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I absolutely think it's ok for guys to use foundation. I've been using Loroxide for 3 years now and it has saved me on many occasion. It is a makeup lotion specifically designed for acne. It contains benzoyl peroxide to help fight the acne while covering it. Also, the coloring comes in a seperate packet that you add until it matches your skin tone. So it fits your skin color perfectly.

It's not like we're using it to make ourselves look pretty. We just want to look like our normal selves.
[QUOTE=theillone]I just wanted to know, since it's like make-up, What do you all think about men covering their acne up with foundation cream?????[/QUOTE]

Yes, of course its ok. Do whatever makes you feel best. I would never think differently of a man for putting on a little foundation- as a matter of fact, I try to slap some concealer on my husband if he has a blemish :D

Any dude you see on movies & TV is wearing makeup...its no biggie. If you don't know what kinds to try (there are so many choices, it can be daunting) I would recommend asking a female friend. Also, if you go to a makeup counter at the mall, it may feel awkward but they'd be very happy to help you. That way, you get to try before you buy & you're sure to buy the right product.

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