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I had my follow-up appointment with my derm today. I have been on Minocycline since 4th February 2003(2x50mg per day). I have one large cyst/abscess on my left cheek which has not healed (it has grown) since I been taking minocycline. I have approx 4 small cysts on my right cheek. My face is not excessively oil...i have always thought I had combination skin (oily t-zone) but excessive oilyness has never been a problem. Although I feel unattractive, I am aware that aside from these cysts my face is clear. I have not experienced any new breakouts or blackheads etc. I do not consider my case to be severe and know that vanity has got the better of me. My derm has basically said i need accutane? She is aware that I am concerned about the side-effects but has asked me to think about it. I feel that its a drastic next step but she has not given me any other options. I have discussed cortisone injections but she insists accutane is the way to go. Has anyone had their cysts heal whilst taking minocycline and if so, what dosage per day and how long was the treatment. I was thinking that if I increased the dosage to 2x100mg per day it may do the trick (following consultation with another DR of course!)
I am just wondering whether accutane is generally the next step in clearing cystic acne following minocycline?

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