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[B][SIZE=3]EDIT: Before posting any questions regarding the regimen outlined below, please read the entire thread to familiarise yourself with the questions that have already been covered. I personally don't mind answering these questions individually but I don't want the thread to become over-grown with repetive information, because that is frustrating for other people reading it. Thank you :)

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Hi All[/B] :)

I used to be a regular on these boards and now, fortunately, I no longer spend my spare time trawling the threads for a miracle solution to acne :bouncing:

I could go into a [B]lot[/B] of detail - and I will for anyone who is interested - but for now I shall simply explain what I believe has helped me to break the breakout cycle.

Six months ago I embarked on a course to cleanse my colon because I hypothesised that my sluggish, over-worked and putrefied digestive system was unable to deal properly with my daily food intake.

I believe that the build up of toxins in my digestive system were manifesting themselves as acne; whereas, now I have clear skin which is increasingly even in tone, smoother in texture, and taughter.

[B]My Regimen[/B]

[I]Taken twice daily (with lunch and dinner) to aid digestion in the large intestine:[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]2 x Psyllium Husks 500mg
1 x Activated Charcoal 260mg[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][I]Taken daily to maintain a clean small intestine:[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]1 x Yakult (for Lactobacillus casei)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]As I said, I am very happy to post more information on my experience. And I would like to underline to any admins that my regimen is and always has been aimed at the elimination of acne, so I would be really appreciative if this thread remains on the Acne board. Thank you![/COLOR]

Hi ErimusValidus!

I am definitely interested in more information on your experience. I have chronic constipation...I "go" about two times a [B]week[/B] I'm almost positive the buildup of toxins is trying to escape through my skin.

I know about psyllium husks, but I haven't done any research on the other two ingredients in your regimen. Do you take them all in pill form? What is your diet like?


[COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Comic Sans MS][B]Hi Guys[/B] :cool:

Thanks for your replies :) I am glad to hear [COLOR=Magenta]dfwgoodguy[/COLOR] has also experienced success with digestive system cleansing. Any other input with stories of success - or failure - would be really useful to other people. Thank you!

[COLOR=Magenta]eat_to_live[/COLOR], I don't want to diverge too far from the subject of acne but I will say briefly that my regimen will probably get things moving for you ;) And, in turn, I am confident that you will see an improvement in the condition of your skin. Like [COLOR=Magenta]dfwgoodguy[/COLOR], I have rid myself of cystic acne. Just like him I knew that certain foods (mainly sugar based) caused new breakouts for me. Now I don't really have to worry about what I eat! However, I do maintain a fairly healthy diet. I eat plenty of green vegetables and fruit (roughage is important) and avoid excess sugary foods. I eat meat and dairy without problems.

What I would recommend to anyone wishing to try this is to fast for at least 24 hours to really start the ball rolling. Internal cleansing is generally accompanied by fasting because that ensures that you're emptying your system. However, I have decided to maintain the supplements I take on a daily basis and I am sure it is helping my body maintain an efficient digestive cycle. They come in capsule form and I buy them from a high street health store. In comparison to accutane they are a lot cheaper. And there are no side-effects in my experience.

My knowledge on the subject is poor. I can only hypothesise as to why my regimen has helped me so much. But there is a lot of talk about the Western diet being the cause of the increase in acne. When I saw what came out of me after my initial fast and cleanse, I appreciated what strain my digestive system had been under. If it never got a chance to clear the backlog of rubbish I was throwing into it, there's no surprise the effects were clear to see on my face :nono:

As you probably know, the digestive tract consists of the large and small intestines which are essentially where food gets broken down by enzymes into manageable chunks before it goes into the stomach to be further broken down by acid. With respect to the large intestine, the active ingredient in my regimen is the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal [/COLOR] which absorbs toxic substances from food. The [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks [/COLOR] (which I spelt wrong initially :rolleyes: ) aids the Activated Charcoal by adding dietry fibre because it swells up, gathering toxins.

But it doesn't end there :yawn: Regarding the small intestine, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR] is a form of "good" bacteria or a "probiotic", as [COLOR=Magenta]dfwgoodguy[/COLOR] rightly points out. Probiotic bacteria produce substances called bacteriocins which act as natural antibiotics to kill undesirable microorganisms. In general they favorably alter the intestinal flora balance (between "good" and "bad"), inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and thus promoting good digestion.

Lastly, [COLOR=Magenta]AcneSufferer[/COLOR], I have indeed heard that Milk Thistle has helped some people with acne. I have never tried it myself, but I believe it aids the liver function. Perhaps it might add potency to my regimen, I don't know. My advice, as always, is don't be afraid to experiment. Certainly try more natural remedies such as these before ingesting harmful antibiotics! Why doctors persist in giving them out to acne sufferers like sweets, I do not know :confused: [/FONT] [/COLOR]
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Okay, [COLOR=Magenta]pattersonjk[/COLOR], here goes:

1) If you want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible you [I]will[/I] have to put a little effort in. As I said earlier, I would recommend an initial fasting period i.e. only drink water and only ingest the capsules, until you feel completely empty. Don't worry, this should only take 36 hours maximum in my opinion, and you'll spend a lot of that time asleep. Just don't be tempted to eat until you're done. You'll know when this initial cleanse is over when your stool looks different to usual. You should be able to find pictures (horribly graphic ones :eek: ) but if you observe your stool you will know when you're done, trust me! And after that you will notice that your stool is a lot "cleaner". It won't smell as bad as before and it will be solid in consistency.

2) As I said, I continue to take a maintenance dosage of the capsules everyday. I probably don't need to take so much but things are going so well that I don't want to tempt fate for the sake of a few quid a month. Hence it is an ongoing process for me. In that vain I would say that improvement is continual and gradual as well. It took at least two months before I saw a marked improvement but I believe this was because there is an initial period during which the build-up of toxins is expelled. For example, I always used to have these under-the-surface whiteheads (always in the same place) that would breakout periodically, and now since their last breakout they have not returned :angel: It's been six months for me now and I haven't had a new spot in over a month. Have patience and you will see results :)

3) Yes, I chose [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal [/COLOR] simply because I couldn't find and [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Bentonite Clay[/COLOR] in my health store. In fact, the latter is considered preferable for this process. However, I know that the former works, so I'd stick to that :)

4) I chose Yakult specifically because it's readily available in supermarkets in a convenient daily bottle form and contains the strain of probiotic recommended for this cleanse. I guess you could try any other product that contains [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR].

5) I once drank some olive oil out of desperation to get some natural Essential Fatty Acids, but I wish hadn't! I've never performed a liver flush. I would have done if I my current regimen hadn't yielded such good results.

6) Like I said, it's been six months and now I don't consider myself to have acne. Don't get me wrong, I still get small whiteheads and the odd blackhead. But that's generally on my chin area due to shaving against the grain and after a spell of heavy drinking. Something I would say in addition to taking these supplements is to relax on external treatments. I cleanse, tone and moisturise my skin at either end of the day, use a gentle exfoliant, and try to shave only with the grain. Don't be tempted to put anything harsh on your face - that only treats the problem, it doesn't go for the source :nono:

Hmm, I don't know if my instructions are step-by-step, but it's not that complicated really. I can't honestly remember but I might have taken a higher dosage of the capsules for the initial fast. But other than that I just take them with lunch and dinner daily and that's it.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Edit: By the way, [COLOR=Magenta]pattersonjk[/COLOR], will you please post the results of your findings as you go along, even if you don't see any success. I would be very grateful, as would other people I am sure. Thank you ;)

I totally agree with everything you have said, I have done the psyllium and Bentonite shakes on and off for the last 2 months, and my acne is nearly clear, which is just on my back and legs now, face is looking good. The last week though I have been taking a full organ detox pill I bought off ebay, so with a strict vegetable and fruit diet the results are amazing. But the P+B shakes is the way to go, I did have one problem, which was that If I didn't drink enough water I would definently be constipated for 2 days max.

My advice is to look into detox pills, much easier, they do cost more, but drinking P+B shakes is too hard, makes me gag.

Good Luck ;)
Hey guys,

I have some powdered psyllium husks laying around and I remember trying to take it before, but the texture was too gross in water. It doesn't taste like anything but the texture of the psyllium makes me gag. So, do you think I would get the same benefits if I put the psyllium in say, applesauce (unsweetened of course)? I would still take the bentonite in water because it also doesn't taste like anything, but at least it's liquid-like. Thanks!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi [COLOR=Magenta]xismbaby[/COLOR] :) I wouldn't describe it as an "initial" breakout, but I have experienced minor breakouts, one as recent as six weeks ago. But these were at the site of persistent whiteheads that used to remain under the surface and break out into a cyst periodically i.e. shortly after the cyst had gone down, the whitehead would appear again and I'd be waiting for the next round :( But since the last cyst in these areas, the whiteheads have [B]not[/B] returned! So, if you have "under-the-surface" whiteheads, as I call them, then expect them to break out as usual, but then hopefully they will not persist. Certainly don't let it put you off ;) In fact, I think it should encourage you, because the fact that these once persistent, recurring whiteheads have now disappeared for me, tells me that a fundamental yet very important change has occurred in my body!

[COLOR=Magenta]eat_to_live[/COLOR], I don't see any reason why the powdered form of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks [/COLOR] won't work (my capsules just have powder enclosed in a digestible plastic) and I can't see the harm in mixing it in with other foods (I take my capsules before, with, or after a meal, depending on when I remember). But if you can't stomach the taste then consider buying some capsules. By the way, if you have been used to cutting out sugar from your diet, you can look forward to relaxing that in just a few months :) Indeed, I am actually annoyed in a way that this regimen allows me to get away with eating junk, because I am a runner and I used to stick to a strict diet as much for my skin as for my body. Now I only feel guilty about my body :rolleyes:

By the way, I wish you both all the luck in the world :angel:
Thanks for your input, littledaga Would you be able to share more information?

ofcourse, I use a product called Maravillas Naturales Total Cleanse, I have to take 7 or 14 capsules a day, if you take the 14 then it will last 2 weeks, but I don't want to feel the full on effects of a detox, so I take 7 capsules a day with my dinner. I havn't tried the Psyllium Husk in capsule form, but when I used the powdered form with bentonite clay my skin looked good after 2 weeks, but it didn't last, I had a feeling that it wasn't just my bowel that needed cleansing. So thats why I bought Total Cleanse off Ebay, on my second week now and feel excellent, my skin is looking much better. I will update anyone who's interested in my progress when I have finished the month.
I've had acne since I was 16 and now I'm 31, so I have tried alot of things including antibiotics and herbal remedies and OC products. 2 years ago I changed my diet and still no joy, so at the moment I'm not convinced this detox pill will help, but after 1 week I'm seeing good signs. Wish me Luck :-)
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I do wish you good luck. And if it's any comfort to you, I have suffered for a long time as well (although not as long as you). In eight years, up until now, the only thing that cleared me up was the first course of antibiotics which, of course, screwed me over royally in the long run. Even accutane was only mildly successful for me and the side-effects are horrible. I really do hope your skin improves. I have looked at the product you're taking and can see that "Detox Blend One" consists of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks [/COLOR] and [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Bentonite[/COLOR], which is essentially what I am taking. And in my experience, things just keep improving for the first five months or so :)[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hello, [COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR], I am glad to have provided some hope for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy the same success I have. In the past I have experimented with my diet and realised that my acne is directly related to my sugar intake. But by sugar I don't just mean sweets and chocolate - that includes any complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, white rice, potato and even certain fruits. It's very difficult for an athlete such as myself to cut out these foods entirely. It's difficult for anyone. But I'm here to tell you, you might not have to! My theory is that I wrecked my digestive system in my secondary school years (eating mainly junk food) and I had no chance of repairing the damage by sensible eating alone. That's where the supplements come in.

To answer your question, I definitely would recommend an initial fast to make progress asap. It's a small sacrifice to make. As you say, it should take between 24 and 36 hours or so to really empty yourself out and if you double the dosage of pills that I specify on Page 1 of this thread, then that should be a steady start to cleaning out your system. Trust me, if you really do fast and ensure that you're empty, the capsules will flush you out good and if you're brave enough to look, the evidence will be clear. And when you see it, you'll realise why your skin is showing the ill effects of your diet. With respect to diet itself, I would [I]always[/I] recommend a healthy diet incorporating plenty of water and fresh greens and limiting your carbohydrate intake. This will ensure that your skin isn't doughy and will reduce the appearance wrinkles. But hopefully you won't have to worry about the odd treat in a few months time :)

With respect to the Lactobacillus casei, if you cannot find Yakult then you might try Actimel which contains a similar strain of the probiotic, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei Imunitass[/COLOR]. I can't see if it is sold in Canada, however. But it is made by Danone, who are French, right? So there's probably a decent chance.

[COLOR=Magenta]Constant[/COLOR], great name in light of this topic ;) The Dr. Natura product looks good and if they are real, then the testimonals regarding success with acne are promising. However, judging from the ingredients it does not include either [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Bentonite Clay [/COLOR] or [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR]. I would recommend either of those [I]as well as[/I] the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] because they perform the actual removal of toxins, whilst the latter adds fibre to the diet to promote the collection of toxins. In my opinion you need both. However, maybe one of the other ingredients in the Dr. Natura formula fulfils this task. I don't know. If you live in the UK I would recommend simply buying the capsules separately from Holland & Barrett as I do.

