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Hi, came back.. Have yet to find any of the products in my area.. Might have to look online (if anybody has found a site that will ship to Canada before I do, let me know).

I did come with some info.. and the article is pretty long so I wont paste it. but the link is here, it goes more in depth with this explaining what the products do. And instead of Active Charcoal is says to use BENTONITE, which has the same discrition. The husks is in there and goes into some detail and it talks about Probiotics, two products they list are "Flora Source™/iFlora Probiotics" and "iFLORA COMPLETE YEAST/CANDIDA
CONTROL FORMULA" which both contain Lactobacillus casei. Hope that helps in the search to finding these products in North America, we seem to be having hard time finding them
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]So many questions!

Okay, [COLOR=Magenta]Ngfan4lyfe[/COLOR] - No, I'm not Greek, but I guess I do prefer continential dishes to standard British fare :) I get the pills from Holland & Barrett, a health store on the UK high street. As [COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR] has pointed out, you can also get them from GNC which I believe is a US company. And I don't know of other methods to cleanse your digestive system. I'm really no expert. All I can suggest if you have doubts about my regimen is that you try your own things - that's how I came across [I]my[/I] personal solution! It's no good moaning about acne - you've got to try different things! That's a general statement, by the way, not directed only at you.

Interesting research, [COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR]. It seems to support what I have found. As I've said before, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Bentonite Clay[/COLOR] was recommended when I first started my regimen, but I couldn't find it so I resorted to the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR]... and the rest is history ;) Unfortunately, I don't know whether the liquid form is better or not. Personally, I would avoid a liquid form because I bet it tastes foul! Also, it does seem that [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR] is important. So to anyone considering alternative probiotics, I would suggest finding one that contains that particular culture to ensure desirable results. I'm afraid I still haven't come across one available in the US, though :(

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]pr0ps[/COLOR] :wave: I don't have excessively oily skin - it's mainly my forehead that gets greasy. And to be honest I don't think my regimen has altered the oiliness. I still have to blot it with paper now and then and I wear an oil-control moisturiser. I don't mind this because oily skin is less prone to wrinkles and I really want to maintain my baby skin for as long as possible. In the early years of my acne I believed that the answer to preventing new breakouts was to dry my skin out as much as possible (mainly with BP) which led to premature wrinkling. Now I am slowly working towards making those wrinkles plump themselves back out. So I am glad that my regimen doesn't reduce oil production.

Hello, [COLOR=Magenta]renee111[/COLOR] :) I understand your concerns. If you haven't eaten for 36 hours then I would break your fast and enjoy some food. You've done the hard work. When you do need the toilet then the supplements will work their magic and you should see a noticeable difference in your stool as you eliminate the waste that has accumulated and previously refused to budge from your system. That's the inital "boost" to help the positive side-effects (regarding your skin) to take hold. Then as you continue the dosage, you will be preventing a further build-up of stagnant waste. Give it time and not only will you feel cleansed inside, but your skin will start to glow. I've got my fingers crossed for you :angel:

Please keep the updates coming guys!

Hello, I just came across this thread today. I was on accutane for 8 months last year and my acne has just come back. My eating habits are atrocious so I've decided to give this a shot since i think it could also be the cause of my problems. I found the Psyllium Husks and Activated Charcoal tablets quite easily, and the Lactobacillus casei in a few forms, for those of you who haven't found it in Canada or America the best i can find seem to be Primal Defence and Sedona Labs iFlora Complete Acidophilus Formula which both contain this strain along with quite a list of others which seem like an excuse to charge more money to me. These two both cost around $50-65 for 180 caplets which doesnt look like it would last very long at the rate you suggest taking them, but if it helps then its quite worth it.

I skimmed through some of the other posts and noticed someone else mentioned a product called Total Cleanse which is a 14 day treatment which seems to contain everything you suggest in here and more, im just wondering if you think it would be more benificial to use this for 14 days, or to follow your own plan for a month or more. The 14 day treatment of this costs about $45 in total.

