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basically my acne was kinda bad before accutane i'd say moderate to bad... never really had too bad experience except once this girl at the mall said hey dude are yyou should get proactiv.
An annoyance is people that you don't know (regardless of trying to be nice) telling you what to do about your acne as if they know all of the answers.

I agree with all of you that it is friends and family that are the worst. My brother even though he had acne and went on accutane (didnt have it as bad as I did) used to be annoying about it sometimes... not too bad.
My mother was ok about it sometimes saying you should just do this. My grandma used to say things about what I should use and when I said I have read about it and stuff and went to the dermatologist and am on prescribed medication (even now on accutane) some try to say what you should do.

One of my friends who has baddd!!!! acne and was on accutane back a couple years ago in high school. I thoguht I could confide in him and talk about it. Everytime I tried to he just shrugged it off and didn't talk about it. One time in the car for no reason ( and this was recently and my face was dried out cuz of accutane) he flicked my face and it hurt so bad I couldn't believe it. Then he said o i'm so sorry as if he didn't realize what he was doing.
Another friend is such a superficial dickwad. He used to have acne since 8th grade and through high school and it only cleared up recently. Seldom he breaks out in small patches that are barely noticeable and he has a few indentations but anyways he always somehow brings it up somehow. Anyways blah blah blah he says stupid things like oh i dont want to eat that It'll make me break out and stuff like that that absoulutely makes no sense and says oh I can't do that it'll make me break out and what not in a real ******* way. It pisses me off more than ever when they actually had acne and know what its like and can be so insensitive about it. Anyways I feel like I am not going to talk to them anymore and when my face is clear and I'm getting all the girls they'll wish they werent asses.

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