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[QUOTE=shaffeja]Just started accutane today... doctor has me taking 40g of Claravis once in the morning and twice at night. Wish me luck!! :D

Any foods I should avoid while on this stuff? I know alcohol (obviously), but what else? I love drinking milk. I've heard good and bad things about milk. But, I probably drink about half a gallon per day.

Also, is my daily allergy pill OK to take? Alavert?

Sorry for all the questions, my doctor wasnt too clear.


Also, while on Accutane, I could have basically smeared my face in lard and it would not have made a difference, the Accutane is going to do what it's gonna do and there are no outside factors that are going to get in the way.

Just try to eat somewhat healthy, take some Milk Thistle supplements for your liver, and you'll be alright. :)

I have a question, what is Claravis, and why were you prescribed it while on Accutane? Was it prescribed to help the initial breakout?

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