Good luck both :angel:

I have been reading alot about your successes with colon cleansing. I have decided to try it. I have very mild acne, but i am curious as to how my body will feel after such a cleansing. I have psyllium husks and activated charcoal on order and should be here soon (in capsule form). What i am curious about is what is a good substitute for Yakult. They don't sell it in the U.S. Also, if you could, please go into great detail how you fasted, how many pills you took, and how many pills you take every day after fasting. Also, i am thinking about getting bentonite clay. Would you recommend that? Thanks and sorry about the great amount of questions.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], I didn't follow any real guidlines, to be honest. I just read somewhere that you're supposed to take about four times as much [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] as [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR]. I've stuck at the dosage outlined on Page 1 since February now.

I look forward to your updates![/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Wow[/B], so many posts added since I last checked in. Sorry to take a little while to reply but I had a monster weekend at Global Gathering - 16 hours pure dance nirvana :cool: Just had to boast about that! Anyway, I'll try to answer everyone's questions.

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]ohnoyoudidn[/COLOR]t :wave: The capsules I take can be bought on UK high streets from stores like Holland & Barrett and GNC. I don't know about other countries but they are certainly not classed as pharmaceuticals - they are supplements so they should be easy to get hold of.

[COLOR=Magenta]eat_to_live[/COLOR], good research on the probiotics :) I would agree that Primal Defense looks a bit overkill. All probiotics are able to survive the route down through the digestive system - that's the point! Don't believe any hype about "specially cultured" cells. And I agree, probiotics are not cheap. I would spend about 140 annually on Yakult 2.65 for a week's supply. But it's cheaper than drinking a can of Coke every day and much, much better for you!

[COLOR=Magenta]Constant[/COLOR], according to their web site, each Yakult drink contains "hundreds of millions of Lactobacillus casei". I'm no expert, but I imagine the difference between 4 billion and 1 billion cells would not be noticeable in terms of tangible benefits. Good luck on your cleanse, by the way!

Hello, [COLOR=Magenta]fuici[/COLOR], personally I don't see the harm in combining this regimen with accutane. I have take accutane in the past (with no permanent success :(). As I recall, accutane is actually fat soluble. So rather than waste an expensive capsule, you might be wise to skip a dosage whilst you fast. But I wouldn't worry about that because accutane stays in your system for a few weeks so you won't suddenly break out. I hope that helps.

[COLOR=Magenta]primo1[/COLOR], I don't really know anything about whey protein. I guess you're using it as a weight-lifting supplement. I would guess, however, that it wouldn't cause any problems since it is supposedly just another source of protein. And regarding my regularity ;), I use the bathroom (what an American phrase, eh!) at least once a day, sometimes twice and I never suffer from constipation.

[COLOR=Magenta]xismybaby[/COLOR], the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] add bulk to your diet by expanding (50-fold I think :eek: ). You need that, really, because it ensures that the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] reaches the lining of the digestive system to gather up toxins.

By the way, [COLOR=Magenta]SweetJade1[/COLOR], what is your opinion on all of this? I always value your insights. Thank you :) [COLOR=Magenta]EV[/COLOR].[/COLOR][/FONT]
Thanks ErimusValidus,

I will have to look harder to find that...Is it an Herb?

If I use both the Charcoal and the Psyllium husks will I still need to purchase the other ingredients, or do you think these two will do the trick?

I usually find supplements but I just couldnt find these :confused:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]You're very welcome, [COLOR=Magenta]xismybaby[/COLOR] :) [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR] comes from the plant [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Fleawort[/COLOR] (in this case, the husks obviously). And I think you will get some benefit from the it when used in conjuction with the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR]. But a probiotic will go further to cleansing your system.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][B][I]Taken with lunch and dinner to aid digestion in the large intestine:[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]2 x Psyllium Husks 500mg [COLOR=Black][EDIT: Corrected spelling!][/COLOR]
1 x Activated Charcoal 260mg[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][I]Taken daily to maintain a clean small intestine:[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]1 x Yakult (for Lactobacillus casei)[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]

wait im a little bit confused, so you mean take 2x psyllium husks 500mg and 1x activated charcoal 260mg for lunch and another one for dinner? so that makes it a total of 2000mg psyllium and 520mg activated charcoal? then only once a day of yakult? am i right? :) just wanted to make sure before i start tomorrow. :D :bouncing:

oh and thanks for the reply... :wave:
ErimusValidus I'm nearly finished my month on Total Detox and I was wondering what you eat while your taking Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk Capsules. While doing the detox I have mostly eaten raw fruit(mostly apples) and vegetables. The Total Cleanse has done a great job, I expect my acne will take a little time to clear up, I am going to get some yakult after I have finished the detox.

Do you think I should take the activated charcoal and Psyllium Husk capsules when I have finished my detox, just to aid in digestion, they arn't expensive so i will consider getting some. Personally I dont want to fast as I have done it before and the effects are not good for me when I have to work.

Thanks for your information.
ErimusValidus I can usually last about 8 weeks on my raw diet, then I have to eat something in the form of carbohydrates, its usually a sandwhich (BLT). But I notice after eating carbs I'm craving for sugar, so I basically stick to my raw diet which consists of :-

Advocado, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Mixed lettuce, Olive Oil, Carrots, Celery and I mostly eat about 2-3 apples a day. I do treat myself now and again with chicken which was my favorite food before I got acne, I also stay away from fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets etc.
My acne has improved alot since I took on this diet, I got this diet from Wai's diet but that diet includes fish and nuts, which I did try for a month but broke out that bad from what I believe was iodine in the fish and nuts that I had to stop.
I will after my detox and I go onto Activated charcoal and Psyllium husk take on a typical Western Diet and try not to Splurge :-P

once again I would like to thank everyone who has posted here.
Upon further search, I believe I may have found a source for Psyllium (seed) Husk, which the site I was at suggested since it is suppose to clean the walls better. Also I have found Activated Charcoal. Both are the same mg as in the original post on the first page. And it appears both products are available at GNC.

The only thing different, is the website I got info from suggested liquid Activated Charcoal (except they used Bentonite as a substitute) reason for it is it is suppose to travel faster and further. Does that sound correct [COLOR=Indigo]ErimusValidus[/COLOR]

But considering others are having success with the pill form, dont matter to me, as long as there are effects.

The Psyllium Seed Husk only goes for about $5.50 and the Activated Charcoal is about $9, both GNC brand.

I am still in search of a source of Lactobacillus casei though
Back with a follow up, I have now found a source for Lactobacillus casei. The name of the company and product is BioK+ (plus). A quick run down of this product is, it contains "50 billion" cells with strains of Lb. acidophilus & Lb. casei. They have a regular drink, flavoured drink, and dairy free drink as well as capsules. The price I do not know yet as I just happened to find the site 10 minutes ago and it is not listed. Although, on the site you can go to your state/province and it will tell you where it is sold.

So if you are from Canada or United States, you can get the Psyllium Seed Husks and Activated Charcoal at GNC and BioK+, well you will have to check that yourself.
I'm so glad that this thread is taking off! My view on all of this is basically that it appears that theres 3 levels, each one bringing you closer to your "cure". Depending on how far you [I]want[/I] or [I]need [/I] to go in treating your acne condition one would only:

* [b]Mask/Treat The Symptom[/b] - Topical Treatments, Antibiotics, certain meds & supplements

* [b]Control/Prevent The Reaction [/b]- Food avoidance/restrictions, avoidances of certain chemicals, irritants etc

* [b]Cure The Problem(s)[/b] - Cleanse/Detox (to rid what damaged/overburdened intestines & liver), Heal Leaky Gut & Liver Flushes

So obviously as you and others are finding out,[B] if you can properly cleanse your insides, you may be able to eat certain foods again! [/B] However, one must continue a [B]mantenance program [/B] if they plan on continuing to eat certain foods. The various toxins will build right up and acne will appear again, which is a sign that it's time for you to do another liver flush and associated cleansing protocol.

To answer a few members question about the colon cleanse, this has [B]nothing[/B] to do with how fast a metabolism you have, how much you weigh, nor how frequently/regularly you go to the restroom. As long as you are eating (inorganic) food, cooking in non-stick pans, heating in plastic containers, using hair sprays, using anti-perspirants (aluminum), eating from TV Dinners or Canned Foods (toxic coatings), smoking or passively smoking (second hand smoke), etc you will need to cleanse your body. In fact, a few days ago there was a report on USA Today about the tiny hormone mimickers found in chemicals that help produce the above products and how they contribute to increased cancer risk, birth defects, etc so we all should at the very least be on a maintenance program. ;-)

As far as the cleansing go, there is a difference:

[B]Bowel Management[/B] - if you aren't regular taking soluble fiber (various types or eating more fruits & veggies), more water, and/or mucilegenic herbs should help with this. This will get rid of what toxins are in your fecal matter and may relieve some of your acne for those constipated, but from what I'm aware this is not an actual true cleanse

[B]Parasiite Cleanse[/B] - if you've tried other cleanses and you still have problems you may want to considerate a parasite cleanse. If you live in a country where parasites are more common, you may want to do a cleanse. If you have pets, eat raw or undercooked meat & fish, and as well as eating fruits from other countries (not all have the same standards) or drinking water that has not been treated (river water, pond water, etc), you may want to consier this. Of course you can go to your doctor or a naturopath to get tested however you would have to do a series of test because parasites may not show up on the first search. [U]Reason for cleanse:[/U] Parasites will steal your nutrients, emit toxins, and aggrevate your insides and possibly contribue to Leaky Gut Syndrome (why the food sensitivites).

[B]Anti-Candida Cleanse[/B]- Unfortunately, anyone that has taken antiboitics may be at risk. This is especially true for women, those taking birth control, those eating processed foods high in sugar, those with mercury fillings, those at risk for or are diabetics, as well as acne sufferers. Why acne sufferer? Well, lol, because most have probably taken antibiotics [U]beyond [/U] the regular treatment period ( 2 weeks) to "treat" acne which is NEVER ever going to work! So while a very small percent of people may actually have a Primary bacterial infection that causeed their acne, the majority of us did not (don't listen to all that stuff about p.acnes). Yet, the majority of us may now have a Secondary infection as result of misusing and abusing antibiotics, which has actually helped create these additional bacterial and/or fungal problems in the body (check pubmed). [U]Reason for cleanse: [/U] Similar to parasites, but they can also mess with your energy levels, your mood, cause constant vaginal infections, oral infections (thrush), ear infections, among others as well as contributing to a Leaky Gut.

[B]Colon Cleanse[/B] - Aside from what I mentioned about, the [U]Reason for cleanse[/U]: Cleanses the toxins in your system before doing any of the othe rmntioned cleanses in this post. Also you cleanse your system immediately after doing these cleanses or else your colon will reabsorb the toxins, excess hormones etc and you may experience a "Healing Crisis" A Healing criss can be anything from mood swings, fatigue, headaches, to skin detox reactions (rashes, acne etc). So it is VITAL to do colon cleases before and after each cleansing/detox procedure.

[B]Liver Flush[/B] - this is a bit complicated to explain but regardless of whatever those multi colored stones are that one passes, the point is that it works somehow to relieve symptoms. The liver can become so overburdened with toxins that it will store them in our body fat and/or in bile to take care of for later. Problem is [I]later[/I] never comes, because we are always consuming toxins and most of us beyond what we should [I]normally[/I] consume or come in contact with (remember USA today article). [U]Reason for cleanse[/U]: The stones passed are supposed be composed of the bile and may contain food proteins/antigens, bacteria, fungus, and sometimes parasites (liver flukes). Most members don't ever see parasites (most are in microscopic stages), but for those that are especally sick and did any of the afformentioned regarding parasite infestation, you may. Liver flushing also helps relieve problems with a leaky gut because whenever we burn that fat with those stored toxins they can help irritate our gut lining as well as the bacteria or parasites that are found/trapped in our bile. One must pass at least 1000 stones apparently in order to be relieved of most of their symptoms (midway should allow for consumption of certain foods) and then following a maintence program should suffice.

There are a few other cleanses but these are the big ones I've seen members follow. This particular thread focuses on Colon Cleansing and well actually absorbing toxins found in the colon. Anyone purchasing colong cleansing kits may find that they contain additional ingredients to help further detoxify (heavy metal detoxifiers) and/or enable the ability to quickly pass through our digestive system, nto our colon and out of the body. The faster you can do this, the less chance of a healing crisis. Thus why some members opt to do enemas/colonics in conjunction.

[U][B]A Note of Caution:[/B][/U]

[B]P&B Shakes[/B] - Known as Psyillium & Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay contains aluminum, but this could be remedied by taking heavy metal detoxifiers such as cilantro! If you don't use the proper amounts you may end up with a product that's like cement. Thus it won't pass quickly and you may end up being constipated. It's generally safe to use 1tablespoon of Psyllium per glass of water. Do several a day, at the same time everyday, if you want more cleansing for a period of time (5 - 10 days) and then stop for that month or your body may become addicted.

[B]P&C or PAC shakes[/B] - Psyllium & Activated Charcoal, same as above applies. However activated charcoal is used when you don't want to use Bentonite if you already have a system with too much aluminum in it.

To prevent that cement occurance one would add oils such as Coconut oil (this will kill bacteria, parasites, fungus), Grapeseed Oil (antiodants), Olive Oil or Liquid EFAs for a gel-like substance. Along with mucilegenic herbs such as Fennel, Fenugreek, Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Aloe vera gel/liquid (& ground up okra) for more slip factor. I guess you can actually combine both Bentonite and Activated Charcoal if you like. You can also add in Psyllium, Apple Pectin other soluble fibers to the mix. Thus why one ends up bying those kits. But if you can't afford $75 for a 5 - 9 day colon cleanse you can make one yourself and even add in ingredients that will help rebalance your bodies natural flora.

Those are my thoughts at least. Erasmus, have you ever tried anything else mentioned in this post? Also how old are you and how long did you suffer with acne?