Thanks for all the great information ErimusValidus, I should be giving this a shot as soon as i finish my perscription for an unrelated problem, im afraid it could interfere with the effectiveness.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], 24 hours should be fine. By the way, search for images of "mucoid plaque" and you will know what I am talking about :eek: I witnessed some of that stuff come out of me and that's when I understood why my skin looked so awful. Although it's nasty, hopefully you will witness it too. And don't worry, it only lasts for the initial fast (and any subsequent fasts whilst you still have a build up of putrefied waste).

You're right that the charcoal makes the stool darker. But not only that, it seems to bind it and reduce its odour. Personally I like it - I haven't suffered diarrhea since Day 1 of my cleanse, even though my brother suffered it horribly during food poisoning when we [I]both[/I] ate some only partially cooked chicken. I just don't get a sick stomach anymore :)

LOL, [COLOR=Magenta]Constant[/COLOR], good on you for sticking with it despite the taste! I guess you'll just have to hold your nose and imagine you're drinking a cocktail or something :D Let us know if you get a reply from the company! Why can't they make it taste like ice cream or something?!

[COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR], it probably is best to wait 'til you're sober before starting. Although, as I said before, not only is alcohol no longer a trigger of acne for me, but I don't seem to suffer hangovers like I did before I adopted my regimen. I'd be interested to know your findings in this area. So good luck for Saturday/Monday and have a great weekend whatever :)

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]veryworriedguy2[/COLOR] :wave: I believe that you will experience success on this regimen (but it is sensible to wait until your prescription is finished). I myself have had a course of accutane, and like you my acne came back after only a short period of clarity :( But the stability and clarity I have experienced with this regimen makes accutane look like a joke! Thanks for posting about the probiotics - that is useful information for people in North America. And as far as the 14 day treatment goes, I would recommend a continual treatment like mine because I am adamant that the condition of my skin has improved continually for the six months since I started :) I know it's not cheap, but it's cheaper than accutane and once you see the positive effects, the cost will be inconsequential![/COLOR][/FONT]
Now to answer your other major question. I believe it was something along the idea that if [U]all [/U] we need to do is cleanse our toxic systems, why advocate major dietary changes considering how hard it is to do in Western Civilization, right?

Well, knowledge is power. Without proper knowledge one wouldn't know the right way to change their diet, let alone what form of cleansing and detoxification to use. For myself, I had always believed in unconventional or alternative measure of health care, but I never really saw results. I changed my diet a few times. I took some herbs. I even did parasite cleanse (partially) and two liver flushes (2 years apart). Obviously none of my cleansing measures were effective enough, but I never followed through properly. I have my reasons for this such as I was scared to see parasites (most are microscopic), but I'm not anymore so one day I may try it again. ;-) With the liver flushes, usually colonics/enemas have to follow and I don't believe that's a natural thing whatsoever.

Therefore my first attempt at Liver Flushing, the day after (when you expell stones), I actually vomited & nearly passed out and DID pass out later that day (at the mall with friends getting food, lol) but this may have been due to me fasting longer than 24 hours (I don't always eat regulary) or because I was on Spironolactone (can lower blood pressure - may not have stopped it soon enough) at the time or because I used 100% Pink Grapefruit Juice & 100% Apple Juice (not good for Diabetics). So it took awhile for me to realize that I didn't actually follow the procedure [I]properly[/I] and that because I'm Insulin Resistant perhaps the apple juice was a bad move. So I tried it again, using pure pink grapefruit throughout, made sure I ate 3 meals the prior day, so that I was fasting only 24 hours, and I hadn't take Spiro in months. Everything went wonderfullly (passed larger and more stones than before), except it took 3 days (including day after fast) before I actually had a bowel movement (constipation?) and so I started breaking out badly but with cysts on my lower chin and underneck.

Now at the time, I assoc. this to possibly doing the liver flush, even though my first flush this didn't happen (thought maybe the spiro and avandia were helping there). I was also aware that this same event of cystic acne developed the year prior and I blammed it on either Cherry consumption or Whey Isolate powder as it stopped when I stopped consuming both of these. So this was around May & June and so I was also concerned that perhaps I was developing a new type of breakout period (gasp, but I thought my diet worked). So I didn't know what to do or think so I just left it alone.

