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Well let me just start by saying its nice to see all the support people have for each other on this site. Acne really sucks a lot and its hard to have. It really shouldnt be a big deal but i guess were all too self consious now adays...

I went to a dermatologist about two years ago for the first time. Right from the start he put me on DYNASIN (i think that's how you spell it.) 100mg in the morning and 100mg at night. DYNASIN is really expensive if you don't have insurace, so in that case it will be hard to get. I was also given a perscription for TAZORAC, which is a cream applied right before you go to bed. Lastly, i was give some generic brand of benzoyl peroxide (5%). I never really ended up using the benzoyl peroxide because 5% was too much for me. My face burned like crazy when i used it, i turned red, and it dried my skin up bad. However i did use the TAZORAC cream and DYNASIN tablets. The combination of these two really helped to clear up my skin. There was probably a little breakout at the beginning of the treatment, but after that things really did get better and i was happy with the results. While i was on these two treatments i really didn't do anything else to help me with my acne.
Unfortunatly after about a year and a half or so the medication stoped working as it should. I broke out really bad compared with what i had before. Probably the worst i ever had. I read up about it and found out that my body was probably immune to the drugs, which my mom agreed with me on. She's a nurse so i figured she was right. I went to my dermatologist and he agreed with me. At this point i stopped using the DYNASIN...This is where my second and current acne treatment starts. I feel like its going real so i wanted to share it with you guys to see if it could help you too.

At this point i was really pi%%ed off and self consious about my acne because like i said it was worse than it ever had been. I decided to change my lifestyle, including how i eat and drink, social life, etc...

Like i said i stopped taking DYNASIN, but continued to use the TAZORAC cream when i was going to bed. I ordered this acne treatment called EXPOSED which i read about from this site [url][/url] . It got really good reviews so i decided to try it. I have been on it for about 3 weeks now and im seeing a lot of results. In addition i was put on new drugs called AMPICILLIN. This drug is not made specifically for acne but it works by killing bacteria...for ear infections and such. As we all know acne is caused by bacteria in addition to other things, so does work for acne. AMPICILLIN is real cheap for me too through insurance...5 bucks for a months worth...i take 2 250mg pills in the morning and 2 250mg pills at night. Like i said my acne is really good right now after about 3 weeks only!!! Here is my list of things im doing on my new acne treatment plan...i figured i would write it in bullet form so its easier to read and understand. Like i changed my whole lifestyle for this.

*AMPICILLIN - 500mg in morning 500mg at night
*EXPOSED - Follow the directions (morning and night treatment)
*TAZORAC - I do this right when im going to bed (hour after exposed or so)

*Wash my face only twice a day (when im doig EXPOSED treatment)
*Eat very little sugar (As little as possible, some is necessary)
*Drink LOTS of water (For each bottle of water i squeeze a good amount of lemon juice into can buy the already squuzed lemon juice...its much easier and about the same NOT from concentrate)
*Get a good nights rest...
*I love drinking, but avoid it...getting too drunk and missing your regular acne routine is a good way to get your acne back...and plus drinking on medication is never good
*Eat lots of fruits and especially vegetables
*Ice my face twice a day...right before the exposed this i mean i take ice cubes...about three...and move them in small circles one at a time all over my face where there is acne or where i usually get acne...its not a good feeling but it only takes about 5 minutes. Be carful not to get your face too cold or you can get burns from the cold. I don't know if this works but some people say ice helps new acne from whatever.
*Don't Touch your face...its bad
*Change your pillow covers like once a week or every two weeks

I think thats it...i can't think of whatever else i do right now. I hope this helps your guys out. Good Luck. Stay positive.

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