Thanks and wish you guys the best!
Hey i got the psyllium husk and actived charcoal.. but i couldnt find the Yakult.. should i got ahead and proceed with it even without the yakult?

lol i'm looking at this charcoal wondering how it can be good for you??..

oh should i expect to breakout right while or after i'm cleaning myself out? or will i be ok?
Hello, I just came across this thread today. I was on accutane for 8 months last year and my acne has just come back. My eating habits are atrocious so I've decided to give this a shot since i think it could also be the cause of my problems. I found the Psyllium Husks and Activated Charcoal tablets quite easily, and the Lactobacillus casei in a few forms, for those of you who haven't found it in Canada or America the best i can find seem to be Primal Defence and Sedona Labs iFlora Complete Acidophilus Formula which both contain this strain along with quite a list of others which seem like an excuse to charge more money to me. These two both cost around $50-65 for 180 caplets which doesnt look like it would last very long at the rate you suggest taking them, but if it helps then its quite worth it.

I skimmed through some of the other posts and noticed someone else mentioned a product called Total Cleanse which is a 14 day treatment which seems to contain everything you suggest in here and more, im just wondering if you think it would be more benificial to use this for 14 days, or to follow your own plan for a month or more. The 14 day treatment of this costs about $45 in total.

Thanks for all the great information ErimusValidus, I should be giving this a shot as soon as i finish my perscription for an unrelated problem, im afraid it could interfere with the effectiveness.
After reading some of these posts, I was wondering if you guys take the psyllium and charcoal WITH or BETWEEN meals. I'm asking because it's recommended (on the label) that you take the psyllium with a full glass of water (and I try not to drink much with meals) and the charcoal 1-2 hrs before or after a meal.
Wait i have one question to add to this. dfwgoodguy says to wait until after you cleanse to take the probiotic, does this mean for the first 2 days or so take only the activated charcoal and Psyllium Husks while fasting and after that take those two twice a dayand the probiotic once at the end of the day. Is this the best way to get started?

ErimusValidus, I came accross you thread while visiting these boards and decided to give it a go. I read through all your posts and went out to holland and barrat to get the supplies. The Psyllium husks were suprisingly expensive, 11.00, but the charcoal was very reasonable, 3.00. So i fasted for 36 hours, all i had was water, a multivitamin pill and a vitamin C tablet (the fizzy kind). During these 36 hours i took 10x Psyllium Husks and 5x Activated charcoal all together. 4x Husks, 2x charcoal, at breakfast and dinner and then the next morning i took 2x husks and 1x charcoal.

So after all this time i still had no desire for the toilet! I was getting very hungry and decided to start eating again. This brought about a stool but it was completely normal, no bad bacteria in it. Ii have continued to take the daily dose of husks and charcoal but it just doesnt seem to be doing anything. Its been 2 days now. I haven't purchased the yakult because i feel it would be a waste of money due to all the crap still in my colon. What do you suggest i do. Should i try to fast again but for longer??? Should i continue to take the daily dose and see wat happens?? Thank you.

So I'm day two on this digestive cleanser stuff and my stomach is killing me, KILLING ME!!!!

There is something very scary going on in there. Very scary indeed. :eek:[/QUOTE]

On the Psyllium and Activated Charcoal? I remember reading about this happening to some others and it was suggested that the psyllium may be too rough for your intestines (if they are that damaged AKA Leaky Gut). Perhaps using some other fiber or less psyllium may work.

Hope you feel better
Hey ErimusValidus :)

I've been taking the Charcoal and the Psyllium Husks for about a week and my skin was looking good for about 2 days and then today its back to its old self. I'm getting little bumps again and some pimples (im not sure why).

Does this seem normal to break out a little even after your skin seemed to clear up?

Also, I would like to say that I didn't fast for 24 or 36 hours, I just started taking the supplements. Was that a bad idea? It's very hard for me to not eat (i get so hungry) and I was just so excited about the supplements that I just jumped right into them.

erimus, do u use all of the stuff at the same time? psyllium,charcoal u use it at the same one one after another or do u wait between takin each one of them? ty
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Okay, [COLOR=Magenta]pattersonjk[/COLOR], here goes:

1) If you want to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible you [I]will[/I] have to put a little effort in. As I said earlier, I would recommend an initial fasting period i.e. only drink water and only ingest the capsules, until you feel completely empty. Don't worry, this should only take 36 hours maximum in my opinion, and you'll spend a lot of that time asleep. Just don't be tempted to eat until you're done. You'll know when this initial cleanse is over when your stool looks different to usual. You should be able to find pictures (horribly graphic ones :eek: ) but if you observe your stool you will know when you're done, trust me! And after that you will notice that your stool is a lot "cleaner". It won't smell as bad as before and it will be solid in consistency.


EV :wave: ~ okay I've taken the psyllium husk powder and the pills, fasted, drank lots of water and nothing is coming out!!! :( I started fasting early Thursday morning and this process yesterday afternoon. How long does it take?? I'm hungry as heck but I don't want to eat yet.

Read my earilier post about my situation. Thanks :D
Ok, On Friday I received my Holland & Barret Products, so from saturday morning to sunday morning I fasted, and I'm glad I didn't suffer any of the side effects i have read about in this thread, but I think that my toxic buildup isn't as bad, I have been regular in my bowel movements for a few months now and nothing has changed in that department. I took 4 x Psyllium Husk and 2 x Activated charcoal yesterday, My acne is only mild after doing the Total Cleanse, which cleaned me out and its now a few days after finishing the cleanse and my skin just keeps getting better, so I think with the 2 supplements I'm now taking it should clean out anything the Total Cleanse missed. Also ErimusValidus I'm drinking 1 Yakult (Light) a day, is the Light version ok?
I will carry on with the Charcoal and Psyllium and give a up-date in a week or so.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=4]Guys, can I please stress that this is a gradual process of improvement. I very much doubt anyone's acne will turn off like a tap overnight and I don't want to get everybody's hopes up. But once you embark on a regimen of digestive cleansing, I believe you [B]will[/B] see improvements in your skin and it will contine over the coming months. I myself am 100% clear now and confident to eat what I like without worrying about the effects. But it does take time so please have faith and be patient. In the quantities you buy these supplements, you might as well stay the course. Thank you :cool: [/SIZE]

[COLOR=Magenta]Constant[/COLOR], I am glad I have been able to enlighten you to a new avenue to tackling acne. Hopefully you will see improvements in your skin in due course :angel:

[COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], perhaps you're right about the dosage, and I'm glad you haven't suffered any ill effects :) And you're probably right about your bodily functions - it's a good sign ;)

[COLOR=Magenta]serafine[/COLOR], I'm happy to hear that you're on track. And I am also glad that you are willing to make a change in your diet - that will complement the regimen and aid your skin.

[COLOR=Magenta]midnightdoom1[/COLOR], like you I also had antibiotics after the BP, and I wish I hadn't because after the initial improvement, my acne came back a lot worse with a vengeance :( I don't know why doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne. I wish they would acknowledge that diet is a bigger factor than bacteria. Anyway, I have also taken accutane, and whilst it helped me for a few months, my acne soon came back (not as bad though and my ultra-painful backne never came back :) ). Also, the side-effects were terrible: my ear lobes almost fell off, the corners of my mouth were cut, my hair was brittle and dry and has never returned to normal, my back ached... it's not worth it, believe me. By the wat, do you think your mum started getting acne when she quit smoking because she was eating more (the classic trap)?

Regarding the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR], I wouldn't worry about the dosage difference. And I know this stuff is not cheap but hopefully it will seem like the best $80 you've ever spent in a few months time ;) As I said to [COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], maybe you might consider lowering the dosage. It's up to you. And you should just make sure that you spread it out over the fasting period. Take one dose and allow it to absorb plenty of toxins before taking the next dose at least eight hours later. And if the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] are 500mg like mine then stick to two at a time. Mine actually direct me to take 2 capsules three times a day but I only have four in total. It will save you money! With respect to the BioK+, I would follow their instructions. I hope all that helps!

[COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], I'm glad to hear that you're already experiencing success with your skin, and I hope that it continues :) I have never tried the light (blue packet instead of red?) version of Yakult. Am I right in thinking it has less sugar? I doubt it will make any difference. I look forward to your update![/COLOR][/FONT]
I've bought the Activated Charcoal Capsules, Psyllium Husks and Yakult.. I'm from the UK so I just went to my local "Holland & Barrret's"..

I'm going to start tomorrow morning.. and fast for 38 hours.

I'm confused on how to start out.. i'm so emotionally drained after not eating properly from the fear of spots for about a year now.. all I eat is:

Cous Cous
Red Grapes
Steamed Broccolli
Occasionally Grilled Steak
Occasionally Brown Rice

That's about it.. I don't intake absolutely ANY dairy products, no bread, nothing like that, no sugars.

I've been doing this for about a year now and my body feels weak and lifeless really.. I gave the Lemon Juice thing a try and that didn't work either.

Just break it down on how to start and continue please.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going so well for you. The thing is, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] swell up to fifty times their original size in order to absorb toxins. I suspect that if you don't consume enough roughage you may experience constipation which could be exacerbated by this increase in bulk. But when you [I]do[/I] have a bowel movement, I believe you will feel emptier than usual and cleaner as a result.

I myself have bowel movements at least once daily, generally twice. However, I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables: at least four portions of each daily. Also, I get very regular, vigorous exercise (5km running or 10km cycling daily and lots of abdominal crunches and resistance exercises). I probably should have explained these things when I outlined my regimen, since I suppose they are strictly a part of it.

[COLOR=Magenta]pr0ps[/COLOR], acne is undoubtedly a multi-factor condition. I myself believe that my acne was exacerbated by wearing gel in my hair with my fringe on my forehead. Nowadays I have my fringe waxed upwards! And with respect to dead skin cells, I ensure that they are kept to a minimum by exfoliating daily. Regarding bacteria, it important not to encourage cross-infection by spreading it around. The things is, in general I think the external aspects are the easiest to crack - it's the internal factors that are difficult.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[QUOTE=Constant]That is where my confusion lays and quite frankly good skin without teeth is well not my goal.. :D . I did some searches on it yesterday but proceeded to get myself confused (once again :rolleyes: ) so I think I'll leave that part up to you. :jester:[/QUOTE]

LOL, well that is indeed what I've been doing the past few days but unfortunately, figuring this out followed me into my sleep...grrr. I actually had a chance to sleep in an extra hour today, but oh no I woke up at 5, again 6 and after tossing and turning finally gave up and got up 7 =( It's a rare occassion when I'll actually think so much in my sleep, although it's something that I've done when I had a particular troubling chemistry or math problem to work out ;-)

Anyway, since I'm up, while researching the Vitamin C Flush, I came across other supplements that kept ringing bells for me and reminded me of you as well and so I'll mention them below. It turns out that aside from that one source, all the other sources say that we should use Mild, Buffered, Mineral Ascorbates or C-Salts (it's the same thing but different formulas) in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid (bounded to a mineral) to do the Vitamin C Flush as well as when taking Vitamin C daily.

[B]Vitamin C Flush[/B] Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant. It boosts Phase II enzymes neccessary for deactivitaing those carcinogens produced from ingesting blackened/burnt foods (certain ethnicities are more prone to this enzyme defficiency). Also boosts energy, relieves depression, is an anti-histamine (less allergic reactions), boosts our immune system, neccessary for collagen formation (bone, skin, muscles, etc), and also a metal detoxifier and helps balance our bodies' natural flora. I even found anecdotal/testimonial information that simply doing this kind of flush can boost ones energy levels tremendously, even those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

To do this. pick a day that you don't have to work (or go to school). You want to take:

* 2 - 3 tsp (could have 2 - 4g of Vit. C) [U]every 30 min [/U] in at least 4 oz of water (or 100% fruit juice or aloe juice) up to 3x.

* If you don't notice a watery diarrhea/ enema-like effect after the third - 30 min dose, start taking 2 - 3 tsps every 15 min until you do.

Make sure you wait until the fizzies stop before drinking (2 min) Once you hit the enema-like effect (expelling liquid from your rectum), the flush has occured and you're done drinking vitamin c for the day. ;-)

You may or may not experience a "Healing Crisis" but because the Vitamin C is killing off (hopefully) certain bacteria, parasites, or yeast in system, they will begin to emit toxins. These toxins should be flushed out as a result of the Vitamin C Flush. However for those of you taking Psyllium and Activiated Charcoal or Bentonite doing so perhaps later in the day or the next day will help absorb & flush what didn't get expelled. Also, below are a list of other supplements you may find helpful as well, especially if dealing with or suspecting candida issues.

1) [B]Vitamin C[/B] - 75% of what's needed to induce a Vitamin C Flush is used daily. Everyone has their own amounts based on how physically stressed their own body is and therefore 1 - 2 g is probably not what most of us will find we need on this board. I know that there's a group of woman that have Insulin Resistance/PCOS and even though they were fasting (for Elimination Diet) they discovered they had HUGE amounts of energy and I couldn't figure out how that could be possible. Well one reason is that they did eliminate foods that induced inflammation and it's signs, but another part was that most of them were also taking Vitamin C. Their doses were anywhere from 12 - 20g/daily, again depending on their individual needs. Now, over time, as the body becomes less defficient, less Vitamin C will be needed. This will be noted, by loose stools. For those wanting to consume Vitamin C, please do so in the forms mentioned previously and to maintain a constant level, take in 4 divided doses, as vitamin c is flushed out within 4 hours time.

