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Tea tree oil update
Jul 29, 2005
a week or so ago someone asked about tea tree oil for blemishes.
I have been using it for about a week to see for myself too.
after I wash my face (morning + night) I would dab the stuff on with a q-tip.
I noticed it dried up the blemishes fairly well, without leaving a funky residue. But more importantly, I found this: it is BEST for blemishes that havent scabbed. Around my hairline I had some bumps (not broken open) and it worked well at drying those up. They're gone now :)
But for the more scabby ones (for lack of a better word) it dried them up too, but they didnt seem to heal, and they would get TOO dry. So on these, since they arent really "pimples" anymore, I used a moisturizer (of all things).. I used Clean and Clear's Dual Action moisturizer (its oil free and has salacytic acid too). And that has helped FAR more at healing the scabbed ones than the tea tree oil.

apart from this, to wash my face I use St Ives medicated apricot scrub (with salacytic acid), which works pretty well. I havent gotten any new pimples since starting it a week ago (I started it with the tea tree oil regime).

just thought I'd add to the body of knowledge!

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