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Remove Acne In Just 8 Weeks
What Causes Acne/Oily Skin?[/B]
Excessive oil pumped from the oil glands causes oily skin, and acne is a combination of excessive oil and clogged pores. [B]Keep pores unplugged[/B]. [COLOR=DarkRed]Dirt [/COLOR] is not the source of the problem, it is dead cells on your surface skin. The surface skin with the dead cells, dips down into the upper portion of your pores. In those who have acne, this portion of the epidermis does not shed properly. The sloughed clumpy skin cells are sticky and clog the pores. Oil glands pump oil into the lower area of your pores. Bacteria are in your pores. Once the pores are clogged, the oil and bacteria continue to bulid up and the pore swells to form blackheads, whiteheads and red bumps. Control the plugging of your pores, (this is the critical part), by increased skin exfoliation, and you will have controlled your oily skin and acne.

[B]Skin Exfoliation?[/B]
Skin exfoliation can be looked at as your body's natural way of healing, repairing and fixing your skin. Your skin is a living organ!!
Our all natural aloe enzyme exfoliate works with your skin dramatically speeding up the natural process with the added benefit of the aloe vera healing properties.

[B]How does it work on Acne?[/B]
As mentioned above, the surface skin, with its dead cells clog your pores. The aloe enzyme exfoliate removes these dead cells which consequently breaks the cycle of dead cell build up, oil build up, and acne out breaks. If you do not have the oil being trapped in clogged pores, you cannot get outbreaks

Not all skin exfoliators are created equal. [COLOR=Red]Retin-A[/COLOR], [COLOR=DarkRed]Alpha Hydroxy[/COLOR], and [COLOR=DarkOrange]Glycolic acid [/COLOR] are acids. :nono: They are designed to burn off dead skin cells, but once they burn off the dead skin, they continue on attacking your living skin and your acne, this can cause flare ups, and more breakouts. :eek: It is common to experience redness and irritation with acids.
Our Aloe Enzyme is Light Years Ahead[/B]
The aloe vera enzyme does not harm or act on living skin cells. Our aloe enzyme removes all the dead cells but does not affect living tissue and does not irritate the acne if applied properly.

[B]Advantage of Aloe Enzyme Exfoliator[/B]
Removes only dead cells.
Will not attack living cells or existing Acne.
Removes dead cells immediately so you can actually see them coming off.

Any questions? post it down. :)

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