2) [B]Molybdenum[/B] - This is important to any of us that consumes sucrose or fructose as this will deplete our molybdenum stores, which is neccessary for their metabolism. This also helps the body expell candida toxins produced as a result of their die off. Candida produces Sulfites and Acetlyaldehydes which [U]can't[/U] be broken down by the liver and are stored in the body. These are actually the "sources" of chemical sensitivities to fragrances or even sulfites found in certain foods we eat resulting in neurological problems such as headaches, brain fog, and as well as pain. [U]200mcg - 1500mcg [/U] of Molybdenum breaks these down into something the liver can either expell or convert. For example Acetylaldehyde (also produced from alcohol consumption) will be broken down into Acetic Acid to be flushed or converted into Acetyl Co Enzyme A! Which may explain an increase in energy that I've heard about as a result of this trace mineral and....perhaps improve our acne (note B5 Therapy is used to boost CoA)

3) [B]Pantethine[/B] - This is the active component of B5, and is much more potent for certain types of diseases. It breaks down Formaldehyde as well as Acetylaldehyde. It boosts our production of Glutathione. It also lowers our cholesterol levels and boosts are ability to produce Omega 3 Fatty Acids! [U]600mg - 1200mg is the daily dosage [/U] and you can also match this with Panthothenic Acid. Also, what I forgot to mention earler is that by breaking down Acetlyaldehyde, this frees us from...Brain Fog, Depression, Pain, etc.

4) [B]Selenium[/B] - This is an antioxidant, helps shed skin cells, boosts glutahione production, and is also a heavy metal detoxifier (mercury, lead, etc). We should take a minimum of 200mcg. We may be able to take more such as 400mcg, but it is a supplement that can be toxic at too high and dose such as 1000mcg for more than a brief period of time.

5) [B]Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)[/B] - This is a potent antioxidant and increases the production of Glutathione, a liver detoxifier, more so than NAC. Unfortunately, R-ALA powder doesn't work (turns into rubbery balls), but R-ALA in Gel form does. K-R-ALA and will also work. The reason I'm mentioning only R-ALA, is because it is more potent and less toxic than ALA (50/50 mixture of S & R forms) and as such a typical dose for those Glucose Intolerant (allows some members to cheat) would be 200 - 300mg 15 min before their high carb meal. However for anyone that experiences "Brain Fog" you may also benefit (on a lower dose?) as other members found that this helped them with Brain Fog even when they didn't know whether they were glucose intolerant or not. Of course when they stop taking R-ALA, the brain comes back, but goes away upon continued usage.

Of course I'd be happy to list some name brands for ya, but I've gotta run for now.

Hope all is well =)
Hmm, did someone say it was possible for the body to become dependent on psyllium?
[QUOTE=eat_to_live]Hmm, did someone say it was possible for the body to become dependent on psyllium?[/QUOTE]

probably not psyllium (if less is used), but strong laxatives and perhaps if you do this type of cleanse every single day your body may no longer cleanse itself or eliminate properly. I've read that you should cycle things 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. By doing so, you force your body to continue it's own natural cleansing and elimination processes. Is this regimen for every single day?
If I'm already getting 1-2 bowel movements a day, will taking psyllium and other cleanses really help much? I remember taking colonix which is a psyllum based intestinal cleanser and that broke me out horriby so I stopped. Right now I do the occasional colon cleanse with oxy-powder which definitely helps.

My condition:I have cystic acne/oily skin but it's being under controlled now for the most party by taking saw palmetto, zinc+b6, fish oil, antioxidants, and the occasional colon cleanse with oxy-powder.
Hi guys,

littledaga and anonymous, its great news you are having success.

Is there anybody out there who is having good results using Activated Charcoal and Psyllium?

I love hearing success stories so please post if you're doing well on it?

There must be more than 2 people who have started this program from EV.

Thanks. :bouncing:
@serafine, I can't see how Psyllium Husk or Activated Charcoal would cause a allergic reaction, what probiotic have you been taking, Yakult has been fine with me and I used to have the worst allergy's with everything, dairy and sugar mostly, but not anymore, still get the odd spot, but thats down to not washing my face before bed. If anything would cause a bad reaction it would be the probiotic In my opinion.
I'm no expert though, this regimen works well with me, And I will live by this for a few months and see how I go.
Well I bought one of those system cleansing kits and the psyllium husk... plus some other stuff. I don't recall the probiotic name... I left it all out in the car. I started taking it all at the same time? Maybe that was mistake #1. Mistake #2 is continuing my Western diet after the fast. (I LIKE my toast w/ my coffee *lol*) But that shouldn't be the problem!! So I'm allergic to SOMETHING. I also bought a bunch of herbal supplements like dandelion root, valerian root, St. John's wort, etc.I know it's not from the St. John's Wort because I've taken it before. So it must be one of other ones. It's a shame, though. Because I have no idea what caused it... and now I have to stop taking everything.

And I'm going to change my diet drastically. Maybe that'll help also. If I have to give up my buttered toast, so be it. Clear skin is more important to me at my age.
@serafine Are you taking all them supplements for acne? I eat alot of salads and I dont take any supplements except the Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk, To be honest I have tried most of the herbs your talking about and they didn't help me one bit, as soon as I stopped taking them I broke out. This is the only regimen that has worked for me and I've had acne for 15 years, 8 days and my face is clear, my back and legs are not clear, but I can see its getting better, no new spots have formed in the last 3 days and old spots are healing well, its nice to feel confident with the way I look, it has been 8 years since my face has looked this good.
hey i just started my fasting with psyllium husks and charcoal this morning it's been about 16 hours til i ate last time. it's been going good so far. i have a question.

When should you take the yakult (lactobacillus casei)? Do you have to take it while fasting or after? :confused:
hey guys..i'm from the US and I have everything i need...the psyllium, activated charcoal, and yes the yakult. I'm doing my fast rite now and maaaaan am i hungry. I really hope this works tho. I'll keep everyone updated on how i'm doing. Man my mom made this deliiiiiicious dinner today but i couldn't even taste it..siiiigh..pleease work...

quick question: am i just supposed to fast until i have a bowel movement? I'm curious if people continued their fast even after their bowel movement. Any comments will be really helpful!
Hi... I'm sure that everyone educated on this system has answered SO many questions... but I would really really appreciate if mine were answered as well! First off, I would like to say that this has been so inspiring for me to hear/read... and I would love to do it as soon as possible. The only problem is, I don't eat dairy or sugar, so drinking the Yakult is not an option. Are there any alternative products? Or, will it work w/ just the activated charcoal and the psyllium husks? IOnce again, I appreciate any answers you all can contribute and thankyou!!
Sorry to post three posts in a row...

EV... I have a health book, with over 600 pages based on a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, I was reading about psyllium husks, and they said that, if taken for an extended amount of time, the body can become immune and/or intolerant to them! It may have said something about developing an allergy toward it... but I can't really remember. Anyway, based on what I've read and researched, I suggest you stop taking it... and only do a cleanse about once a month ... or every other month. Just my suggestion;)
actually it's called "probiotic acidophillus for life"..sry about the spelling before but it has casei in it with like 10 other ones. Yes, i'm from the US ..i went to my health store and asked the customer for lactobacillus casei and she gave me the probiotic. I just started using all this stuff like 4 days ago psyllium husks,charcoal and probiotic so i can't tell you any results yet. :wave:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hi [COLOR=Magenta]tata77[/COLOR] :wave: I wouldn't stress too much about the apparent lack of mucoid plaque. As you say, your healthy lifestyle may mean you don't have too much of a backlog of rubbish; although, I too adopted a healthier diet since secondary school but still suffered the effects of my previous diet anyway. I know it's frustrating to feel like nothing is different but if things are going to improve then you [I]will[/I] see the effects in the condition of your skin. But it does take time. Just hang on in there and update us with any progress/setbacks - at least you're doing [I]something[/I]! Well done for finding a source of Yakult by the way - I'm sure that will be a help to other US citizens on here ;)

Hey [COLOR=Magenta]pr0ps[/COLOR]! If you are talking about GNC's [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Colon Care Formula[/COLOR], then I think you'd be okay because it contains [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] and [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus acidophilus[/COLOR], which forms lactic acid (which helps eliminate toxins) just like the strain of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus[/COLOR] found in Yakult. However, I would recommend adding [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] as well because that supposedly does most of the work in removing the build up of toxins and putrefied matter. GNC do carry it. Please report back with your findings whatever you decide to do![/COLOR][/FONT]
oh and EV, from what i have researched, people should intake 25-35 grams of fiber daily. but your regimen says take 4 500mg of psyllium husks a day. that is only 2 grams of fiber. what do you think? that's why i asked if i could take the Metamucil brand because it has more fiber. thanks. :) :wave:
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]I should have provided this information in the first place but it's never too late ;) The information below has been compiled from various online sources and explains the ingredients of my regimen in my own words according to my personal research:

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] are a source of soluble fibre derived from the plant [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Fleawort[/COLOR], most commonly grown in India. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR] swells and forms a viscous gel when exposed to water. As a result, the stool becomes bulkier and softer and moves through the intestinal tract more easily and quickly. It would be inaccurate to call [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR] a laxative; although, it provides a gradual cleansing of the bowels (as opposed to an immediate purge thereof). According to some sources, a dependence on [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] may develop.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] is derived from (in the case of the digestive aid) vegetable sources exposed to very high temperature. It has an exceptionally high surface area and, as a result, excellent absorption capabilities. Once ingested, it binds with certain chemicals in the digestive tract, preventing them from being absorbed into the system and causing harm. The efficacy of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] may be reduced if it is taken in the presence of dairy produce.

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR] is a transient (i.e. short-lived) micro-organism that occurs naturally in the mouth and intestine. Although it occurs naturally, it is advisable, given the Western diet, that its levels are topped up. This must be done daily because of its transient nature; although, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Lactobacillus casei[/COLOR] is exceptionally resisent to the acids present in the digestive system. Hence, it easily survives the journey through the colon where it fulfils its functions: maintaining the balance of intestinal flora; assisting the peristaltic movement (natural rhythm) of the bowel; and reducing the proliferation of undesirable bacteria.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], I checked out their web site and Yakult say it's fine to drink more than one bottle per day. Although, personally, I still don't exactly [I]like[/I] the taste. And like you said, I think you can afford to miss a day if you forget. For me that's part of the beauty of this regimen: it's no longer a matter of "[I]when[/I] will I break out?!" - it finally feels like [I]I'm[/I] the one in control. But personally I haven't got the guts to see what happens if I skimp on my skincare routine!

I wouldn't be surprised if your pores are already tightening. Mine have gradually shrunk down so much that even the ones that I thought were permanently damaged (in the aftermath of particularly bad cysts) are almost invisible now :) And as far as your eating habits go, I do believe - in time - you should be able to eat the foods you feel like eating (in moderation) without worrying about your skin. But please, [B]please[/B] be honest and let everyone know if you do have any setbacks and try to pinpoint the cause. Thank you ;)

Likewise, [COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR], although I truly hope a miracle has occurred for you, please tell us about the negative aspects of your progress under this regimen as well as the positive. It might be really helpful to others if we can compile a list of things to expect/traps to avoid etc. Thanks to you too :cool:

[COLOR=Magenta]n0_name[/COLOR], as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] says, you get most of the fibre you need from your general diet. And as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] also points out, the best sources are fresh (i.e. uncooked) fruit and root vegetables which are full of nutrients which are best absorbed in the presence of fibre. The benefit of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] is that they are a soluble source of fibre and, as such, expand in your digestive system to greater aid digestion.

Hi there [COLOR=Magenta]bsg17[/COLOR] :wave: Welcome to this thread and Healthboards in general :) As I posted earlier, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] (in the form I am talking about) is not quite the same as barbecue charcoal because it is derived from vegetables as opposed to timber. But I believe there are sources that come from wood which are used in other applications such as gas masks. The same principle applies: the large surface area of the charcoal absorbs a source of poison, thus diverting it from the entity it is employed to protect. You learn something new everyday, eh!

Anyway, I figured it couldn't do any harm to make an update of my own. In recent weeks I haven't seen any new acne [B]at all[/B]. Honestly, some days, I think I'm going to wake up and all this will have been a beautiful dream (and I hope everyone else here will feel like that soon). What I [I]have[/I] experienced, however, is the expulsion of the fat deposits under my eyes. I've had these non-acne whiteheads under my eyes for years (only three in total). I believe they're a sign of too much fat in the diet and I think they manifested themselves when my diet was at its worse in my early teenage years.

Well in the last couple of weeks they have slowly been expelled from my skin. I wasn't tempted to pick at them in case it made things worse - I just let them come out naturally. And they have - perfectly cleanly! And I thought I was stuck with them forever. That's the power of this regimen. As I said in my initial posts, the overall condition of my skin is remarkable these days. At the moment I have just one under-the-surface whitehead on my forehead left to come out. It's been threatening for weeks now, but it justs stays there totally harmless.

If I had such a whitehead beforehand, I could guarantee that it would come out as a messy cyst within a day or two of seeing it under the surface, and would generally return in a month-long cycle of misery. Like I said, somebody pinch me :D Meanwhile, I have decided to cut back on my regimen. I am now only taking the supplements once a day instead of twice and I am still taking one Yakult per day. I will experiement with this level for about a month before considering to cut back even more.[COLOR=Magenta]

well, it has been my 5th day and i had no cyst in the past week which is usually strange. i always get a cyst on my chin or cheek. My skin feels better and no sign of cysts which is a big improvements for me. I have NO side effects using psyllium husks, charcoal and lactobacillus casei. NO stomach pain ..nothing. I also have a bowel movement almost everyday now im not as constipated as i used to be. Hopefully, in few weeks my acne will completely disappear, i would cry of joy. lol I still have some pimples on my cheek and chin but nothing serious. Many of them disappeared. So far so good. Can't wait to see what the future brings. WOOT WOOT :)
I think I have the answer to all your problems!

