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Diane-35 is not for hormonal imbalance well it is in a way,it's a birth control PILL,your doctor swayed you away from it because it's not a USA product,it cuts down oil (sebum) and helps acne sometimes right away but true results are seen in about 3 months. DO a research on it,tons of info and good stuff for the acne... :) As far as accutane goes before i was on it.. all i can say is i was scared i read all the people on the message boards saying the horror stories and such,and the dry skin etc etc hair loss .. and depression. Let me start by giving you my INDIVIDUAL case just ME,I was diagnosed with CLinical Depression also later diganosed as bipolar,ontop of that OCD and BDD (thanks dad for the inherited depression,was supposed to be cash)! Anyways before accutane i had severe cystic acne on my CHIN ONLY.. i was about 18 going on 19 i went through everything,seems like the stronger the meds.. the worse i got.. i was so depressed,i for 1 year didn't leave my house .. only to GO to the derm and back home when no one could see me. I called the derm he suggested another topical i flipped i begged for accutane he said no,2 days later i make an attempt to take my life,little did the doctor know how depressed i was about the acne,acne was a huge cause of this i had always been depressed but i always went out and did what i had to do,as soon as i got the acne and it got bad my life went down hill... after being hospitalized,and being diagnosed right the DERM felt as if it was his fault... and applied for my accutane (free of charge) any derm can do this.. if you don't have money or a JOB...Roche mails the derm your 5 month supply in a few weeks very nice of them. Anyways my depression lifted so much,during the whole 5 months i never thought of suicide nor was depressed,i was so optimistic..i had alot of help from people from the other message boards.. helping me.. I finished my course and have been "cyst" free since,i am only a few topicals and bactrim DS but i don't get a zit that often maybe every 2-3 months at most...ALL the days i stood inside.. i just wished i had clear skin and my life would be back to what it was,now my skin is clear and well with depression and OCD my mind and problems just shift elsewhere... I personally used accutane as a major relief for my depression. Please don't listen to the horror stories you read on here,what you forget to see is the people who accutane has helped 99.9 % of these people wont post or even surf the internet anymore,they forget the little people and who have helped them,it's why you see so many negative posts from the few people who has negative responses to it. If you don't want to give Diane-35 a TRY please be brave and go for the accutane if you truly believe you need it then go for it,you have all the support here .. any anyt advice you need you could always email me or post here.

Wish ya the Best,

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