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Hello, I don't often post here because it sometimes feels a little futile, however....

eating normally I used to get bad pimples, big horrible nasty throbbing spots once every couple of months that stay for over a week and much less significant ones more often. Main contributers were soft drinks sweets and milk (and milk products) This was around 3 years ago aged 18 when I ate like 'normal' people, only I took special care to eat twice as much (bodybuilding)

now....after several dietry, supplementary and topical experiments on myself that I hope nobody has to waste their time with.... my skin is terrific.... I don't worry about it.

So what did I settle upon? -

I manage to get around 3000-4000 calories a day eating mainly beef fat, minced beef, very fatty lamb, pork belly, etc, do not believe the anti-fat propoganda!, I am 6ft 150lb male, sucked in my waist is 26inch, I am anything but fat, I am gaining back alot of muscle I lost when I went on the 'paleo diet' DO NOT FOLLOW THE PALEO DIET(by loren cordain) FOR ANYThiNG BUT EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS YOU CANNOT MAINTAIN WEIGHT EATING LOW CARBS AND LOW FAT! IT IS FLAWED PALEO MAN WOULD NOT HAVE EATEN THE MUSCLES AND THROWN AWAY THE ENERGY DENSE FAT! (and if you are like me you can't utilize calories in olive oil it will just make your stools greasy, besides that its NOT a super food at all) - I lost 2 stone of muscle on that damn thing in only a few weeks and got quite depressed not too mention poor ([I]living[/I] on lean meat and non starch vegetables cost [B]a lot[/B]!) Though at the time I was in total denial about my weight loss and BELIEVED I LOOKED BETTER FOR IT, people are very polite too, now I am returning to a better weight people are like,- glad you are better now, you were wasting away! lol

Ontop of eating meat I also eat lots of veg and fruit, bananas, apples, peaches, plums etc. I am quite happy eating things other than this occasionally, as its getting it right most of the time, not all of the time that is important. (I will eat chinese food or curry if it does not have a cream base. had some cake the other day, mashed potatoe yesturday but would not eat them often)


For example I will eat fruit before meat, and I will eat green veg before meat, NEVER after (gives you gas, trapped wind was always a problem for me now I have none and rarely fart)

No meds,
No supplements

Also I don't bother with soap, scrubs, face wash, oils etc. I went cold turkey and gave up using baby wash (already very gentle) and jojoba oil a couple weeks back. Now I just wash with comfortably luke warm water from the shower nozzle in the morning and thats it. My skin is nothing like as dry as it normally was and of course no zits.

I still have many blocked pores, I could improve my diet by eating organic but It just isn't possible at this time, also I still maturing physically (at the age of 21)

Some other stuff that may help people -

at one point I ate alot of butter for calories (ALOT) this was kind of good because it exaggerated its effect upon my skin, butter did't have a negative effect but I can't be sure, after a couple weeks I thought it was safe to eat some double cream, so I made some porridge with half a pint double cream, a couple days later sore flakey regions developed on my cheeks that are red in the morning but fade a bit after being up a while. They took weeks to to leave me. I read it is probably the huge amount of hormones particularly igf-1 in dairy. can't be sure if it was the butter that had a delayed effect or the cream which had an immediate effect, or both.
in summary -avoid milk+dairy! (I have always avoided cheese since at about 15yrs I relised it caused my migrains)

I once steamed my face applied lemon juice and then used a pore strip, half the skin on my nose was ripped off, DO NOT DO THIS. Thank god it healed perfectly but at the time it was not attractive*.

I tried B5 for about a week, 1 day in I could not sleep, 2 days in I was sweating like I have never sweat before, I also had insatiable hunger and threw up after I ate (very odd for me to throw up) 4 days in I could not bear the thought of continuing, the taste, the smell, was totally unbearable so I quit, OH AND nightmare diarrhea. And that was with like 2 grams per day, spread 3 times a day.
-It amazes me how anyone can take b5, it totally f***s me up.

what else is ineffective?

zinc tablets,
garlic extract (lol I was so ill one time whilst taking this 'amazing immune booster')
infact I have a whole cupboard full of various vitamins that are useless, for example I tried 4 different types of zinc, picolinate and cheated included.
salicilic acid face wash -it removes dead skin cells from surface but IT ALSO CAUSES THEM BY DRYING THE SKIN! water alone is better, don't wash out the skins oils, acne is below the surface, and you can't wash below the surface.


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