Haha.. well... not quite... but I may have the answer to those who are experiencing fatigue from this regimen. I recently started taking a psyllium husk (powder) by Sonne (it also has 1 or 2 other ingredients, which aren't very significant), mixed w/ aloe vera gel or juice and water. I take it first thing in the morning, and right before I go to bed. My mother, who is a health expert and has done this same regimen as I (for 2 weeks)... warned me to only use a teaspoon of the Sonne Psyllium husks in the very beginning. She said psyllium husks can really bloat your stomach up, and .. depending on the person... if you are not careful [w/ amounts], the pysllium husks can cause gas, stomach aches and fatigue, and sometimes even nausea.

So, based on that information, I suggest starting off w/ really small amounts. EV may have been able to tolerate a larger amount, but all our bodies are different.

BTW>... with that regimen, w/o even using the activated charcoal and yakult, my mom said one of the side effects was clear skin:) Aloe Vera is also somewhat of a laxative/ soother and cleanser which you could add to the program:)

HOPE THIS HELPS! Good luck:)
Hey Erimus, I was wondering what you thought and you will probably agree with me. Right now I am on accutane 60 mgs a day once a day. I have been wanting to do a cleanse since before Accutane and never got around to doing it and I am definitely going to do that along with Green Tea after I finish accutane and continue to drink tea after wards. On accutane I basically have not really been using any supplements and don't plan to because out of fear that it will " mess " with the treatment or the drug in general. I saw a product when I used to work at a vitamin store called daily cleanse with psyllium husk and other digestive things that looked very good and I will definitely get it after a couple weeks of finishing the accutane however I would like to know if you think it is detirimental to do it now seeing as how it would probably clean out the accutane from my system also thereby making the drug pointless. That is what I think tell me what you think. Accutane will probably work for me but more than likely my digestive system is messed up due to junk food and G-d knows what else has gone into my system. I am thinking about eating more Fiber. Recomend something for me in the natural fiber area to move my bowel movements more often and NO i am not constipated. Thanks!!!
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]goldenseal[/COLOR], I'm sure you have a point about the fatigue. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR] definitely expands in water and if someone is prone to tiredness after eating a lot (as I am nowadays) then they may well suffer fatigue because of the increased sensation of fullness. However, I don't know why it would cause nausea. And, as you say, it's up to each individual to gauge the correct amount for their body.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]LynX21[/COLOR] :cool: I have taken accutane myself. I don't want to dishearten you, but for me it was only a partial success. Whilst, it did clear my backne once and for all (which was a godsend because it literally used to prevent me from getting a comfortable night's sleep), the effects on my facial acne were short-lived, recurring as it did after a few months.

Anyway, I don't know exactly how my regimen would affect the efficacy of the accutane. Accutane is fat soluble i.e. it is absorbed into the bloodstream in the presence of fatty foods (which is why sometimes dermatologists advise that it be taken with a glass of milk). So perhaps it wouldn't be affected by the regimen which consists of [I]water[/I] soluble ingredients. But I'm no expert! And I personally think it is always best to isolate possible solutions for acne in order to be sure whether one thing works or not.

So you're probably wise to wait 'til you've finished your course of accutane. Although, at 60mgs a day, I believe the side effects will be quite harsh. If they are then consider cutting down because (in my personal experience) 40mg is just as effective as 60mg and the side-effects (mainly the dryness) are nowhere near as bad.

With regards to fibre, I'd always advocate the daily consumption of at least five portions each of fruit and vegetables. I have to rush now but I will come up with some more concrete suggestions for you later on :)[/COLOR][/FONT]
Oh my goodness, that was a long long (but interesting read)....can't believe I read the whole thing. I am gonna try this also, I will not do the fasting, cuz I may die - actually I am suseptable (sorry spelling) to stomache ulcers and if my stomach is empty too long....well it hurts bad and for a long time before it heals again. So, I actually had this stuff from a couple years ago (hope it's still good), it's called: Dr. Richard Schulze's Intestinal Formula. It has: the psyllium seed, parmaceutical grade bentonite clay, along with flax see, apple pectin, slippery elm bark, marshmallow root peppermint leaf and activated willow charcoal.

So that is the best I can do for now. I will take it and see if it does anything for me. As for the probiotics, I will have to try and find some. I remember years ago, this formula did produce a cleansing and the bowel results you have talked about.

I will let you know how it goes. I actually have a derm appt in late Oct, so I will try these other things (more natural remedies) before I see the derm. I made an appt because my cysts seem to be more and more and several at a time, not to mention extremely oily skin. And lately acne on my back, upper arms, neck and sometimes chest. I was going to ask for Accutane at my appt. I will try some natural remedies before my appt - as I know this is a pretty potent treatment - the accutane.

I will keep you updated.
Hi everyone,

ErimusValidus, SweetJade1, and anyone else, what do you think about the following products that I recently ordered:

1. GNC Natural Brand Psyllium Seed Husk 500 mg, Capsules

2. GNC Natural Brand Activated Charcoal 260 mg, Capsules

3. Biogenica Biotica Probiotic Formula, Capsules

Here are the supplement facts of my probiotic:

Lactobacillus Acidophilus 750 Million CFU*
Bifidobactarium Longum 750 Million CFU*
Lactobacillus Casei 372 Million CFU*
Lactobacillus Salivarius 360 Million CFU*
Dahulin PB Dahlia inulin juice complex 450 mg*
BioMOS Mannan oligosaccharide complex 150 mg*

Also, has anyone else had success with this regimen? Some people have not posted their results yet.


I'm curious--how did you decide on what amounts of Active Charcoal and Psyllium Seed Husks to take? I was looking at my bottle of 260 mg Activated Charcoal capsules and it recommends taking 2-4 capsules with meals. Although you've had great results taking 1 Active Charcoal pill twice a day, I'm wondering if it would be OK to take more--at least initially.

Anyway--thank you for this enlightening string. I've just started the fast and hope I will eventually see results as good as yours. It seems my acne is getting worse with age (I'm 32). A low sugar/low refined products diet helps, but this may do my body a lot of good, too.


EV--I just found the answer to my question on page 6. Thanks!
OK, so I just finished my Vitamin C Flush. My goal for doing this flush was to produce something that resembled an enema (which I did) and to give my body as much Vitamin C as I could tolerate seeing as how people with inflammatory diseases or chronically stressed are probably deficient. Below are my results and protocol for gentle daily detoxifcation .

A) I followed the Vitamin C Flush calibration procedure listed on page 14 of this thread for those interested. It took me less than 2 hours to do this procedure and it can be done every 1 - 2 weeks if need be for up to 2 months. My goal was to find something to replace an enema (for after doing the liver flushes, candida cleanses, etc) and this did exactly what an enema is supposed to do only instead of injecting water/liquid inside me from my rectum, and then expelling, all I did (several times) was expell liquid from rectum (sorry).

Bear in mind, yesterday I started getting a weird dry feeling in my throat and so I may have been fighting something but it took [U]27,800g of Buffered Vitamin C[/U] to do my flush. Therefore my daily dose ([U]divided[/U] into 3 - 4 doses) of Vitamin C should be 75% of this which is [U]20,780g[/U]! Of course over time this dose will decrease or increase again depending on if I'm fighting a cold, chronic stress, etc.

[B]B) [/B] So my next step was then to help absorb any microorganism by-products, heavy metals, or other toxins that the Vitamin C flush didn't expell and so I took (2x a day i.e. w/ Breakfast & Dinner):

* 4g of Benefiber (don't have my psyllium yet but this is double what I usually take)

* 2 Activated charcoal capsules.

* > 12 oz water
(may adjust doses)

[B]C)[/B] My final step to help break down or detoxify any left over toxins, is to continue (w/lunch):

* > 1 tsp coconut oil [SIZE=2](this stuff is great at room temp/warm. Dose should be 1 - 3 tbsp but I'm not doing the candida cleanse yet) [/SIZE]

* 1 K-RALA Capsule (100mg)

* 1 Selenium Capsule (200mg)

* 1 Molybdenum Capsule (1g / 3 days)

* 520 mg Pantethine powder (1 tsp)

* 6 mg Biotin powder (1/2 tsp)
(may adjust doses)

[B]FYI [/B] since my formula was buffered, it contained Calcium, Magnesium Potassium , Bioflavonoids, & Lime Powder (flavor). Therefore, at the dose I took for the flush today, I recieved:

Calcium - 1,400mg
Magnesium - 880mg
Potassium - 400mg
Bioflavonoids - 1,570mg
(not a bad way to get some neccessary electrolytes and calcium)

Also, these buffered C powders/formulas also come bound to Sodium and Zinc so I guess it depends on what minerals you'd like to get daily.

Will keep updated and I hope that you all are seeing progress! :wave:
Thank you everyone for all your replies! I just read the whole thread and I am ready to try this out. I just ordered a bottle of Superior GI Cleanse capsules by Nutricology.

four capsules contain:
Vitamin C 150mg
Magnesium 75mg
Psyllium (husk) 1700mg
Activated Charcoal 580mg
Goldenseal Root Extract 100mg
Chlorophyll 50mg
Apple (Malus domestica) (pectin) 50mg
Lactobacillus Acidophilus 27mg

I think I am going to start out with just 1 a day and slowly move up to 4 a day. Does this look like it will work? I hope I see the results you did EV, so I can stop using all these topicals!

I read that activated charcoal should not be taken within 2 hours of medication (and I'm guessing that could include vitamins/supplements) or it will affect their effectiveness. So, I've been taken the psyllium seed husks and activated charcoal at other times of day than my supplements. Hope that helps.

Lilac 123

I have my supplements and here is what I'm thinking about starting off with:

4 x Psyllium Husk Capsules Daily

2 x Activated Charcoal Capsules Daily

2 x Probiotic Capsules Daily

Does anyone think I'm taking too much of anything? I'm trying to make sure all of my supplements run out at the same time. I have 180 Psyllium Husk Capsules, and 90 Activated Charcoal and Probiotic Capsules. So I wanna take twice as many Psyllium Husk Capsules as everything else.

[B]Edit: Kelly03 reminded me that I should finish the cleansing before I begin taking the probiotics, so is my dosage OK after the initial cleansing? And if I read the replies right, I should take the Psyllium Husks and Activated Charcoals and just drink water until the cleansing is over, which is only about 24 to 36 hours.[/B]
Below is a site I found that talks about digestive/colon cleansing. It includes information about psyllium husks as well as other types of treatments. It concludes that the best product for this type of cleansing is a product called Oxy-Powder. Just thought I would share that.
hiii again everyone..yay yummy posts to it seems that in general i should wait about a month to see if I am really getting any major results..that can be done..hmm..maybe i shall try a 36 hour fast like lildaga says..haha man that 24hr one was so tough i hope i can do 36..just one question for lildaga..on your 2nd fast, which lasted 36hrs, did you get the mucous stool thing that is suppoed to come out of you when you empty your system? i'm wondering if I will ever get that type of stool..maybe i already did but it was unnoticable? Has this been the case for everyone or will I DEFINATELY know when that stuff comes out..i mean before i started this program, i've always been a pretty healthy eater avoiding most processed foods and drinking lossa water. I shall be patient tho and keep trying. As for the specifics of my supplements, since I am from the US, I could not find the Holland and BArrett brand so I went to GNC to get their Natural GNC Brand Psyllium Husk and Activated Charcoal. I've been taking 2 psylliums and 1 activated charcoals twice daily (total 4 psy and 2 activ in a day). Is the GNC Brand gonna differ a lot from the H & B Brand? Did anyone else use the GNC brand and receive great results? And for the probiotic I drink one yakult a day. I found the yakult at a small asian health store so I know its possible to find in the US. These are the only supplements I take b/c I've never been a fan of taking a buncha pills and stuff. But I decided to try this program. I just wash my face in the morning and at night with my daily cleanser. Yep so thats the 411 on what I've been doing. As for results, it still seems i'm getting regular pimples pop up here and there. But i dunno maybe its better compared to b4 i started this program and it was too long ago that I forgot? haha :confused: ..i guess no MAJOR differences yet but i will keep everyone updated

New Goal: Complete a 36 hour fast. (hopefully with no flu affect :p )
i took 2 pills at once (psyllium husks 500mg) and next morning had bad diarrhea. lol maybe i should stop for a while. any thoughts
initial intake of psyllium husks can cause diarrhea, gas, etc. so you should take like 1 capsule of psyllium for the first three days and gradually increase to the required dosage (2x psyllium for lunch and dinner) for your body to get used to it. that's what i did but i took 2 psyllium for the first three days and i didn't had any side effects. :)

good luck. :wave:
Can I take Psyllium husks and activated charcoal while on Accutane? If so, how long should I wait after I take a pill of Accutane before I can take these?
Psyllium fiber reduces rise in postprandial glucose and insulin concentrations in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Wow! Thank you, [COLOR=Magenta]DAFT[/COLOR] - I'm beginning to realise that your moniker is somewhat ironic (unless it's an acronym?). The study that you've highlighted basically shows that [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR] is effective in reducing the release of glucose into the bloodstream (presumably because it is absorbed instead by the extra fibre?). This is something that I have never considered. My hypothesis regarding the efficacy of my regimen goes along the lines that the extra fibre helps to gather toxins as opposed to foodstuffs; although, excess glucose is essentially a toxin to the human body anyway. This study provides evidence to support the necessity to take a maintenance dosage of extra dietary fibre and helps me understand a lot clearer why my regimen has been successful :)

