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:D hi EV! im glad you still visit this board. i thought you left it for good! :D

anyway... im pretty new to this board, and i stumbled along your thread.
the digestive cleanse sounds very interesting to me, because i've always thought my acne is directly related to my internal health. i'm also constipated, so i know that i really need the cleanse...

just a little background, i've never had acne during my teenage years. it only hit me in 2003. im 22 now and i'm still struggling with it. it's really ruined my self esteem and it's difficult to go out and face the world with spots on my face! i'm sure you know exactly what i mean. you're a guy, right? correct me if i'm wrong, but maybe it's less embarassing for you guys than for us girls. :angel:

but anyway, the point is... i just want it to end!

i've tried topicals (although i've long since lost trust in them), they helped me initially, but then they eventually just stopped working. i guess this is just what all topicals do... they only cure acne temporarily.

so i'm seriously looking into internal cleansing. but the problem with me is... i'm too cautious and apprehensive about doing experiments. i guess you can call it phobia or maybe i'm just plain paranoid. i'm scared that if i try doing something, it might just make my acne worse. because i've done that sort of thing before. first, it was a cleanser. i swear that was the one catalyst for my acne. that was what triggered my acne until now. before i only had a few spots which was fine with me... after that cleanser, i was a certified acne sufferer. :rolleyes: Then when i finally got better... i took this supplement and guess what, it only made my acne worse. so now i'm really just scared to try something new. i hope you can pardon my paranoia. :D

so anyway, the digestive cleanse... i would really really love to try it. but at the back of my head... i just can't seem to dismiss the fear that history will repeat itself and it would just make my acne worse than ever! i really can't handle anymore right now. :o

but the sound of cleansing my body is just too good to ignore. so now i'm really just confused. :confused: i was hoping you could help me out with this.

i'd really appreciate it. EV, it's really awfully nice of you, you know... helping other people out. some would just leave after their acne is gone, but you're different. and that makes you one of a kind. :D thanks!

the initial breakout, how is it?
is it really awful? ;)

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