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Hi Charlotte,

Your story was very touching. I know that it's so difficult suffering from severe acne. I am 20 yrs. old now, but when I was around 15 I started getting severe cystic acne and I know exactly how you feel. I would sit in my room and just cry and cry and cry. I once looked in the mirror at myself in my house and literally fell into a heap on the floor and could not stop crying, I was so very depressed. :( I too thought that God was punishing me. I always thought, "WHY ME?! I'm a good person! I have a good heart! Why do I have to look like this?!"

Well, when I was 17 I went on Accutane. It cleared me up 100%! It is such a miracle. I went from having cystic acne covering my face, to completely clear, smooth, beautiful skin! I didn't even have to wear makeup. To this day, I now have just very mild acne with the occassional flare up, but boy, it's NOTHING compared to what I used to be. Accutane is a wonderful thing for so many people. I know you have to wait a couple months for it, but honey, it will be worth the wait! You have come this can tough it out a couple more months! :)

Please, please, PLEASE know that there is hope for you!! If there can be hope for me, I know there can be hope for you also! You are NOT alone in this. This message board is wonderful for sharing your emotions and getting help while dealing with acne, and I encourage you to come back often whenever you need support, b/c everyone here is soo supportive and sweet. No one will judge you here, that's for sure! I only wish I had known about a message board like this when I was your age, because it would have helped a lot.

Also know that God is NOT punishing you! Many of the things we see as "punishment" are really blessings in disguise. Usually we do not realize or see the blessing right away, sometimes it takes years to realize, or sometimes it won't be found out until the life after this. But just know, that everything that happens to us happens for a REASON, and that reason is only meant to better our spirit in one way or another. It may not make sense at the moment, but someday it all will come into place for all of us! :):):):)

Chin up girl, you're gonna get through this!

God Bless,

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