Once again, thank you for your input to this thread. It highlights why you ought to stick around for a while ;) I am clear now, but acne pushed me so far to my limits that I feel like I should be doing everything I can to help others avoid that fate. It's your call though! In the mean time, before you do leave, can you consider where digestive system cleansing might sit next to the dietary modifications that you advocate? As I previously mentioned on your thread, I believe that there are some genuine breakthroughs being established on these boards that can greatly benefit other members. It would be useful to other members if the proponents of all aspects can collate their findings to devise an overall regimen. [B]Yes[/B], I am an idealist :D [/COLOR] [/FONT]
EV, thanks for the thread. i read all the posts, went to gnc and bought the psyllium seed husk and the activated charcoal. i took two of each when i first got them, went to workout for 20 minutes, sat in the steam room for 20 minutes and im going to have two more psyllium seed husks with vitamin water right now. ive been trying everything and i hope this works.

also, i saw someone post about skin-organ charts. i thought it was interesting because my derm never said anything about why my acne shows up on the sides of the face and neck. does anyone know where i can find that chart so i can properly cleanse the corresponding organ?

thanks again, and i hope everyones acne is clearing up!
*sigh*..hey again for another i think its been almost a month now since i've been on this Digestive cleanses. I've been taking the psyllium husks, the activated charcoal, the yakult, everyday now. I dunno. I still feel like i'm getting the usually new pimples every two days or so. I know some people had results after 4 weeks and i'm already almost at 4 weeks. But it just seems like my acne has not been "cured". I know this cleanse is great for my colons, i would highly recommend that everyone do it just for an internal cleanse (which might help your acne too). but as for me, i don't think it is going to be my only solution to crystal clear skin. I am very much against using pills to resolve my problems (i.e accutane), because my acne is mild-moderate, but i occasionally get the large cysts and i don't want to deal with it anymore. My oil is the main problem and i know accutane is supposed to fix that. I dunno i want all of this to be over.
EV, i completed my 36 hour fast this morning and ate a huge breakfast, after working out of course. i havent gone to the bathroom since i started the fast at 5 pm on tuesday, and its now thursday!. im still waiting for that "stool", is this normal? i thought that i would have a nasty looking stool because ive never done this before and i had a bad lifestyle before, minimal exercise and lots of junk food. also, should i still be taking 2x psyllium husks, and 1x activated charcoal?
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]c0nfused[/COLOR], well done on lasting the whole 36 hours! I'm hoping by now you've had a bowel movement. You may or may not have noticed a difference in its appearance; it seems to vary from person to person. From what I have read from other members undertaking the cleanse, those who pass noticeable mucoid plaque seem to experience more success with their acne. And, yes, I have stuck to taking 2 x [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] (500mg) and 1 x [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] for many months now.

Hi [COLOR=Magenta]Moon Rising[/COLOR] :wave: I also suspect that your outbreak has been caused by the expulsion of toxins. Hold in there! If you could tell us some more about your heavy metal cleanse (and any of the others) that would be great. I'm sure I am not be the only one who's very interested to hear about it :) [COLOR=Magenta]seamus o[/COLOR] has a fair point about the illegal statements (in the eyes of the FTC) of the author of your book. But don't let that put you off finding out more about this field of healing. As you say, it is far better than prescription medicine.[/COLOR][/FONT]

Over the last few weeks iv been reading through this thread and was really interested in the idea of being able to get rid of spots through this digestion cleansing. So gave it a go. Iv got mild/moderate acne (have had for the last 6 years :( ) and tried everything under the sun! The only thing that helps a little bit is stiemiacin (any1 else tried this?) from the docs.

Anyways, i started the fasting and took the psyllium and activated charcoal and became so constipated! And iv never really been before. Never passed anything for 36 hours and had to eat cos was bloody starving and a few days on im still constipated and took the pills yesterday! So im stopping the pills cos i think their blocking me up.

Just wondering if anyone has heard of or tried Oxygen colon cleasers? They seem to have magnificent press but wondering if u could end up relying on it to poo?? I like the idea of totally getting rid of all the yukky stuff iv been hearing builds up inside. And of course being spot free. Iv got all the symptoms of a blocked up colon so could this oxygen cleanser be the way forward.....??

All opinions and ideas very much appreciated!!

Sossy. I am also getting constipated while taking the psyllium. (I'm doing Dr Natura's cleanse). I only had 1 bm today (3 a day was normal before I started taking this stuff). I don't even want to eat anything because I feel so full and bloated. I am going to stick with it, hopefully tomorrow will be the turning point!
hey guys i have a big problem with this.. about a week after i did the fast i started breaking out on my forehead bad... i thought it was because i was constipated but then it cleared up but i'm still breaking out on my forehead.. i was taking the psyllium husk and the charcoal every day for about 3 weeks but i stopped because i thought it was causing it! but i still am breaking out on my forehead and its worse! the weird thign is its only on my forhead.. i've read this forehead acne could be from a digestive problem but i feel fine and have a bowel movement every day.. i really dont know what to do, if i should start taking the psyllium husk and charcoal again or what!??

do you guys think i should do another fast, or some other type of cleanse because something obviously went wrong!

i lost almost 15 pounds after i was taking these for a couple weeks! so i guess it cleared a lot of crap out! maybe i should start taking them again and see if my damn forhead will clear up, the rest of my face is looking so good!
Thanks everyone for the replies.

Im wondering if maybe i made a mistake in all this? I was regular pooing before and had a reasonable good diet ( i have a big appetite and have heard somewhere that sometimes just eating too much can cause spots??) with lots of fruit and veg. So maybe it wasnt my digestive system that is giving me spots? Argh i just dont know i feel like theres an answer for it somewhere!

Im still constipated though :rolleyes: from taking the psyllium and charcoal, hopefully will return to normal soon.

Going to try the oxy powder to see if that helps for overall health. will let you know how that goes and if it helps my skin.
Also thinking about laser treatment ( parents said they might help out in the costs at a xmas pressie) will keep u updated on that too.

gotta to go speak to u all soon.

[QUOTE=soupyhead]hey guys i have a big problem with this.. about a week after i did the fast i started breaking out on my forehead bad... i thought it was because i was constipated but then it cleared up but i'm still breaking out on my forehead.. i was taking the psyllium husk and the charcoal every day for about 3 weeks but i stopped because i thought it was causing it! but i still am breaking out on my forehead and its worse! the weird thign is its only on my forhead.. i've read this forehead acne could be from a digestive problem but i feel fine and have a bowel movement every day.. i really dont know what to do, if i should start taking the psyllium husk and charcoal again or what!??

do you guys think i should do another fast, or some other type of cleanse because something obviously went wrong!

i lost almost 15 pounds after i was taking these for a couple weeks! so i guess it cleared a lot of crap out! maybe i should start taking them again and see if my damn forhead will clear up, the rest of my face is looking so good![/QUOTE]

i would suggest you hang in there soupyhead. i noticed my improvements on the first and a half month (6 weeks). now im almost on my second month and i breakout very, very rarely (knock on wood) :angel: which is very new to me. :bouncing:

to all who's using this regimen, i would suggest making a judgement on your second month (except if you're experiencing any bad side effects except for breakouts.) :)

good luck. :bouncing: :angel:
hey anonymous, are you taking just psyllium and charcoal or something else? so its been working for you?
yup! i didn't do the fasting and i always forget to drink the yakult during night time. so the psyllium husks and the activated charcoal alone did it to me. :angel:
thats good to hear.. how much did you start taking and have you decreased what you are taking since then? i made another post but in case you dont read it.. i'm going to take 1000mg psyllium and 500 charcoal 3x a day 2 hours after a meal.. it was recommended on a website.. seems you really cant take too much of this stuff..
i only took 1000mg of psyllium and 260mg activated charcoal per day for the first three days to get my body used to it because im afraid that i might get diarrhea, illness, gas, etc. then on my fourth day, i increased it up to the required dosage of this regimen (2000mg psyllium and 520mg activated charcoal per day). and im still taking the required dosage until now. :angel:
[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=Chocolate]Hello, hello.

I'm new to this board, however not to the subject. I've been suffering from acne since ... I was eleven, I think. I can even remember my first pimple. :D

Anywhoo, I've heard about digestive cleanse as the key to success many times, and I've heared that diet is not related to acne as many times, too. I've tried to use BP, but it dried my skin too much and started bleaching it, making my skintone very uneven. (I'm a Mulatto, so it is quite visible.) It didn't help much, too. So I've did a search in a hollistic health board and found a to-be miraculous regimen (I'm quite sure it's the same regimen included in the "Acne Free In 3 Days" book, which is a scam, by the way.), which depended on an apple fast and a steady diet with herbal supplements, and natural topical products. I wasn't quite determined, but determined enough to see that the fast (Which wasn't as effective in cleansing as I expected it to be) really made a difference. I felt lighter, my skin was softer, and with the usage of the natural ointments, the skintone - altough paler - was finally even. The black marks were slowly fading, but I cut my regimen by that time. It was quite complex and consisted of a huge daily intake of supplements like zinc, selenium, etc. I just got bored, to be honest.

But now I have a new motivation and some time to clear myself, so I'll be doing your regimen now, EV. (:
Although getting Psyllium in Poland is very hard, and my local healthstore suggested me Ispagul husks (Plantaginis Ovatae Seminis Tegumentum). Now I'm confused because ones say that it's one and the same thing, the others say it's similar, but weaker in its effectiveness. It won't have a bigger effect on the regimen, I hope? Also, it tastes like... urk, I can't stand it. Especially the look. If I add lemon juice to it, will it have a negative effect?

I am not able to drink litres of water without something dilluted in it. It's my second day of drinking so much water and I can already feel my stomach bulging. I just don't know which way will it come out sometimes. :eek: Though I got a small breakout, but that must be the huge bowl of macaroni and white cheese I ate the other day. :p

With that I take ZenMed's DermaCleanse. Though I take only two pills daily instead of four, because it won't last long if I highen the dosage. It's has a good effect, my breakout frequency is lowered. If it was only available in health stores and pharmacies...

I've also came across someone stating that grapefruit extract speeds up the cleansing process and is quite beneficial in overall health. So is green tea extract. I drink green tea and eat citrus fruits often (lemons, grapefruits), and I really recommend it as an addition to your regimens. :D

So that's about it. A little bit of yadda-yadda from myself. Let's get this going. :cool: [/COLOR] [/FONT]
hey guys can i take probiotics while i'm taking the psyllium and charcoal? i took tetracycline for a couple years and i've been reading probiotic is needed to build good bacteria back up.. and do the probiotics have anything to do with the liver or is a liver cleanse totally seperate?

also would you guys recommend picking up liver cleanse pills at like the vitamin shop.. can i do ALL these things at once??
Hey, I have mild acne, usually after I binge on chocolate or forget to drink 8 glasses of water daily and am interested in this regiment. A couple questions:

1. Do I take the four pills of psyllium husks (two before lunch and two before dinner) or just two total?

2. Would it be alright if I took one pill of Psyllium Husks with Acidophilus at 880 mg instead of two at 500 mg?

3. Also, how long am I supposed to take these pills for this regimen?
[COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]Gross, psyllium turns into some gel when exposed to water... it looks disgusting. :eek:

Better gulp it down right off the bat, when you stare too much it'll just turn to something much worse. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]Sossy[/COLOR], I too was (and still am) quite a big eater with regular bowel movements (I take lots of exercise, as I mentioned). And I also ate lots of fruit and vegetables. However, I believe my regimen helps me to digest my food more cleanly, reducing (well, practically eliminating) the risk of acne.

soupyhead, I guess if you want to ingest more of the supplements then it wouldn't do any harm - it's just fibre!

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]Technicolor[/COLOR], from what I can make out, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Ispagul[/COLOR] is the same, or at least similar, to [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium[/COLOR]. But it's not an English word, so I'm not one hundred percent sure.

With regards to grapefruit, I read a while back that it is good for reducing cravings for carbohyrdate; hence, I eat one every morning for breakfast. It does tend to fill me up until noon, which is good :)[/COLOR][/FONT]

[B][SIZE=3]EDIT: I didn't get to finish up earlier, so here goes:[/SIZE][/B]

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]health15[/COLOR], what you say about anti-biotics and the absorption of nutirents makes sense to me. Every time I took a course of anti-biotics my skin would improve dramatically for a few months and then the acne would come back with a vengeance, stronger each time :( Anything that can be done to nurture the body's natural immune system has got to be a bonus in the fight against acne.

[COLOR=Magenta]soupyhead[/COLOR], if I were you I would separate out your treatments. If you don't have much success with a colon cleanse, then perhaps your problems do lie with your liver. It's all about experimentation ;)

Hi, [COLOR=Magenta]Avington3[/COLOR] :wave: Yes, I take four [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pysllium[/COLOR] (500mg) in total per day. Nobody (I don't think) has tried [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Acidophilus[/COLOR], but it seems to play a similar role to the probiotics that we have been taking. So once again, experiment and let us know the results :cool: Regarding the duration of the regimen, I have been taking these supplements at the same dosage since Februrary. They've changed my life so I'm sticking with them!

[COLOR=Magenta]lampwick[/COLOR], I guess "skinny" is the word to most people. I prefer to use the term "six pack" :D My weight hasn't changed since starting the cleanse (I am 6'0" and 10st. 8lb, mostly muscle). and you're correct that I'm 22. I also eat a lot but I actually have to exercise heavily to maintain my weight. I used to weigh a few pounds less when I had more time to exercise. Now I have to watch what I eat or I pay for it while I'm running.

[COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], you might not be as lucky as me, but nowadays I can get away with eating junk food now and again. If I over-indulge I will still get little pimples. But they have no staying power as opposed to the cysts that I used to suffer as a result of my indulgence.

