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Ive had acne for almost 5 years now and it used to be awful...i started going to a dermatologist in 9th grade and she gave me the usual antibiotics and creams to use, my skin was never totally clear but up until the beginning of 11th grade it was really good, i would say it was mild...i had some scars though...throughout 11th grade my skin just got progressively worse..i had been using ortho tri cycline and diffrin gel plus the topical erthyromycin for almost a year by then and i figured it was starting to wear january i tried proactive..used it for 5 months and i hated skin would be great for a week and then awful for 2 weeks and i was miserable. i went back to my derm last month and she put me back on differin and eryth. plus minocycline pills...which suck. my face has improved over the past month or so but it is by no means clear at all. I decided to reasearch a little online and i read some things that make me think it could be a hormonal imbalance and maybe a thyroid problem. The summer before 11th grade i developed an eating weight was down for a few months...then i started binge eating and my weight went back up...when school started again i started a healthy diet and exercise program...but i was eating pretty low in calories and then every couple days i would binge on lots of food. This is when i started to notice my face getting worse but it never occured to me that i might have screwed up my body or hormones or something. Right now i try to eat a good amount of food, i still overeat at least once a week sometimes more...i have afeeling this is not good for me at all....the past few months i havent felt quite right...i was reading symptoms of hypothyroidism and i saw that i had most of them..

Coarse, dry hair
Dry, rough pale skin
Hair loss (my hair falls out a lot more than it should and i went to my hairdresser first to try and help it a bit but nothing is working)
Cold intolerance
Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
Abnormal menstrual cycles
Decreased libido

ive always been a healthy weight so i never thought of this but
i read a post on these boards about a woman who had always been thin but got tested and found she hypothyroidism and she had acne and once her thyroid was treated it started to clear...i believe she said she took armour thyroid?

im going to my doctor to explain to him whats going on because im really concerned about my face getting so bad and REALLY concerned about my hair falling out. i used to have thick hair...i know it thinned a bit when i started highlighting it in 8th grade... but i take really really good care of my hair to make sure the damage from the highlights isnt too bad...i make sure i eat enough protein, fat and everything and nothing is only started falling out like this a couple months ago its like all of the sudden and im not doing anything different to it really so idk whats happening...

if anyone has any exeriances or could give me some advice that would be great...sorry if this post was long or confusing.....

thanks <3

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