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I am wondering if anyone out there is still doing the egg yolk mask?
I was reading an old thread, and I tried it. I really like it (it's only a little gross).
I've tried a ton of internal and external treatments for acne, and I really want to eliminate it naturally. I'm drinking lemon juice, cleansing with witch hazel (I know, it has alchohol in it, but my skin doesn't mind :) no soap! and doing the egg yolk mask. Slowly but surely things are improving. I also see an acupuncturist regularly, and recently he's been focusing on my acne. I think it is a combination of these that is working for me.
Soon I am going to need to focus on getting rid of the red marks. My skin is so pale, they really show!
Any advice for that?
Amo, I do the egg yolk mask along with many other internal and external treatments as well, and I believe it helps. Must be cause I've been doing it for 4 months and yes its gross but I've gotten really good and fast at separating the yolk!
Its seems we're on the same page regarding trying to cure acne by natural
methods. Good luck !

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