By the way, [COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Magenta]Anonym0us[/COLOR], I am extremely happy for you both that this regimen is helping. If I have only helped a few people, then my input has been worthwhile. So thank you for your kind words :)

[COLOR=Magenta]pr0ps[/COLOR], you are correct that [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Flaxseed[/COLOR] contains fibre, but I am not so sure that the oil itself will contain very much. Does anybody else know?[/COLOR][/FONT]
EV, how important is the probiotics after the cleanse? I did the cleanse almost 2 weeks ago and have only been taking the psyllium husks and activated charcoal daily. Do you recommend that I get the probiotics? Do they sell it in a GNC brand? Let me know.. thanks.
[COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]I am by no means able to drink this gel. :eek: I just can't do it and I cannot find psyllium husks in capsules in my country.
I mean, I can, but it's just one of the major ingredients in the capsule and I do not know as of what effects may the other ingredients have on me. (That, and they're hella expensive. :rolleyes: )

But, I have found psyllium [I][B]seeds[/B][/I]. Powdered, in capsules. (Cheap! :D ) Can that be used instead? [/FONT] [/COLOR]
hey guys i bought acidiphilious or however you spell it a few days ago and have been taking 1 a day with the psyllium and charcoal.. i'm sure it cant hurt.. it also says probiotic on the bottle
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]c0nfused[/COLOR], I don't really know how important the probiotics are. I carry on taking all three components of my regimen because things have been going so well. But whether or not it's entirely necessary is unclear to me. Probiotics generally come in liquid form (as opposed to powder/capsules etc.) and are found easiest in a supermarket. GNC may have some - ask the assistant!

[QUOTE=Technicolor][COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]But, I have found psyllium [I][B]seeds[/B][/I]. Powdered, in capsules. (Cheap! :D ) Can that be used instead? [/FONT] [/COLOR][/QUOTE]That's great, [COLOR=Magenta]Technicolor[/COLOR]! Husks = seeds :)[/COLOR][/FONT]
I've been using psyllium husks and charcoal and probiotics for bout a month now, the first week it showed some improvement but acne still kinda hangs around. So, i can say that this didn't eliminate my acne due to the fact that my acne is caused by hormones, stress, and maybe a fast metabolism?..which means it can't burn cabs fast enough causing the liver to flood with toxins. I'm only 20 maybe this works for older people but not for younger.
[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Wow! Ok, I just read (ok, skimmed towards the end) this entire thread! Whew!

I tried a colon cleanse product a while ago & stopped taking it because I got diarrhea. I think I'm going to try it again now after reading this! I still have a bottle of the stuff, it has the psyllium and probiotic (plus other stuff) in it, I guess I just need to get a charcoal product.

I am like the woman who got acne at 11 and still had it at 44, except I got it at 13 and still have it at 39. Like her, the only thing that ever helped was being pregnant! I have never taken accutane or antibiotics for it or really stuck to any topical regimens because they never worked, but now I'm glad I didn't! Sorta feel like I dodged a bullet there!

My only concern is that I'm trying to get pregnant again. Is this colon cleansing something that is safe to do now or should I wait till after the whole pregnancy/breastfeeding thing? We're talking a couple years here! Well, maybe it will go away again while I'm pregnant at least...[/FONT][/COLOR]
[QUOTE=omega47]I've been using psyllium husks and charcoal and probiotics for bout a month now, the first week it showed some improvement but acne still kinda hangs around. So, i can say that this didn't eliminate my acne due to the fact that my acne is caused by hormones, stress, and maybe a fast metabolism?..which means it can't burn cabs fast enough causing the liver to flood with toxins. I'm only 20 maybe this works for older people but not for younger.[/QUOTE]

omega47, I think I am having the same acne problems as you. I am 22 years old, skinny, and I have done almost everything to try to clear my face. But I have almost come to the conclusion that my acne is caused by hormones, stress and possibly a fast motabolism. i cut down my carb intake by as much as 75%, exercising at least 3 times per week, been trying to stay calm and not stressed, using multiple products including retin-A, capsiderm and starting to use epidermx, but NOTHING seems to be working! what are we doing wrong???
This post has given me alot of hope of maybe getting truely clear skin. I've beaten 90% of my acne with a clean diet, but that last 10% has been driving me crazy. Its like a plateau of trying to clear your skin, rather than losing weight. I'd looked into liver flushes, but to be honest, they scare the hell out of me. I've had activated charcoal just sitting in my bathroom for the past year because it helps with indigestion, but I never realised that I could use it for my skin. I just got a bottle of GNC Psyllium Seed today, and I haven't eaten since 8:00 pm CT last night. I thought I'd be starved, but I didn't really start getting hungry til around now. I've been drinking cold lemon water, and green tea, and it takes the edge off the hunger.

I'll keep you guys updated on how it goes.
You know Techni, you could try drinking and eating foods with isoflavones in them, such as soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, ect. It'd counterbalance out extra testosterone/androgens. There's also teas out there for menopausal women that can help if thats what you truly think your problem is. If worse comes to worse, go see your gyno and tell them you think you're out of whack and need bc to balance out your hormones. Ask for a low dosage one at first, and if it doesn't work, move up to higher doses.

As for my update: Phew, what a night. I got through an entire 34 hour cleanse without eating anything but drinking water, water with lemon and eating a teaspoon of flax seed to help with a headache last night. But I woke up this morning feeling as weak as if I had the flu, and a mild fever(I went into this hoping I"d avoid these side effects, but I knew that it was possible it'd happen so dont worry, I'm ok with being sick). And since this is a pretty blatant thread, I went to the bathroom this morning, and my urine smelled toxic. I can't even normally smell it, but phew, I must of flushed alot of stuff from my system.

I took:
2x psyllium seed
1x charcoal tablet
.. once at lunch, and once in the evening. I also took a centrum vitamin and one alpha lipoic acid capsule to keep my blood sugar from going everywhere. Also drank two cups of antioxidant green tea, which had vitamin c and e in it.

I drank one of my Labrada Lean Body For Her shakes this morning hoping to feed my body what it propably is begging for at this moment. Since they're low calorie/sugar and very nutritous(and 30 grams of protein), I'm hoping it'll set me on the road to recovery without upsetting my stomach too much. My fiance promised to bring me a bottle of gatorade after he returns from work to see if that'll help.

After this, I'll gradually reintroduce food. I think I'd make myself sick if I tried to return to 2000 calories a day, so I'll just.. ease into it till I'm better. I think I'll keep up my dosage for two weeks, then take a break for two weeks, as was recommended. Sounds like a good plan, eh? I'd even consider doing this again in four weeks to see if I got through it better, which would mean that I really did purge some toxins from my body this first round.

Edit: Oh yes, the good news about all this. Several red spots that refused to come to the surface practically deflated over night. Only about 4, but hurrah! They're still red, but all the tension in them is gone, and them seem to be healing really fast.
[COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]Great! Thanks for the advice, I haven't considered those things as an aid in my diet. :D

And congratulations on your progress. I just started mine, when the mailman came with my psyllium capsules. I already drank 8 glasses of water trying to swallow them, holy crap, swallowing a charcoal tablet takes a lot out of you.

But I can feel it working just now. Maybe I took too much at once... oh hell, sitting in bathroom is what I am to do during this cleanse anyway. :jester:

Tee hee.[/FONT][/COLOR]
I read this thread and decided to do some research on activated charcoal. On this one health site I found, it said that acticated charcoal will also adsorb vitamins and nutrients in addition to toxins. So i'm just wondering, how many people have cleared up with this regemine of activated charcoal and psyllium husk seeds? I feel that if I try it, all the vitamins and minerals I get from fruits, vegetables, and pills will be of no use to me and I will break out.
[COLOR=chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]Ah, no, that's what the Yakult is for.

Lactoblahblahcasei are bacteria who catch those nutritiens and vitamins and stick 'em in you, before Charcoal gets the chance to wipe 'em away. So as long as you have your army of LCaseis, you should not worry.

And you know, it's not really about Charcoal and Psyllium, it's about detoxifying yourself and being on a healthy diet. It works wonders. The skin is the mirror of the body, after all. If something is bad inside you, it signals through your skin.

In our case, acne is the signal. Whether it's hormones or bad diet, that's for us to find out.[/FONT][/COLOR]
toocool. I am doing a colon cleanse without the activated charcol. I take an herbal suppliment for getting rid of parasites, than 20 min later, I use 1 tablespoon of DrNatura intestinal cleanser mixed with water. At night I drink a detox tea. The cleanser has psyllium husks, flax seeds, fennel seed, licorice root, aloe vera, grapefruit extract, papaya fruit, slippery elm bark, marchmallow root, rhubarb root, guar gum, peppermint leaf, and uva ursi leaf. It seems to be working very well. You wouldn't believe what is coming out of me! I'm not sure what I am missing by not using the charcol.
I got my package of ParaStroy today in the mail, and I'll start using it + psyllium seeds. It already has bentonite clay in it, as well as an assortment of other things. So far I haven't seen anything terribly unusual with my bm, so maybe this will help flush some things out.
arghh i'm still getting pimples only on my forehead since doing this.. i'm taking psyllium and charcoal and acidiphilous 3x a day.. i cant figure out why the breakouts on my forehead keep coming and are so persisitent yet i'm not breaking out at all anywhere else on my face... anyone have ideas?
[QUOTE=soupyhead]arghh i'm still getting pimples only on my forehead since doing this.. i'm taking psyllium and charcoal and acidiphilous 3x a day.. i cant figure out why the breakouts on my forehead keep coming and are so persisitent yet i'm not breaking out at all anywhere else on my face... anyone have ideas?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=Chocolate][FONT=Arial Narrow]Sun?
You ought to shield your face from the UV radiation. Be it winter, autumn - sun does much damage to your skin.

Maybe you touch your face? Or maybe it's the dirt or anything else from your hair?

As for me, after a week I do see improvements, but today was full of sins...
Chocolate bar, white pasta, white bread... :rolleyes:
I love my retinoid+zinc cream. :) [/FONT][/COLOR]

2 grams of Psyllium a day seems quite low. I've read from some various websites that the recommended daily intake is at least 10 grams. I'm planning on buying the powdered version of psyllium because 1 tbps = 5 grams of psyllium. If I take it twice a day, I would have at least 10 grams of psyllium daily.

If I do this, how much activated charcoal should I take?
Yeah, I take 2 tablespoons of psyllium husk in the powdered version, not capsules.
I took Psyllium and Activated Charcoal for 10 weeks and drank 1 yakult everyday, but I noticed I started getting hives on my arms, which I have worked out is the yakult. So I am going to get a good strain of Acidopholus and that should solve my hive issue, I havn't drank a yakult for 3 days now and I havn't any hives. Acne is clearing up though, but the allergic reaction to the diary in yakult could of been a slight hinderence on my progress. EV please could you tell me what you think.
Hi, I've never posted on this thread before, but in fact I've been onactivated charcoal and psyllium husk for 2 months now.

I take 1 tablet of activated charcoal and 2 capsules of psyllium husk mostly twice a day. But sometimes I forget to take it after lunch.

Somehow I think that I'm not taking enough dosage because I never felt any BM and my stool is never in light colour. Only one thing for sure, there's always undigested charcoal in my stool. Don't ask me how I notice, I just know.

Now the good news. i havea feeling that it's working, slowly and steadily. I don't mean to tell you that I haven't have one zit for 2 months, no. I still have pimples, and I also still have cystic acne on my face, but it's getting better in the sense that the process is shortened now. I used to have bumps under my skin and develop into cyst, and the cyst will be there for a few months unless I force it out by poking a needle to puncture it...... But now I notice that the cystic acne I have are not as big anymore and not as stubburn as well, and that my acne cream (normally BP) works faster.

I'm gonna try to increase my dosage, most probably double up. But just one question before I do so: is it ok to intake so much activated charcoal a day? I'm talking about 4 tablets in 2 meals and that I have undigested charcoal in my stool as well....

Well, thanks for any reply.

Is it ok to mix Psyllium Husk powder and the Activated Charcoal into water and drink the liquid instead?

Also, is it normal to feel kind of woozy a few days into the regimen?
I just want to post an update on how I am doing.
So I did 2 weeks of EV's regimen. And I can't believe the effects.
I took Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husk powder mixed together with water. I started out once a day for 3 days, then increased the dosage to twice a day, then eventually to 3 times a day. I also took a probiotic called Primal Defense(from Source of Life). I started taking it once a day, and gradually increased it to 3 times a day as well.

At first, this regimen made my skin quite dry, and I even started to shed. This lasted for a few days. During this period, no new pimples appeared. After ths shedding, my skin started becoming very supple. Right now, I have 2 very tiny spots in the left side of my face, and some scars remaining. I have noticed even much less blackheads in my nose. EVERYTHING is becoming supple, and smoother. It is very unbelievable.

EV, thanks for the great regimen. :)

I am planning to continue with a liver flush sometime this week, and perhaps a parasite cleanse too.

Here is the last week and a half of my progress report:
Skin, overall has no new pimples. It is however dry.

Skin, has no new pimples however skin is shedding.
Gonna introduce some skin food like Brazil nuts and Vitamin C.

Skin, has no new pimples. Skin is much less dryer than yesterday
Sleep has helped.

No new pimples. Skin is no longer dry, but a little on lower left face

No new pimples.
Need to continue skin food.

No new pimples.
Skin feels a little tight. Continued eating sweet potatoes and Yeast Flakes.
Started taking Malic Acid
Bowels are no longer broken into pieces, it is solid now.

