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you just want to get rid of dead skin cells so you need to use a product like an enzyme (i find mine through an aesthetician). I use BioMedic's Pure Enzyme and follow the written directions. I use it 2-3 times a week and after i use it my skin is SO smooth its unbelievable. Using an enzyme has been an important part at improving my skin and i recommend using one consistently (esp for peoeple using acne products which tend to exfoliate - "dry" - the skin).

besides dryness, how has the retin-a improved your skin? In other words, how bad was it and how is it now. And What strength do you use and how often? Thanks!
i use .05% every night. i have moderate acne on my forehead and very mild on my cheeks before using retin a. i use this only on my forehead because it was worse there. then i decided to put this on my whole face. then on my 4th week, my face was horrible! my cheeks were worse than before! then i realized this is a good thing because these acne's were below my skin's surface and i knew this will turn into an acne in the future. so you also have to be thankful for the initial breakout because those breakout will turn into an acne in the future anyways. on my 8th week i started to see improvements. now, my face is clear of acne's! but i still get those mini white heads from shaving especially if i shave against the grain. :wave:

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