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Hi Realsad,

Your derm should have put you on a dosage that is compatible with your weight/height. There is some equation they use to figure it out, I forgot what it was though. I am 5'2" and I weight 110, so my derm told me that the correct dosage for me would be 40 mg a day. My boyfriend is 6'2" and weighs 230, he was put on 160 mg a day. Since I don't know the equation on how to figure it out, maybe you can get an idea of where you would fall on the dosage scale given what I was prescribed and what my boyfriend was prescribed.

Have you noticed an initial breakout at all?? I am sorry you aren't seeing any improvement yet, I have a feeling since you don't have any dry lips or dry skin that you probably are not on a high enough dose... how long are you supposed to be on Accutane for? If you are on 20 mg a day for a longer amount of time, you may still be getting enough overall Accutane to do you good, it's just going to take longer for you to see results. Being on a higher dose for a shorter amount of time, you will see results much quicker, but in the end all that matters in the TOTAL mg of Accutane that you get in your system. I hope that makes sense... I am starting to confuse myself! lol. It's too early for me.

Hang in there!!! Just keep the hope, Accutane WILL clear you up eventually! :)

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