No new pimples

No new pimples
Skin getting very supple

No new pimples
Skin is very supple

No new pimples
Skin smooth

Monday (Today)
No new pimples.
Skin very smooth
I've been on this cleanse for nearly 2 weeks now - the first week i only took 1 activated charcoal and 1 cup of psyllium husks a day. On the second week I increased it to 2 of each. Am I meant to see any effects yet? It only seems like its getting worse - or maybe its the weather? How long does it usually take? And did you guys watch your diet when doing this? I've only stopped eating chocolate, drinking coke and stuff and drinking lots of water. Though it shouldn't matter too much if its being cleaned out should it?

@AznHisoka, would just like to thank you for mentioning liver flushing, I tried the colon cleanse for 10 weeks, acne cleared alot, but didn't dissapear, so then I realized that maybe I need to flush my liver, so I searched for a regimem, and I found one I could do everyday which didn't contain Epsom salts, that stuff makes me vomit.

Lemon & Olive oil drink

Flush and Detox Liver and Gallbladder daily, if you are underweight or have gallstones

Lemon & Olive oil drink can be taken daily.

To make this you need one organic/unwaxed lemon one table spoon of Extra virgin olive oil, a glass & a half of clean spring water or filtered if available tap water.

Wash the Lemon, cut out any dark bits, then roughly chop the whole thing including the rind & put in a blender.
Add the table spoon of Virgin Olive oil & the glass & a half of water - blend this for 60 seconds - strain & serve.

If you wish to gain weight split the drink into three portions & drink with each meal throughout the day.

This drink manages to restore the Ph of your saliva which in turn helps you to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.
If drunk all in one go first thing in the morning (an hour before eating) it will flush & detox the Liver & Gallbladder.

So I have been doing this while still taking the Psyllium Husk capsules and drinking a yakult everyday and my skin has nearly cleared up, nothing new on my face and my legs and back are the same, just old ones slowly healing.

I havn't taken on any special diet, but offcourse havn't over indulged on junk food. :)
Is there any way to do a cleanse without unique substances like psyllium husks that I've never heard of let alone own? Like eating fibre rich foods and lemons or something?
There are formulas in health stores that are used for colon/bowel cleansing such as Colonix, and others. You can use those if you're confident they work. There are other fiber shakes out there you can make - just do a Google search. However, Psyllium Husk and Activated Charcoal (or Bentonite Clay) have been helpful for us, so it'd be prudent to try those. Any reason you can't use Psyllium Husks?
Hi everyone

I'm a newcomer to this thread, although i have been following it silently for a while :-) I've bought myself a dr schulze colon cleanse - it's in 2 parts: the first contains aloe, senna, cascara etc; the second (for when things are moving!) contains psyllium, flax, clay, charcoal, slippery elm etc. to clear things out. Does that sound any good?

Another question I have is that i'm very keen to start as soon as possible, but am also aware that as we approach christmas I will probably be drinking quite a lot every now and then! Should I wait until after christmas or will the drinking not affect things too much?

So after the colon bit for about a month I then start a liver cleanse - is that right? I have read through this thread but it can get quite confusing for a newbie!

Any advice would be brilliant!
Thanks so much
Hi ErimusValidus

I'm 17 and have Acne, I'm willing to give this a try as I'm quite desprate to get rid of acne. I have already bought Psyllium Husks 500mg, Activated Charcoal 260mg and will get some Yakult from the supermarket tommorow.

Few questions first though if you don't mind...

1, The fasting how many times should I do this weekly daily monthly?

2, Can I eat normal foods aslong as the intake are low carbs?

3, Washing my face with Clean and Clear and using Retin A and Epiermx - Not sure on spelling, will that have any effect or annoy the cleansing system?

4, I'm quite active each day as I work 6 days a week will this be good or bad for the cleansing system?

5, I noticed on one of the products you stated Psyllium Husks 500mg, Activated Charcoal 260mg, shouldn't be taken until atleast 1 hour after or before you have something to eat?

6, I'm willing to commit myself to do this and would be more than welcomed to keep you up to date along with others, I also have my parents supporting the idea too.

Thanks hope to hear from you soon. =)
[QUOTE=eldergod]Hi ErimusValidus
1, The fasting how many times should I do this weekly daily monthly?

While I think EV suggested an initial fast, I suggest you don't need to completely fast. Just eliminate the bad foods from your diet. This includes all fast foods, processed foods, dairy (rice milk should be ok), coffee, alcohol, commercial dressing, corn syrup, bread, and limiting rice and cereal.

2, Can I eat normal foods aslong as the intake are low carbs?
Try and keep your diet natural, hormone-free, and organic if possible. Don't eat out at all.

3, Washing my face with Clean and Clear and using Retin A and Epiermx - Not sure on spelling, will that have any effect or annoy the cleansing system?
I would stop all topicals if I were you. I'm not a big fan of them. I've had cysts just gradually disapper without even leaving a scar based on my cleansing/detoxing regimens. Haven't put a single topical on my face.

4, I'm quite active each day as I work 6 days a week will this be good or bad for the cleansing system?
This is GOOD! Sweating helps the detoxing process as it releases toxins from our body. ^_^

5, I noticed on one of the products you stated Psyllium Husks 500mg, Activated Charcoal 260mg, shouldn't be taken until atleast 1 hour after or before you have something to eat?
At least 1 hour before or after, preferably in an empty stomach. So first thing in da morning or last thing at night is the best time.

6, I'm willing to commit myself to do this and would be more than welcomed to keep you up to date along with others, I also have my parents supporting the idea too.

Ok, and I also highly suggest you do some other research on the benefits of the detoxing processs, and not solely rely on us.
Hello All, Finally finished my perscription and started this cleanse four days ago. Unlike most people i noticed absoloutly no change in my bowel movements, I am 20 years old, have the worst eating habits you can imagine, pretty bad acne and also only have 2-3 bowel movements a week so i thought i would benifit from this.

I noticed absoloutly nothing different since i started this cleanse, i know its only been a few days, but shouldnt taking such a high amount of fiber make a difference on its own? Am i using the correct things?

Psyllium (Plantago ovata)(husk), I found a brand of this which only cost $8.99 for 300 capsules so i got that one, hopefully its the correct product?
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]That's not to say that regular use of a [I]gentle[/I] cleanser, toner and moisturiser should be forgone (thankfully girls seem to realise this already!). Keeping the pores clean on the outside is definitely part of the battle.[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]
i do know this, and i'm currently in search for a [I]gentle[/I] cleanser, and toner. i don't really like the sound of a moisturiser since my skin is so oily already... putting moisturizer feels like i'm just adding more oil. :D

i haven't read the rules of posting here... but if it's allowed, can i just ask for suggestions or what do you use on your face externally EV? :) if it's not allowed to ask questions like that here, just don't answer. :nono: :D

...anyway, just clarifications...

i start the whole process by a 3-day fast, right? and then on the fourth day, can i eat again?

exactly how long (days, weeks) do i have to take the psyllium husks and activated charcoal? i hear you could develop dependencies on this stuff. when do i stop taking them?

yakult poses no problems, since i love the product and have been using it ever since i was a kid. :rolleyes:

also... a doctor once told me, that when you don't eat anything, chances are, you won't have anything to eliminate too... meaning you won't have bowel movements at all when you fast... and i was hoping cleansing my system would promote regularity in my bowel movements. :confused: just clarify this a little for me pls. :D thanks!

i'll look forward to your reply EV. take care! :wave:
hi EV! :wave: just a few questions...
how was your acne like before you took on this regimen?
do you like, breakout almost every day or so?
and do you still breakout now?
would a marine mud mask be okay, even if you have active acne? they do
absorb oils and impurities, ryt?

a couple more questions about the fast...
after the initial 24-hours fast, on the second day, can i eat normally again?
and how terrible exactly is the intial breakout phase? :)
also , i hear psyllium husks are insoluble fiber... doesn't it irritate the stomach lining or something? i thought we should be ingesting soluble fiber more than insoluble fiber?
just want your opinion... :D

thanks! and hope your personal problems are going fine. ;)
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hey, [COLOR=Magenta]han23[/COLOR] :) I'm glad you've stumbled across something to give you fresh hope. Sometimes I worry that I am giving people false hope because the success rate is not as high as I would have hoped. But if I only help a handful of people then it's still got to be worth it! And with your high metabolic rate, sex, and age (making it unlikely that you are suffering from predominantly hormonal acne), it does sound like you might respond to this treatment. I wish you the very best of luck as I do with everyone!

The [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] I take is also the Holland & Barrett brand. I've never noticed the warnings, but now you mention it I do see them. Personally, I've never experienced any discomfort in my throat from ingesting this extra fibre. However, I am a [I]big[/I] water drinker. I think the warning is a precautionary measure taken by the company, more than anything. Psyllium expands up to fifty times its dry volume upon contact with fluid. Hence, if you didn't swallow it properly I suppose it could swell up on contact with your saliva and block your throat. But it sounds very unlikely.

Regarding the anti-biotics, you might as well continue to take them. As they are your third course you might notice that they are less effective than the previous two (since the bacteria will have grown more immune to the antibodies) but they should still help. Beating acne is all about breaking the cycle. So anything that alleviates the relentless march of new acne will be beneficial to you and give things a kick-start. However, I would recommend that you take the anti-biotics separately (by several hours) from the supplements in this regimen in case they are absorbed by the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR].[/COLOR][/FONT]
EV, do you have any experience with enemas? they're supposed to be really useful and will aid in digestive cleansing. :)

also, is activated charcoal safe? and will it not absorb the fibers that you're taking (since you're taking the psyllium husks together with it)?

at least it's easier to tackle girl problems (in my case, guy problems ;)) when you're not worried about acne at the same time. LOL. am i correct? :D
[QUOTE=ErimusValidus][FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Hey, [COLOR=Magenta]han23[/COLOR] :) I'm glad you've stumbled across something to give you fresh hope. Sometimes I worry that I am giving people false hope because the success rate is not as high as I would have hoped. But if I only help a handful of people then it's still got to be worth it! And with your high metabolic rate, sex, and age (making it unlikely that you are suffering from predominantly hormonal acne), it does sound like you might respond to this treatment. I wish you the very best of luck as I do with everyone!

The [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] I take is also the Holland & Barrett brand. I've never noticed the warnings, but now you mention it I do see them. Personally, I've never experienced any discomfort in my throat from ingesting this extra fibre. However, I am a [I]big[/I] water drinker. I think the warning is a precautionary measure taken by the company, more than anything. Psyllium expands up to fifty times its dry volume upon contact with fluid. Hence, if you didn't swallow it properly I suppose it could swell up on contact with your saliva and block your throat. But it sounds very unlikely.

Regarding the anti-biotics, you might as well continue to take them. As they are your third course you might notice that they are less effective than the previous two (since the bacteria will have grown more immune to the antibodies) but they should still help. Beating acne is all about breaking the cycle. So anything that alleviates the relentless march of new acne will be beneficial to you and give things a kick-start. However, I would recommend that you take the anti-biotics separately (by several hours) from the supplements in this regimen in case they are absorbed by the [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR].[/COLOR][/FONT][/QUOTE]

Erimus - Hi there, I just got done reading about 70% of these posts. It's quite a read. I do all the research for my dd and hopefully she'll consent to try this. I think I'll start her out slowly with half dosages and gently suggest a fast but I won't push it. I hate it when I suggest stuff and she gets worse and/or sick. She is on doxcycline now so can she take the yakult too? If she gets great results then maybe she'll consent to stop the drug. Just got through reading Kevin Trudeau's book on Natural Cures and although some think he's a quack or charlatan he says an awful lot about toxic colons being the root of all disease including acne and says so much about colon cleansing that I became a believer. Thank you for all your hard work and sharing. I'm done with my acne days but still keenly remember the pain which I am now revisiting with my child unfortunately who got acne at 11 and is approaching 18. I'm going to do this regimen just for health preservation.
Hey all. I recently started doing this regime a little over a week ago. I'm taking Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Husks on a regular basis, and drinking a good amount of water. Over the last few days I have started to break out though. I've gotten a few big, nasty ones where the whole pimple turns white (so disgusting). I've also recently started doing the aspirin mask , following up with diluted apple cidar vinegar about a few weeks ago.

Is it common to break out with this digestive cleaning system? I'm just unsure if maybe the cleansing is breaking me out, or the apsirin mask and vinegar? I would assume maybe the digestive cleansing system is, just because it's new to the body, and it's ridding all the bad toxins, so a lot of it is going through my skin? I'm not sure. If anybody has any ideas advice or comments please let me know. Thanks
I'm highly considering trying this because I've had acne for about 10 years and I've developed many digestive problems. I have problems with constipation, sometimes diarrhea, and am very sensitive to eating bad meat/dairy products (since i get what i call "food poisioning" very easy - basically by eating anything expired). I also have IBS. So if do this, it will be helping my overall health and hopefully the acne too, God willing!? I've been looking into probiotics to help with my digestive problems any way.

i live in the US (Atl, GA) and was wondering what soources of psyllium husks, activated charcoal, and lacto... caseii have ppl been using ( ppl like HEALTH15, Anonymous, and everyone else who've had success)? I've read the first 20 and last 20 pages of posts and have determined that Primary Defense is Good for the probiotics, but what products for PH and AC? someone mentioned GNC, but the products with P. seed Husk are not purely PH? Is it still okay to use that?

Thanks for any input and I was finally attracted to this board because of its longevity. I'm against STRICT diet restrictions, because I'm extremely busy and skinny and can't afford to get skinnier. I avoid sodas, chocolate, and try to avoid junk food ..tho i eat out a lot and have too much processed and fried foods.

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