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NO more acne!
Jul 23, 2005
The last month my skin has cleared up abit.....coz its the summer holiday and i havent been thinking about it.
Then i found this site. And ive been reading and posting every day. And guess wat? My acne has gotten worse and my self esteem has gone right down!!
Ive been thinking about my skin all the time for the past week! I mean...i must have done 4 face masks and spent ALOT longer looking in the mirror at every square inch of my face!!!
I usually feel really good about myself when i go out at night...i have fun and forget about my skin. I make sure i do my hair and wear clothes i feel good in...
But last night after thinking about my skin the WHOOOOOLE WEEK i went out feeling completely crap. I wore tooooo much make-up and went the toilet every 15 minutes so look at my face.
I felt ugly..i didnt wanna get close to people....there was lights shining on my face and i just wanted to die!!! And i went home at 10:30. Feeling sooooo bad about myself.
Im usually confident when i go out..and i get alot of people looking at me..not at my skin but at ME!
But last night when i felt crappy...i actually LOOKED CRAPPY. I must have been giving off the most miserable and insecure vibes.
So ive had enough!! No more acne more reading success stories for 30 minutes at a time! No more watching that STUPID proactiv commercial on TV for half an hour!!!!
Every time the thought of acne comes into my head im gonna think about something GOOD about myself...and when im cleaning my face in the mirror im gonna just do not gonna study EVERY SINGLE LITTLE MARK ON MY FACE!!!!
Acne can DESTROY U psychologically (hehe i hope i spelled that right!)..and its just not worth it. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF U ARE BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR OWN UNIQUE WAY...acne is just a small medical condition, it wont kill dont let it take over ur life.
I wish all of you the best of luck...just remember that u can actually CREATE acne by stressing over it.
No more acne for me :)

And to charlotte who has just posted...u sound GORGEOUS honey so try not to u said, boys like they're not looking at ur skin..they're looking at allllll the other great things about u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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