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Why is this, and I don't mean getting small zits, why don't stars get cysts and big bumps like we do???? It's like they all have flawless skin(every celebrity), have anyone ever seen any celebrities or know of any celebrities with bad acne????
Of course they do :) Havent u seen any pictures of Britney spears when she was about 17? Her skin was COVERED and i mean it couldnt get much worse. I know shes had lazer surgery to remove some of her scars but she still has acne!!! And she has allllll the money for the best products and dermatologists (that right? hehe).
Alot of celebrities will get acne and do have acne..(cameron diaz aswell :) )
but the difference is they have the best doctors in the country to look after their skin.
When i break out badly i just sit at home covered in spot cream and feel sorry for myself....when they do they probably call up their $500 an hour derm and get it fixed :)
Easy as that!
Oh and theres that lad from 'one tree hill' that has really bad skin and just covers it with makeup....and i still think hes hot :)
Oh and yeah...i saw on the news that they spent $1000's digitally fixing all the cast of 'Harry Potter' because they all had bad skin :)
A lot of people like to thing that celebrities have perfect skin and what not, but in all reality I don't think they do. You may not be able to tell if they do or not, because they could airbrush photos or just cake on thick layers of makeup.
Celebrities have acne. I actually just read an article in Cosmopolitian Style that a make-up artist wrote. She said you would be surprised how many celebrtities have acne, she even said it was severe. She mentioned some girl who was an up and coming star who did a hair commercial but I couldn't figure out who it was, of course they don't give names though. But celebrities have acne.
Celebs either have it and cover it good, or they dont have it because they are on a strict diet.
When i was in cheerleading last year are squad got to work for the aaron carter concert when he was in our town and in his pictures his face is perfectally clear and when we got to go backstage and meet him he was covered in acne.....
everything is possible when you have money

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