I've been wanting to do another liver flush again, around that same time period (spring is when we should do cleansings) but this year I didn't because I wanted to see if I was truly going through some sort of new breakout period. Of course, I figured I woudn't break out, wasn't 100% certain, because I had already discovered the connection with the prior two years and that type of acne. The connection was Whey powder as I later discovered I can't have dairy products, but dairy doesn't cause underchin acne. So the connection for that type was the cherries the first year (no liver flush), and the tons of plums I was eating AFTER my 2nd flush. LOL, see the following summer, I began to suspect almonds as causing me this type of acne as well.

I had gradually eliminated all nuts from my diet because I suspected them to cause me some type of acne and most of the do, but I never eliminated almonds and actually INCREASED my intake because they were the least problematic among acne sufferers. I went through a period where I broke out with the underchin acne during the Fall & Spring and I couldn't understand it. Then I went through periods where I didn't. I thought about those times in the spring and realized it was after consuming Peaches & Nectarines, so I gave them up and the acne disappeard for awhile. I thought about those times and it was when I wasn't eating Rasiens & Almonds (sorta like a nut & fruit trialmix) because I had ran out. I had remembered that some fruits are related to the fruits I had given up, Peaches, Plums, and Cherries were all related and I had this suspicion that almonds was apart of this group because of the type of acne I was experiencing. I looked it up and sure enough the genus [I]Prunus[/I] (Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots, Cherries, Almonds) contains ALL FOODS I LOVE, and gave me that type of acne. So i stopped the almonds, the acne went away and has never come back. Although after doing so, I developed IBS type sytmptoms again, just as I did when I first changed my diet going Gluten-Free, and that's because Almonds were giving me a nice among of fiber, which I lost. LOL, but as soon as I started consuming brown rice and more vegetables the problem went away.

So all of the above is why I remained so diet focused. Not to mention others that helped me along the way or that somehow I managed to help, never did any detoxes or cleanses (that I'm aware of) and they were 95% - 100% clear, and I was only 99% clear. Every now I then I would reflect back on why this could possibly be: not enough exercise, not enough vegetables, I must have systemic candida and/or a Leaky Gut. As I read more posts and articles on detoxification, food intolerance, Hypersensitivities, and reflected on other members posts, such as Prometheus I realized that some of them were able to eat more foods than I because they[B] had [/B] done the cleansings, liver flushes and/or colonics/enemas.

Thanks to recently learning that Insulin Resistance is a Silent Chronic Inflammatory Disease and that acne, another inflammtory "disease", can be labeled as [B]Delayed Type Hypersenstivities [/B] to foods, toxins, etc that cross our gut barrier, I began to take more interest in Leaky Gut Syndrome. I always had suspicions but my avoidance of Almonds and assoc. fruits doesn't have anything to do with Insulin Resistance and so I figured it had to to with Leaky Gut (nuts aggrivated a leaky gut). When I purchased a book on Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS), I discovered all the ways it's possible to develop this condition. I knew of a few, such as antibotics and NSAIDS and stress, but there's quite a few more including CANDIDA and Parasites!

Candida is something that I've suspected I've had ever since I went off of Minocycline (5 years ago) after 3 months, as [I]I broke out WORSE [/I] than ever before (despite Spiro and BC) and [B]developed new acne [/B] (in various places) and whenever I eat something (suspect too much table sugar as fruits don't do this), that new acne will be triggered to this day! Yes I did some oral and supporsitory Antifungals due to yeast infections, but I don't think it fully went away. I even tried taking Natren Probiotics and PB-8 but these didn't do anything either (wrong type?). So upon researching further about Candida I learned that this can cause various food and chemical sensitivities, possibly because candida is irritating, thus inflamming, thus increasing gut permeability and allowing particles that are normally too large and not [U]fully digested [/U] (chew food thoroughly) to enter the blood stream which illicits an immune response...thus one way silent long term inflammation is born. Members have found success in curing candida by following varius types of anti-candida diets, taking kefir as well as taking coconut oil, which also meant they were able to eat certain types of sugary foods again.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], I checked out their web site and Yakult say it's fine to drink more than one bottle per day. Although, personally, I still don't exactly [I]like[/I] the taste. And like you said, I think you can afford to miss a day if you forget. For me that's part of the beauty of this regimen: it's no longer a matter of "[I]when[/I] will I break out?!" - it finally feels like [I]I'm[/I] the one in control. But personally I haven't got the guts to see what happens if I skimp on my skincare routine!

