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Re: B5 WORKS!!!
May 12, 2003
I would only risk possible side effects to rid myself of some of this oil, since I am practically a freak the way I can pump it out! The reduction in breakouts is nice too though, but that could also be due to washing with Burt's Bees. I wasn't getting that many breakouts because BP works well to control those, but now I'm only getting one every now and then.

The first two weeks I had some breakouts, but I experimented with Taz and that really messed my skin up badly which I have now just gotten over. I am seeing some blackheads working out of the skin here and there and even some from my scalp. That is the B5 since it never happened before, so I wouldn't be too scared about getting some pimples along the way. From having large clogged pores and oily skin, getting rid of "blackheads" (they're not really black, per se) will be a task for the long haul, no matter what I use. There's a lot there to get out, and you probably have some that needs to come out as well. I also use BHA to help with that every couple of days. Too irritating to use every day but it does work.

I just wanted some oil relief if nothing else. I got more than I hoped for. Whatever, this routine really works, and that B5--I love ya!

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