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Here is an update. My son is having his 7th treatment today, so it is his 4th and final week. He is doing great! As far as scars and pitting is concerned, it does seem to help both. I studied his face really good over the weekend because he told me that he felt that his face was the best that it had ever been. The scars have not "gone away", but they seem less noticeable, like how a scar might look several years after the initial scar, and the redness is so much improved, that I think that is half the battle. I think it helps tremendously with that residual red look you keep after a pimple heals. Also the skin is really smooth again, when you run your hand over his cheek, it is very smooth. If he were a female and wore makeup, I think it would look like he had never had acne. I had acne as a teen, like my son's and if I would have had results like this, then with a small amount of cover up, like Derma Blend, or even just cheap cover up it would have looked as though I never had a spot. As far as the oily skin is concerned, I think it is better, but not a huge difference. I think maybe other medications control the oil better then the Clear Light treatment. His oil production is always at its worse in the summer, so it is starting to get hot where we live and it is not as bad as it usually is. Some hints that the nurse gave us at the Clear Light treatment center was to be sure and use a fresh pillow case every night and even wash his pillow case with a small amount of bleach, and to keep his hands off his face. He has done all of that too. I am really impressed, and he is too. They want to take before and after pictures to use for advertisement of the Clear Light Treatment. It is not covered by insurance and that makes me really angry. My son said that in 6-12 months he would earn the money to have it done again if he needed it because it would be that important to him.

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