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I'm a dentist so felt compelled to answer your question. I'm fresh out of dental school and have never been told to take caution with patients on accutane so I wouldn't worry if I was you. The only patients we worry about with slow healing are diabetics and people taking immunosuppressants/steroids or who have immuncompromised status or blood clotting problems. Your dentist should take a medical history at the start of your appointment, if he/she doesn't, just mention anyway that you are taking it and your dentist should make a note. It isn't a drug commonly we come across so more than likely he/she might look it up in a formulary book just for his/her own piece of mind.

as for drug interactions, again, i don't think there'll be a problem, the local anaesthetic agents used are super safe and rarely cause any problems at all. The only interaction to be wary of is tetracycline antibiotics which generally aren't prescribed in dentistry anyway.

the only other advice i can give you with regards to accutane slowing down healing (which i'm sure is negligible anyway) and thus the risk of infection :avoid smoking/alcohol/hot drinks 24 hours after the extraction, don't poke at the socket, don't rinse for 24 hours either. after 24 hours use salt water mouth wash.

again, talk to your dentist if you're worried!

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