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Just an update on my progress. I did Dr Natura's parasite and colon cleanse for 30 days. I am now on a 5 day break as recommended and will do another 30 day cleanse in a day or 2. I always seem to break out after I boast about how great my skin is doing, but I will just knock on wood and do it anyway. I can now say that I do not have any pimples on my face! If I turn at a certain light, my skin is not yet totally smooth yet, but I am happy to be pimple free. The old red marks are also fading. I have been using retinA micro, clindagel, and green cream for 3 months now, but it wasn't quite getting me all the way clear until I did the cleanse. I only had 1 small white head before my period this month. It went away in about 2 days. This is very good for me. Especially since the weather is getting cold and dry. (my face is usually worse in the winter).
Along with the cleanse I also stopped eating wheat, have very very little cheese, and eat NO sugar. And of course drink plenty of bottled water. I bought xylitol to substitute for sugar. I even stopped drinking fruit juices. I never drank pop and I wasn't eating meat except for fish even before the cleanse. I have also been taking olive leaf extract, probiotics, and antioxidants with extra zinc everyday.
The only thing that has been strange during this whole cleanse is that I am having less bowel movements since I started doing this. 2 a day instead of 2-3 a day like I was having before. When I start the cleanse again, I think I will take a little less of the fiber mix. I eat a lot of fiber normally and I think it might have been too much.
I would recommend anyone thinking of doing this to give it a try. I am even sleeping better and have more energy.

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