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First you have to get a foundation that is the correct shade for your skin (Rimmel has good colors and has more coverage than most). Unless the type you choose comes with a sponge applicator of it's own, use your fingers to apply it. It doesn't really matter how you spread it on, as long as you keep the color looking even and smooth. Try applying it like a light lotion or rub it right in. Just make sure to blend in at the hairline and under the chin. The color should just fade away - there should be no lines.

Next comes concealer, which should be the same color as your foundation, or a shade lighter. It's purpose is to LIGHTEN. Acne scars are tricky so you need to get a good applicator for this. I use a little makeup brush that I've cut the hairs into a tip shape (like a paintbrush). I've also used a rolled up kleenex - as long as there's a tip shape you're okay. Dip the tip of your applicator into the concealer and "paint" each scar that stands out. Put a tiny dot in the center of the scar, and lightly feather and blend it outwards to the edges. Whatever PART of the scar is darker, is what you want to conceal - not necessarily the entire scar. It all depends on the shape, and where the light hits.

Now step back and look in the mirror. Your goal is to have [U]nothing standing [/U] [U]out[/U]. If there are any areas still too dark then go over it again with the concealer until it's not. If there are areas that are too light, remove a little of the concealer with a rolled up kleenex and reblend. When you look in the mirror and are satisfied with the results, [U]apply powder[/U]. [U]This is necessary for the foundation to set[/U].

If there are days that you don't feel like wearing too much makeup, you can always forego the foundation and just use the concealer. Just look in the mirror and do the dark spots until nothing stands out. Don't forget to use the powder. If you are unsure of what color powder to buy, use no color or translucent.

There you go!

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