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[QUOTE=pr0ps]to EV and SweetJade, i know that toxins in the body causes acne. but what about the external factors? such as dead skin cells clog the pores and the sebum cannot come out and the bacteria causes inflammation. i strongly believe that toxins in the body causes acne but it confuses me if i included external factors. one example is when my bangs is down (like owen wilson's hair style) and it touches my forehead always, then like 2 days later, 1 to 2 acnes are formed (coincidence?). im getting good results with this regimen but what about the external factors??? if it also cause acne, then that must be very confusing :confused: i know you know the answer so i was wondering if you can clear this out for me. :) :wave:

thanks and your replies would be MUCH appreciated. :)[/QUOTE]

Hi =)

Bacteria and Hyperkertinization (clogged pores) are considered internal factors and they don't really exist (if you take care of other internal factors). Everyone has bacteria as a natural part of our bodies's flora and not everyone has problems with it. In fact well, when it comes to hypersensitivity issues, not everyone will, yet I really think that killing ALL p.acnes bacteria has always been the wrong way to go. Sure perhaps 1 - 10% actually have a bacterial or some other microorganism infection in the skin or body that's primarily causing their acne, but most of us do not.

I know it's REALLY confusing, but if you think about all the products that we use and are successful, not all of them kill bacteria. Most of them directly or indirectly work by reducing inflammation (can cause clogged pores). Antibiotics, some kill bacteria, but some of those ALSO are anti-androgenic (also reduces inflammation), anti-inflammatory (via a different route), pseudo-antioxidant (anti-inflammatory), but of course antibiotics can also increase DHT production (for those with hirsutism or androgenic alopecia), can create another microogranism imbalance (most of us may have this as a secondary cause of acne), can cause Leaky Gut Syndrome (another cause of inflammation and thus acne), and can cause/activate Auto-immune Diseases (some of which have acne as sign and are also inflammatory). So antibiotics are NEVER the route to take unless they can prove a systemic infection or an infection with bacteria that's normally not common to us.

Of course, external factors count too. Dietary changes are considered external. How much water you drink is considered external. Exercising is external. Your laundry detergeants, your skin care, and of course your hair care are all external factors. Ever read Perricone's Acne Prescription? He stops at avoidance, but his is a 3 tiered system: Diet, Supplements, and then Skin Care. So you very well may have multiple factors for why you have acne. Some factors produce a certain type acne and while others may produce a certain amount. Yet there may only be a percentage of improvement achieved from each factor.

For example external produts are probably 10% of my problem. When I eliminate the pore cloggers I don't get breakouts from my skin care anymore, but that was certainly not enough to stop the continuous breakouts I was getting. I used Medications (anti-androgens & insulin sensitizers) as part of the internal solution and while they helped a lot, they weren't as significant as my dietary changes. Notice how my route was the [U]opposite[/U] of perricone's solution (I believe we should start with diet or detoxification first), this is how most people end up where we are today. However, regarding my own external factors, there's certain things I don't put in my hair and when someone is spraying that aerosol spray I dodge them because I don't want any acne from that. I actually get tiny acne or some sort of bumps when I spray Victoria Secret frangrances on my skin, and another girl I know (never breaks out) does also. Again, there's also certain skin care ingredients that breaks me, but interestingly since changing my diet I find that I can actually use products that contain more pore cloggers (not more than a 2 level now), where's as before I was adament about avoiding them (0 - 1 level are what I used).

So if there's something you are putting in your hair that causes you to break out then don't use it or don't let your hair touch your face =P If there's a product you like to use on your skin such as an exfoliator, continue to use it. It will keep your skin young, may help you heal fastor and if you ever get detoxified enough that you don't need it you can just use it occassionally as a boost. There's nothing wrong with having multiple solutions, but you know you aren't doing something right one you NEED multiple medications or tons of HIGH dose supplements, or various acne treatment products. If you are a chronic, long term sufferer or experience severe acne (cystic or nodular or acne all over the body) then you definately may want to further explore and act upon detoxification and/or dietary changes.

Clear things up a bit?
[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid][COLOR=Magenta]littledaga[/COLOR], I checked out their web site and Yakult say it's fine to drink more than one bottle per day. Although, personally, I still don't exactly [I]like[/I] the taste. And like you said, I think you can afford to miss a day if you forget. For me that's part of the beauty of this regimen: it's no longer a matter of "[I]when[/I] will I break out?!" - it finally feels like [I]I'm[/I] the one in control. But personally I haven't got the guts to see what happens if I skimp on my skincare routine!

I wouldn't be surprised if your pores are already tightening. Mine have gradually shrunk down so much that even the ones that I thought were permanently damaged (in the aftermath of particularly bad cysts) are almost invisible now :) And as far as your eating habits go, I do believe - in time - you should be able to eat the foods you feel like eating (in moderation) without worrying about your skin. But please, [B]please[/B] be honest and let everyone know if you do have any setbacks and try to pinpoint the cause. Thank you ;)

Likewise, [COLOR=Magenta]omega47[/COLOR], although I truly hope a miracle has occurred for you, please tell us about the negative aspects of your progress under this regimen as well as the positive. It might be really helpful to others if we can compile a list of things to expect/traps to avoid etc. Thanks to you too :cool:

[COLOR=Magenta]n0_name[/COLOR], as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] says, you get most of the fibre you need from your general diet. And as [COLOR=Magenta]Diggler[/COLOR] also points out, the best sources are fresh (i.e. uncooked) fruit and root vegetables which are full of nutrients which are best absorbed in the presence of fibre. The benefit of [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Psyllium Husks[/COLOR] is that they are a soluble source of fibre and, as such, expand in your digestive system to greater aid digestion.

Hi there [COLOR=Magenta]bsg17[/COLOR] :wave: Welcome to this thread and Healthboards in general :) As I posted earlier, [COLOR=RoyalBlue]Activated Charcoal[/COLOR] (in the form I am talking about) is not quite the same as barbecue charcoal because it is derived from vegetables as opposed to timber. But I believe there are sources that come from wood which are used in other applications such as gas masks. The same principle applies: the large surface area of the charcoal absorbs a source of poison, thus diverting it from the entity it is employed to protect. You learn something new everyday, eh!

Anyway, I figured it couldn't do any harm to make an update of my own. In recent weeks I haven't seen any new acne [B]at all[/B]. Honestly, some days, I think I'm going to wake up and all this will have been a beautiful dream (and I hope everyone else here will feel like that soon). What I [I]have[/I] experienced, however, is the expulsion of the fat deposits under my eyes. I've had these non-acne whiteheads under my eyes for years (only three in total). I believe they're a sign of too much fat in the diet and I think they manifested themselves when my diet was at its worse in my early teenage years.

Well in the last couple of weeks they have slowly been expelled from my skin. I wasn't tempted to pick at them in case it made things worse - I just let them come out naturally. And they have - perfectly cleanly! And I thought I was stuck with them forever. That's the power of this regimen. As I said in my initial posts, the overall condition of my skin is remarkable these days. At the moment I have just one under-the-surface whitehead on my forehead left to come out. It's been threatening for weeks now, but it justs stays there totally harmless.

If I had such a whitehead beforehand, I could guarantee that it would come out as a messy cyst within a day or two of seeing it under the surface, and would generally return in a month-long cycle of misery. Like I said, somebody pinch me :D Meanwhile, I have decided to cut back on my regimen. I am now only taking the supplements once a day instead of twice and I am still taking one Yakult per day. I will experiement with this level for about a month before considering to cut back even more.[COLOR=Magenta]


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