I wouldn't be surprised if your pores are already tightening. Mine have gradually shrunk down so much that even the ones that I thought were permanently damaged (in the aftermath of particularly bad cysts) are almost invisible now :) And as far as your eating habits go, I do believe - in time - you should be able to eat the foods you feel like eating (in moderation) without worrying about your skin. But please, [B]please[/B] be honest and let everyone know if you do have any setbacks and try to pinpoint the cause. Thank you ;)

Likewise, [COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR], although I truly hope a miracle has occurred for you, please tell us about the negative aspects of your progress under this regimen as well as the positive. It might be really helpful to others if we can compile a list of things to expect/traps to avoid etc. Thanks to you too :cool:

[COLOR=Magenta]n0_name[/COLOR], as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] says, you get most of the fibre you need from your general diet. And as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] also points out, the best sources are fresh (i.e. uncooked) fruit and root vegetables which are full of nutrients which are best absorbed in the presence of fibre. The benefit of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] is that they are a soluble source of fibre and, as such, expand in your digestive system to greater aid digestion.

Hi there [COLOR=Magenta]bsg17[/COLOR] :wave: Welcome to this thread and Healthboards in general :) As I posted earlier, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] (in the form I am talking about) is not quite the same as barbecue charcoal because it is derived from vegetables as opposed to timber. But I believe there are sources that come from wood which are used in other applications such as gas masks. The same principle applies: the large surface area of the charcoal absorbs a source of poison, thus diverting it from the entity it is employed to protect. You learn something new everyday, eh!

Anyway, I figured it couldn't do any harm to make an update of my own. In recent weeks I haven't seen any new acne [B]at all[/B]. Honestly, some days, I think I'm going to wake up and all this will have been a beautiful dream (and I hope everyone else here will feel like that soon). What I [I]have[/I] experienced, however, is the expulsion of the fat deposits under my eyes. I've had these non-acne whiteheads under my eyes for years (only three in total). I believe they're a sign of too much fat in the diet and I think they manifested themselves when my diet was at its worse in my early teenage years.

Well in the last couple of weeks they have slowly been expelled from my skin. I wasn't tempted to pick at them in case it made things worse - I just let them come out naturally. And they have - perfectly cleanly! And I thought I was stuck with them forever. That's the power of this regimen. As I said in my initial posts, the overall condition of my skin is remarkable these days. At the moment I have just one under-the-surface whitehead on my forehead left to come out. It's been threatening for weeks now, but it justs stays there totally harmless.

If I had such a whitehead beforehand, I could guarantee that it would come out as a messy cyst within a day or two of seeing it under the surface, and would generally return in a month-long cycle of misery. Like I said, somebody pinch me :D Meanwhile, I have decided to cut back on my regimen. I am now only taking the supplements once a day instead of twice and I am still taking one Yakult per day. I will experiement with this level for about a month before considering to cut back even more.[COLOR=Magenta]

your right annonymous. I should wait 1 more month to see if my acne completely disappears. I do go almost everyday. maybe once in 2 days because i don't eat alot and there is nothing to come out. I'm not saying this cleanse has not helped me because it has in some degree. But now in fall my acne comes back and back again. every fall....gets really bad in the winter and reduces dramatically in the summer months. that's my acne cycle. it's like a curse.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]Sossy[/COLOR], I too was (and still am) quite a big eater with regular bowel movements (I take lots of exercise, as I mentioned). And I also ate lots of fruit and vegetables. However, I believe my regimen helps me to digest my food more cleanly, reducing (well, practically eliminating) the risk of acne.

soupyhead, I guess if you want to ingest more of the supplements then it wouldn't do any harm - it's just fibre!

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]Technicolor[/COLOR], from what I can make out, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ispagul[/COLOR] is the same, or at least similar, to [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR]. But it's not an English word, so I'm not one hundred percent sure.

