in your case. In terms of exercise, I definitely believe it is important. I like to run but I know that the cold puts you off. But indoors you can perform some crunches, star jumps, squat thrusts, maybe some rope skipping... be imaginative! And regarding people in the military, I believe they have good skin because their diet is more rigid than a civilian diet. I've never really figured out for myself how much of a factor stress is in relation to acne.

An update from me: Lately I have been playing Le Bon Viveur (as my colleague calls it) a bit too much! Too many late nights and too much alcohol (and too much junk food thanks to the munchies :D) has led to the occasional outbreak. But these new spots won't ever last more than three days; proof (to me at least) that I have taken control of the acne cycle, because they used to last for weeks sometimes. But I've decided it's time to push things on to the next level.

To me, healthy skin is about more than not having acne; it's about preventing lines and wrinkles, banishing puffiness, achieving a natural matte look, and having fine pores. So no drink until Christmas, no junk food, no eating after 20.00, regular steaming and no skimping on general skincare. But then again I let my dad twist my arm and I had a half a LŲwenbršu last night :rolleyes: Still, it was better for me that Coke![/COLOR][/FONT]

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