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I've heard that Tazorac is better than Retin-a Microis this true? Anyone out there ever try both? Which one worked better for you? Which one is "stronger"? Which one is better for oily skin? Any info. would be welcome! Thanks! P.S. I go to see my Derm. this coming Tue. and I'm thinking about switching to Tazorac...I have some small milia on my cheeks & forehead.
I use Taz currently.. I have also used Retin A. They both work basically on the same principles. Both of them contain Vitamin A and both help to shed the outer layer of skin in order to clear up the complection.. As for oilyness, I have oily skin too and really couldnt say which was better for that. I dont think that either of them are designed to clear up oily skin.. You might just want to try a different wash. I currently also Exposed which is made by Guthy- Ranker. The same people of Pro- Active.. It is a little more irritating then pro- active was to me, so I had to let my skin adjust accordingly. My derm did tell me as far as which was better between Taz and Retin A. He said that Taz was a little stronger, but you still have to go through the initial breakout period as with Retin A micro. Switch if you would like to, and make the comparrison yourself then you can decide which you like better or which works better for you... GOOD LUCK :D

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