With regards to grapefruit, I read a while back that it is good for reducing cravings for carbohyrdate; hence, I eat one every morning for breakfast. It does tend to fill me up until noon, which is good :)[/COLOR][/FONT]

[B][SIZE=3]EDIT: I didn't get to finish up earlier, so here goes:[/SIZE][/B]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]health15[/COLOR], what you say about anti-biotics and the absorption of nutirents makes sense to me. Every time I took a course of anti-biotics my skin would improve dramatically for a few months and then the acne would come back with a vengeance, stronger each time :( Anything that can be done to nurture the body's natural immune system has got to be a bonus in the fight against acne.

[COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], if I were you I would separate out your treatments. If you don't have much success with a colon cleanse, then perhaps your problems do lie with your liver. It's all about experimentation ;)

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]Avington3[/COLOR] :wave: Yes, I take four [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pysllium[/COLOR] (500mg) in total per day. Nobody (I don't think) has tried [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Acidophilus[/COLOR], but it seems to play a similar role to the probiotics that we have been taking. So once again, experiment and let us know the results :cool: Regarding the duration of the regimen, I have been taking these supplements at the same dosage since Februrary. They've changed my life so I'm sticking with them!

[COLOR=Magenta]lampwick[/COLOR], I guess "skinny" is the word to most people. I prefer to use the term "six pack" :D My weight hasn't changed since starting the cleanse (I am 6'0" and 10st. 8lb, mostly muscle). and you're correct that I'm 22. I also eat a lot but I actually have to exercise heavily to maintain my weight. I used to weigh a few pounds less when I had more time to exercise. Now I have to watch what I eat or I pay for it while I'm running.

[COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], you might not be as lucky as me, but nowadays I can get away with eating junk food now and again. If I over-indulge I will still get little pimples. But they have no staying power as opposed to the cysts that I used to suffer as a result of my indulgence.

By the way, [COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], I am extremely happy for you both that this regimen is helping. If I have only helped a few people, then my input has been worthwhile. So thank you for your kind words :)

[COLOR=Magenta]pr0ps[/COLOR], you are correct that [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Flaxseed[/COLOR] contains fibre, but I am not so sure that the oil itself will contain very much. Does anybody else know?[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hey [COLOR=Magenta]eldergod[/COLOR] :) You can ask anything you want! Prior to my cleanse I suffered cystic acne on my face and neck. On the neck and jawline I had the big, pinky-red cysts that took ages to come to a head and left horrible marks for months. On my face I had cysts on my chin that would sometimes clump together and sometimes formed a whitehead but were mostly the awful, blood-filled tough mother's. I even started getting them on my cheeks which had never happened in seven years of it!! On the bridge of my nose, under my eyebrows, and at the hairline I often got the puss-filled, short-lived cysts that recurred in the same place frequently. On the nose and forehead I sometimes got a selection of the others but they were mostly populated with blackheads and under-the-surface whiteheads, waiting to strike.

Suffice to say I hated it. [Although, I was very grateful that my body acne (the back mostly) subsided after my first course of Roaccutane (my face acne disappated but only for about a month after I finished the course).] Basically, anyone who has read this thread and concluded "Well, that guy's skin probably wasn't that bad to begin with", is wrong because my skin was a train wreck. If I could post some photos I would. In terms of which areas cleared up first, it's hard to say, really. I think it was a general improvement across the board. Firstly, the cysts suddenly got a lot less stubborn and the whiteheads became softer and cleaner; the blackheads faded; the under-the-surface whiteheads came to a head one by one and never returned; whereas, they always used to.

Honestly, whenever I think about how utterly amazing this year has been for me it sends a shiver down my spine. Obviously I hope you can experience this feeling, [COLOR=Magenta]eldergod[/COLOR]. Can you tell me a bit more about yourself, please? I can't remember if you told me your age. And can you describe your present and past (the last five years) eating and exercise habits? [I am perfectly able to get away with eating junk food with respect to my weight because I am stupidly physically active (I run at least three miles a day at a sprint pace), yet now I realise that I was paying for it in my skin.] Also, can you tell me about your general skincare routine and about any bad habits, such as picking?

I can't make any promises to you but I can offer you fresh hope and my prayers. I ask that you enjoy your Christmas and then make a commitment to give your all to this regimen, starting with a proper fast and continuing with a sensible diet into January. The first month is probably the most important and also the most likely to yield the greatest improvement.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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