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Here goes,

Basically started getting mild to moderate acne at 16. Didnt see a doctor until I was 21 and was put on clyndermycin which was amazing and cleared me up for 8 months. Then tried oxytetracycline and a few other antibiotics which didnt work. Im now 25 and came across this board which has opened my eyes. If your new to this board then read EVERYTHING and especially the threads on diet, food, sugar and there links to acne.

I did the 36 hour fast and took the 2 x pssyllium husks, and 1 x activated charcoal at dinner time and the same again with my afternoon meal. (Got the capsules from H & B) For the first month I really controlled what I was eating.

Oats/ fruit

Tuna/ ham salad & an apple

meat with an array of vegetables (no potatoes)

I still ate snacks like crisps, nuts, fruit between meals

I must confess I have lost some weight since starting this which was not intended as im already a streak of P***! After a month I noticed improvements in my skin and spots dissapearing a bit faster etc, more regular on the toilet. Great Ithought but I couldnt live eating like this day in day out so I started researching the web for info on GI foods/ diets.

My intake is now something like this:-

Oats/ Special K (Yoghurt one)

Oat crackers with cheese
Sandwich (soya & linseed bread)
Tuna/ ham salads as before

meat with vegetables/
100% duram wheat pasta with a sauce/
brown/ basmati rice

Things I still avoid are: potatoes, rice, bread, normal pasta, sweets

My acne is now under control (few spots here and there) and now ive got more complex carbs in my diet I can try and bulk up a bit. Im exersizing more often as well and if I can get this upto daily then I expect my acne to clear completly. I dont just follow your guidlines EV, I try and take some of the good points from other threads to encorporate into my lifestyle. For instance I try to excersize after eating big meals with carbs in them to burn off some of the food. I also try and use sauna's alot as recommended in another thread to clear pores.

I wouldnt make a very good scientist as I change to many variables at once and throw everything at it but I just wanted rid of this depressing disease!

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